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What is an Energy Field? Why do you need to know anything about them?

The reason is simple ...

Subtle Energy Fields are affecting you all the time. And if you don't know about them, then you'll completely mistake what you're going through.

And what's worse, you won't know how to protect yourself.

Caught In A Field

For instance, lately (early 2008) there have been a lot of fields of fear and despair flying around. If you don't know that, then when you are suddenly swamped by desperate anxiety, you'll think it's about you and something in your life.

It's not. It can be related to things in your life, of course. You'll almost certainly come up with reasons for it.

"Oh, I must be nervous because Aunt Sally is coming for a visit." "It's my job; it's so stressful." "I can't handle one more thing on my pile today!"

These situations may be real. But the feelings you're attributing to them are misplaced.

The anxiety has a life of its own . . . it's free-floating. Your mind is simply making up reasons for it.

If you didn't have Aunt Sally's visit, then you'd attach it to the dog's flatulence or whatever else seemed a possible candidate for emotional distress. Because the real reason is that you're caught up in an etheric Energy Field.

And when you KNOW this, you can take appropriate action. If you've caught a challenging field, you understand better what to do about it.

And if you've caught a positive field, you will know how to stay with it longer.

What Are Energy Fields?

There are various theories about what these fields are. Since we have so little scientific research on human Energy Fields, it's impossible to say for certain.

And the matter is complicated by the fact that there are different types of Energy Fields that layer through one another!

Do They Affect Everyone?

Not everyone is sensitive to this spiritual energy. . . at least not to the same degree. But highly sensitive people are very susceptible.

Also, I suspect that there are energy groups: some people go through one kind of field, other people go through other kinds.

We naturally resonate with people who have similar fields. Since you are reading this, it is likely that we would resonate to similar fields, and thus go through similar experiences.

This is why doing your own daily Divination readings can have uncanny meaning to so many people's lives.

How Can I Tell If Something Is Mine
or an Energy Field I've Caught?

There are clues:

Common Moods

You might notice that other people are experiencing the same kinds of things, like a mood trend.

If several people you know are suddenly gloomy, or are fighting with their spouse, or bouncing around cheerfully . . . you can suspect a subtle Energy Field is the agent.

Common Experiences

It's not always emotions, either. Sometimes it can be similar experiences.

This is trickier to diagnose, because the circumstances may look completely different on the surface. If you look at the deeper level, though, you can see that the learning is the same.

For instance, one person may be losing their job, another's children move to a distant country, another's car gets totalled. Different experiences on the surface.

But underneath, they may all be going through feelings of loss, or insecurity, or detachment....

So if you are skilled at reading the Symbolic Language that underlies everything that happens, you are more able to determine whether you're within an Energy Field.

Sudden Onset of a Feeling

Another clue is when a feeling hits you out of thin air.

You're going along fine, and suddenly you feel a wave of anger, anxiety, even giddiness or relaxation.

When an emotion seems to descend on you from nowhere, it's likely that a field is the real cause.

Disproportionate Reactions

When an emotional reaction seems out of proportion to the stimulus, or is particularly hard to shake off, these can be signs too.

Of course, sometimes it's just your own emotional triggers at work.

The more self-awareness and emotional intelligence you have, the easier it is to differentiate your personal journey from group fields. Even so, it's not easy to do!

Read the Energy Field Barometer

That's why it's so helpful to have input from others. If several people are experiencing it, you can bet it's a field.

That's why I post planetary field updates in the blog from time to time, and more detailed ones in the Silver Chalice Wiccan E-Zine. You can subscribe to get this delivered to your inbox before each Sabbat.

If it's posted in these sites, that's an excellent clue!

What Can You Do When Caught In A Field?

The best thing to do is protect your own human Energy Field, so that negative fields can't get through.

For instance, doing the Divine Light Invocation every day keeps your human Energy Field strong.

As Energy Fields are all attractors, this means that you will attract more positive fields and repel negative ones.

More practices specifically designed for this can be found in Karla McLaren's extremely helpful book and CD: Energetic Boundaries: Practical Protection and Renewal Skills for Healers, Therapists, and Sensitive People.

And if a negative field has taken hold, then you can heal your Energy Field with certain exercises. Spiritual practices and grounding, for example, can help.

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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