The Power Of Creative Visualization

What is the purpose of creative visualization? To make real what is not yet real.

If you can make it real in your mind/body, then it will manifest in the world.

So creative visualization is a key component to making magick.

Consciously or unconsciously, in every moment, you already do create reality, to align with your imagination . . . that is, with your beliefs and your thoughts and your preprogrammed patterns.

If you're reality doesn't line up with the one you think you want to create, this means that you're not taking charge of your imagination. Your imagination is taking charge of you!

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Taking Command Of Unconscious Visualization

The thing is, you already visualize. Everyone naturally visualizes. All the time. creative visualization, power, visualize, imagination, magick

You do it in your dreams every single night. And you do it subconsciously throughout the day, too.

The really scary thing is that subconscious visualization is usually negative visualization.

Negative Visualization

As Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen point out in their book, Dare to Win, negative visualization is when you tell yourself things like . . .
  • What would I do if they died? I couldn't go on!

  • Now my throat hurts . . . I knew I was going to catch that cold.

  • If they find out I screwed up, I'm finished.

  • I'll never be able to buy a house.

  • I never want to get cancer!

  • It's so hard to lose weight.

  • She's up to no good; I can feel it.

  • Who am I kidding? Nothing ever works out for me.

  • I can't do this!

The Power Of Speech

The terrible potency of your self-talk is starkly obvious when you really understand these sage words,

"I have said ye are Gods."

Those words are from Jesus [John 10:34], but most sacred texts say basically the same thing.

You create your world, literally, with the thoughts you empower.

In Wicca, this phenomenon is called . . . As Above, So Below.

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Why Visualize?

Creative visualization, then, is using the power of your imagination to experience a new reality.

In this way, you can create changes in your life that are beyond the ability of your brain or body alone.

As Wiccans, we do this all the time. We know that As Above, So Below is simply the way the world works. So we learn to harness our imagination through the power of visualization.

Harnessing the awesome power of the imagination is key to working magick.

Co-creating Your Reality

In other words, say you have been unable to attract the relationship, job, health, wealth, or whatever else that you want. No matter what you try, you can't make it happen.

This suggests that your subconscious is running an automatic program - or belief - that blocks you from achieving this goal. (See Positive Affirmations for more on this.)

So you can continue to bang your head against a wall that your subconscious mind will not let you through. Or you can change your mind, and walk free.

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The Power of Visualization

That's the power of creative visualization . . . It dramatically reorganizes subconscious beliefs, to allow new opportunities to manifest in your life.

Because whatever you believe in your subconscious mind, is exactly what you will experience in waking reality.

This is true to such an extent, that you can know what your subconscious beliefs are just by looking at what's working in your life and what's not.

E. Paul Torrance, an educational psychologist at the University of Georgia, makes it clear when he says “…a person’s image of the future may be a better predictor of future attainment than his past performances.” [Emphasis mine]

In other words . . .

It's not your history that determines your future.

It's your picture of that future.

So if you want something different in your life, you need to change what you believe.

Shifting Quantum Reality

The other power of creative visualization is to influence potential realities on the quantum level. This increases the likelihood of its manifestation in mundane reality. (More on this at Wicca Magick.)

This brings your entire mind - conscious and subconscious - in alignment with Divine Power. And to the Divine, everything is possible. Even inevitable.

What this means is . . .

Everything you desire is truly within your grasp.

How to attain it is the subject of the next article.

With Bright Blessings,

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Creative Visualization part 2

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