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Wiccan jewelry is magickal, by its very nature. It is based on the power of symbols. And symbolism, as you may know, is the mother tongue of the Divine. It is the language we use to create magick.

The Wiccan symbolism in jewelry can occur at three levels . . .

  1. Wicca symbols in the design,
  2. The magickal properties of materials such as precious metals and gem stones,
  3. The Power Centers Wiccan jewelry is worn at.

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Wicca Symbols

When someone says Wiccan jewelry, we usually imagine pentacle amulets and triple-Moon rings. This is too limited a definition, as the article on Pagan jewelry shows.

Still, Wiccans do choose jewelry with these symbols more often than other jewelry.

It makes perfect sense . . . These symbols represent the essence of Wicca. So naturally witches are drawn to them.

And it is normal to express ourselves in what we wear. Wicca symbols make us visible to each other. And remind us of our values. A Wiccan can express her spiritual self through her jewelry.

It's useful to remember that any jewelry can be ritual or sacred jewelry. And despite whatever you may read on particular symbols, gems, metals, etc, the intention with which you wear the ornaments largely determines their effect.

This goes for jewelry worn on the Power Centers of the body, as well. Although each Power Centre has its own meaning, the intention you set can override any other energy, if it is strong and clear enough.

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The Most Common Wiccan Jewelry Symbols

The most common Wiccan jewelry symbols are:

  • Pentacles

  • Stars

  • Crescent Moons

  • Goddesses

  • Triple Moons

  • Spirals

  • Celtic designs

  • Egyptian designs

  • Runes

  • Animals and nature images

(For more Wicca symbols, check out the Wicca Symbols page)

Magickal Properties

Everything that goes into making the Wiccan jewelry brings its own energy into it. The metals, the gem stones, the symbols, even the colours. They all have meaning, and certain powers.

You can choose your jewelry so that these materials support your goals. In this way, your jewelry can become a magick spell.

Power Centers

Where you wear your Wiccan jewelry also makes a difference. Partly it's a symbolic thing. . . different parts of the body mean different things.

But it goes beyond symbolism. There are energy centers on the body, and wearing jewelry there can activate them.

See the article on Wicca jewelry for the Power Centers for more.

Where To Find Wiccan and Pagan Jewelry

So the next question is obviously, where can you find Wiccan jewelry?

New age shops and alternative bookstores are a good place to start.

And there are plenty of resources on-line.

Shop With Care

Since you never know which is a good site to buy from, though, ask around for where other people shop.

Because you will be using these as ritual objects, the ideal is to buy jewelry that was made in a sacred manner.

Generally, you don't know what kind of energy has gone on in the manufacturing process. So it's imperative to purify and bless new Pagan jewelry, just like you do with any ritual object.

Testing The Jewelry

When looking for sacred jewelry, you'll want to sense what is right for you.

For example, opals are beautiful and to me perfectly symbolic of the Full Moon, yet since they amplify emotions, they can cause trouble for people in certain phases of life.

While you can find charts of what gem stone and colour go with the part of the body or chakra you'll wear the jewelry on, none of this can guarantee what's right for you. It can give you a good starting point, but you need to test it out for yourself.

Kinesiology and pendulum dousing can help with this, if you can't yet feel the energy resonating with your own.

Purifying Your Wiccan & Pagan Jewelry

Purification and dedication of your Wiccan jewelry should be done as soon as you can. Certainly before wearing or using the item.

For information on how to do this, check out Preparing Your Ritual Tools.

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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