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Looking for info on Wicca?

This section offers all the Wicca info you'll probably ever need.

There's a lot of Wicca information out there.

Here you will not find just a duplicate of the same old things about the Wiccan religion!

The most commonly asked questions, and then some, are answered from the perspective of Wicca Spirituality — in other words, from a deeper spiritual perspective, rather than from the religious dogma you may find elsewhere.

What Do You Need To Know
About Wicca?

What are the basic FAQs about Wicca?

  • What are the origins and history of Wicca?

  • Is all Wicca the same?

  • What religions are related to Wicca?

  • Why Do We Spell "Magick" With A "K"?

  • What is the legal status of Wicca today?

  • Which Is "Real Wicca"?

  • What is the philosophy of Wicca?

  • What are the common misconceptions about Wicca?

One of the major differences with Wicca-Spirituality.com — compared to other Wicca information sources — is the perspective on Wicca history. . .

The History of Wicca

Is Wicca really an ancient religion?

Many people call Wicca "The Old Religion." They suggest that it had been practiced prior to Christianity, gone underground, and is now experiencing a revival.

But is this really so?

This is too big a topic to squeeze into this page, so it gets its own. Check out this article on the History of Wicca to find out....

Related Pagan Religions

And Wicca is not sitting out there alone in a field. Wicca does have ties to other nature religions and shamanic traditions. Its development is closely tied in with similar religions such as

  • Neopaganism

  • Goddess spirituality

  • Women's spirituality

  • Nature religion and

  • New Age

In fact, there's a considerable amount of overlap, and it is not always possible to draw a firm line between one and the other.

Is All Wicca The Same?

Several variations on Wicca are currently practiced.

There is traditional Wicca, as in the Gardnerian and Alexandrian lineages. Dianic, Faery, Reclaiming, Eclectic, and even Christian Wicca round out the major schools, and there are many minor ones as well.

And then there's what I call the New Wicca — a personalized, fully-empowered, grass-roots form of Wicca.

In fact, just as in every religion, there are as many versions of Wicca as there are Witches. While we may share beliefs and practices with certain others, we all experience spirituality in a very personal way.

What Wiccans generally share are the Wiccan Rede, the Three-Fold-Law, and a certain basic philosophy of the Divine as embodied in all matter. (Please see Wicca Beliefs for more on these subjects.)

Why Do We Spell "Magick" With A "K"?

There's no real mystery to it. It's simply to distinguish real magickal work from the sleight-of-hand tricks that parlour magicians perform.

It also helps distinguish it from the slang use of "magic," meaning something inexplicable, mysterious, or miraculous.

Lastly, it makes us feel different and special. Just kidding.

Wicca Today

Wicca is a legally recognised religion in the United States, and in many aspects of Canadian bureaucracy as well.

It is the fastest growing religion in the USA, according to the 2001 American Religious Identification Survey by the City University of New York, and presumably in Canada too... actually, it seems to be blossoming around the world!

As the web mistress of this site, I am inundated with emails from people wanting to know how they can get started in Wicca, and that seems to confirm the trend.

It is estimated that over a million people in the United States practice Paganism, with three million worldwide. There can be no concrete numbers because it is still quite risky to proclaim yourself as a Pagan or Witch, so naturally any census will fall far short of the truth.

At any rate, even the conservative estimate of 400,000 makes Paganism the seventh largest religious organisation in the USA . . . and growing by leaps and bounds.

Which Is "Real Wicca"?

There are a great many versions of Wicca out there. Like all mystical paths, every practitioner is following their own path, virtually their own religion.

You might even say that everyone alive has their own brand of their religion. We only think other people believe as we do.

In Wicca, we don't let this bother us. It's simply reality. And for a mystical religion, it is perfectly right. (This is covered more in Wicca Philosophy,)

Out of all the varieties of Wicca being practiced, how do you know what is "real Wicca"? The question assumes, erroneously, that only one variety can be real. But because New Wicca is not a religion, there is room for all variations.

Wicca Philosophy

Wicca Philosophy is really the fundamental source of Wicca information. Philosophy supplies the underlying beliefs that Wicca is founded on.

This is a long subject, so rather than take up the whole page, please see this article for more on Wicca philosophy.

Personal Authority

There is no central authority in Wicca. There is no one church, no pope, no bible. The Wiccan Law is a law not because someone else imposes it upon us, but because it is a true law in the spiritual sense — a standard of behaviour we agree is important.

Wicca is a path of personal choice. Your heart is your only authority. This is a practice of authentic Power, rather than force or control.

So it follows that Wicca leads to empowerment, free will, creativity, and a personal relationship with the Divine.

Misconceptions about Witch Craft

Somehow when offering Wicca information we always need to address what Wicca is not.

  • Are Wicca and Christianity opposed?

  • Is Wicca the same as Satanism?

  • Do Witches practice black magic?

  • What's the deal with demon possession?

Please see this article on the Misconceptions about Witch Craft for more info.

More Wicca Information

You can find specific Wicca information on this site, in their own sections. See Wicca Beliefs, Wiccan Philosophy, Being a Witch, Wicca Practices, and Wicca Wicca Magick for good starting places.

And of course, see below for a list of all the articles in this Wicca Information section.

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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