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Divination And Spirituality — Do They Conflict?

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Divination and spirituality are sometimes thought of as opposing.

Thanks to bad movies and worse PR, not to mention a lot of charlatans, divination has come to be perceived as either evil, misguided, or foolish.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

In this article, we'll look at some of the spiritual aspects of divination...
  • What is the connection between divination and spirituality?

  • Is divining necessary for being Wiccan?

  • Can other religions practice divination?
Let's consider the relationship between divination and spirituality.

Is Divination A Spiritual Practice?

You betcha!

Divination builds and strengthens your connection with the Divine.

As you learn to hear the Divine's voice more accurately and more often, you can make yourself a better handmaiden to the Divine (a term, by the way, which includes both genders).

There is also a magnificent gift in experiencing, again and again, that the Divine is listening to you, that She cares, that She is with you and guiding you! This awareness is a sweet balm to the heart that is bruised from living in this rough world.

And another gift is seeing miracles happen with your own eyes, at your own hands. It reawakens a wonder and awe that fuels spiritual evolution... not to mention joy!

Divining is like spending time with your best friend and wisest mentor, chatting over tea.... but even better! Not only are you feeding the relationship so it will be strong and healthy, but you're gaining invaluable advice on everything you need to know in life!

Must Witches Practice Divination?

Of course not . . . nothing is necessary. But it is very beneficial spiritually.

In Wicca, you are your own priest/ess. You must do as you will, an it harm none.

Most Wiccans use divination because it helps us follow our Divine Path through life, and guides us in our spiritual evolution. It develops your ability to communicate with the Divine and perceive your own intuition.

It's a very useful tool for the kind of spiritual development Wicca offers.

But it is always your choice.

That's what makes Wicca spirituality an advanced spiritual path... no one can ever usurp the authority of the guidance from the Divine Within you.

Do You Have To Be Wiccan To Use Divination?

Lots of people practice divination and while in other spirituality traditions. It is a spiritual practice that stands alone, and goes along with most other religions.

And yet, some religions do discourage divination.

Sometimes it is due to ignorance, fearing that to know the mind of God is hubris. These tend to be religions based on human sin and unworthiness. Yet what could be more devout than understanding what God wants, and being able to fulfill that?

Other times it is out of concern that divination can become a crutch for the fearful. Sometimes people let their divination tools make all their decisions for them, forgoing conscious choice and free will.

Both of these oppositional viewpoints are based on a position of powerlessness.

That can be another reason -- I believe it's the true, underlying reason -- why religions shun divination. It diverts power and authority away from the church and into the hands of the people.

So they claim that divination and spirituality are opposite paths.

Divination & Planetary Healing

In fact, divination can help us evolve spiritually, bringing us to know our own Divine essence and grow in faith of a loving and supportive universe.

That is a benefit no matter what religious beliefs we may hold.

Anything that helps us to
  • mature spiritually,

  • come to know the Divine Within,

  • understand and fulfill God's will,
is vital for the salvation of the Earth. It is the powerlessness that religions have taught that brings us to the very brink of annihilation.

And it is reclaiming our spiritual power that can free us.

This is one of the greatest benefits of divination and spirituality.

With Brightest Blessings,

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