Wicca Spirituality Virtual Coven:
Where Your Soul Family Awaits

Have you been wishing to be part of a coven or spiritual community?

A safe, heart-centered community where you can share your beliefs, experiences, celebration, and learning?

Is it time to take care of yourself for once, connect with the Divine, and feed your soul?

These are the reasons i started the Wicca Spirituality Virtual Coven! 

(The first, i think, real online spiritual home for Wiccans / Witches anywhere.)

Why is Wicca Spirituality the right place for you to find your spiritual community?

Most of all, because of the kind of wonderful, loving people who are drawn to this version of Wicca!  (like you!)

If you resonate with my work — this website, the eLOVEation emails, etc.
— then this is a community that you'll enjoy, because it's made up of others who want to heal themselves and help the Earth.

And secondly because of my extensive experience, training, knowledge, and skills.

I've been in covens all my adult life; in my current coven for over 30 years! 

I've been doing this a long time, and i know how to make a coven that's like a soul family: safe, uplifting, enduring, and magickal.  I want to share this safe soul family with people like you!

I've been part of this Nature-spirituality movement; i've been a high priestess and spiritual explorer almost all my life; i'm recognized as one of the visionaries and change-makers leading the way into the Spiritual Golden Age. 

With decades of experience in teaching Wicca and leading magick, i expertly lead skin-tingling, mind-sparking, transformative celebrations of Nature, Goddess, and the Divinity Within!

Alone in an Antogonistic Society

As Wiccans and Witches, we have been especially isolated. 

We often feel judged, misunderstood, and even demonized for our spiritual beliefs. 

Covens and other Wiccans are hard to find, and even then you need to be really careful that it's a safe situation to get yourself into.

More than ever, we are longing for community, connection with those who understand and share our beliefs. 

Not just any community, though... safe, respectful, supportive, heart-centered community!

Maybe you've even tried to join or been part of covens before, but they didn't work out or didn't last.  This is an opportunity to try again; it's ok this time... we got you.

You can become a valued member of this community,

It's time!

The Earth needs you to be nourished and connected!  To feel more happy and whole!  To be grounded and empowered!

You can have this for yourself now.

For about a dollar a day less than the cost of one chocolate bar per day you get the social connection you need in the spiritual context that makes your heart sing.

This coven is a safe container for people like you, so you never have to feel like you're alone in this again.  You never have to feel like you don't have anywhere to go and no one to ask when you get stuck.  No matter when and no matter what, in the Wicca Spirituality Virtual Coven we're here for each other!

You are WORTH a dollar a day!  Isn't it time to take care of yourself, and feed your spirit?  For a tiny bit of energy exchange (in the form of $33 monthly), you get a lot of nurturing, self-care, and community.

Join us and be welcomed, valued, nourished, and supported in  your spiritual home: the Wicca Spirituality Virtual Coven.

What You Get As
A Cherished Coven Member...

The service evolves as new things occur, needs change, and inspiration guides us.  The basics that will always be there are...

  • Full Moon Celebrations & Magick (Esbats) every Full Moon, created specifically for this coven and led by the founder of Wicca Spirituality in person: erin Dragonsong (me)

  • Occasional Guided visualization audios

  • Excerpts from my latest books & courses

  • First dibs and specials on joining new courses with bonuses

  • Be able to proudly state you're an official member of Wicca Spirituality's Virtual Coven! 

PLUS coven members get special coven-only prices on all public events, like Sabbat rituals, the New Years Magick ritual, the EarthBlessing™ events, and the Spiritual Supernova™ events! (Note: in 2023 and possibly into 2024, since i'm focusing on the launch of my new Earth Ascending TV channel, there are no public events planned.)

In other words, you get...

  1. Connection and community
  2. Celebration and magick
  3. Guidance and learning
  4. More access to all events

Also, you can take pleasure and comfort in knowing that you are supporting this work and being part of the healing of the Earth that comes through it. 

So don't put it off another day!  There's really nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

And you're worth it!

Please join us now!  We'd love to have you in our coven!

Join Us Today!

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

Witch Love Smilie  ©  Wicca Spirituality

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