A Year & A Day: 
53 Weeks To Becoming A Wiccan


"My life has transformed so much in this last year!
In every way...

My 20-year depression is gone...

It truly is amazing !"

~  Lisa Kovach, Class of 2020


Liberate Your True Magickal & Spiritual Potential

Have you ever wanted to discover the true YOU, and the hidden powers that lie dormant within you?

I help people create sustainable spiritual connection with Source, Goddess, & Nature, through transformative magick and down-to-earth spiritual techniques, so you can experience greater wholeness, harmony, hope, and empowerment and liberate your innate "metaphysical" abilities.

Live Your Life As
A Glorious
Spiritual Adventure
with Mother Nature!

Have you ever felt like there's a chasm between where you are and where you dream of being? And you're not sure how to cross it?

That's what I'm here for!

Wicca can be a simple religion, a set of beliefs and practices. You can follow the ritual outlines, do the spell recipes, welcome the Moon and celebrate the seasonal Sabbats. There's something incredibly satisfying about all of this.

And yet... there's so much more available to you!

If you're reading these words, you probably want much more than such a mere superficial version of McWicca!

You want to rediscover your oneness with Mother Earth, to
receive Divine love and support,
& liberate your mystical powers.

You want to experience something magickal,
and truly transformative,
something that satisfies the hunger in your soul for wholeness.

And you want to be able to do something to relieve the suffering in the world.

If this is you, then you've come to the right place! You see, that's what I've always wanted, too! For the last 40 years (almost), I've studied how to make that happen.

And I want to share this wondrous experience with you!

So If You Want To...

  • Communicate with all of Nature
  • Experience continuous love & intimate connection with the Divine
  • Enjoy support and help from Mother Earth (and others) every day
  • Get profound spiritual insights that explain — simply — many of the mysteries of life
  • Feel greater gratitude, peace, harmony, and joy in life
  • Receive more abundance and well-being
  • Develop magickal abilities to create whatever you desire for yourself and your loved ones
  • Increase your abundance, health, and emotional well-being
  • Live in harmony with the magick of the sacred

  • Discover how you can heal the Earth and make a positive impact on the world
  • Feel more balanced, more positive, and more whole

This course is for you!

"Yes! That's What I Want!"

About the Teacher

Wiccan Image: erin Dragonsong © Wicca-Spirituality.com
You're ready for the real deal, right? You're exactly the kind of person I want to share this with! Because you want...

You want to be one with Nature...

to feel the Divine's boundless love...

to free the magickal soul within you

That's why I'm so glad you're here! Because that's exactly what I want, too, for the whole world.

That's why I created Wicca Spirituality... I want to live a Wicca of profound spiritual experiences and empowerment. In fact, that's the Wicca I've been living for over 30 years.

After all, Wicca isn't something that you can really learn from a book. It's something you need to do, to experience for yourself. You really need an experienced practitioner and expert teacher.

The Origin of This Rich Experience

Haven't you always felt there was a lot more going on in the world than you've been told? That's certainly what I felt. So many experiences, even as a child, proved to me the truth of that.

I’ve been on an intensive spiritual journey, finding ways to access — and to live — these deepest levels of spiritual awareness in everyday life.

As a result, I've developed down-to-earth, do-able exercises guaranteed to help you to experience these things for yourself and distilled the very best into this unrivaled Wicca homestudy course.

For decades, I've honed the exact process to get the greatest results, for...
  • magick
  • self-discovery & self-love
  • spiritual empowerment
  • connection with Nature
  • oneness with the Divine

Live your whole LIFE
as your
spiritual practice

I want to share all these skills, tips, and secrets with you.

Because I'm sure that if you’re reading this, you are one of the people who are called to be a healer of the Earth.

I serve that healing best by enhancing your relationship with the Divine within you, and all around you — the Goddess that IS everything.

It is absolutely vital to have a teacher you can trust and relate to, who truly knows their stuff from personal experience and higher insights rather than paraphrasing what others have said. And you deserve the most effective guide (not everyone who knows can teach).

Someone who can make Wicca come alive in you.

This course is different from other ways I've tried to learn Wicca - MC  © Wicca-Spirituality.com

Erin is a recognized Expert Internationally - JD  © Wicca-Spirituality.com

The contents ooze natural wisdom. - MT  © Wicca-Spirituality.com

That's my passion: I feel I was born to help you step into the new, spiritual age that's dawning... to reconnect you with Divine Source in a very real and practical way.

Discover the
spiritual mysteries
that underlie Wicca

I will guide you step-by-step through your Wiccan spiritual development, with my potent four-point process...

 Wiccan Woman Loving the World  © Wicca-Spirituality.com

  1. Gain in-depth understanding of the reasons underlying Wiccan practices — the WHY behind the practices
  2. Learn down-to-earth do-able exercises that powerfully connect you with your Highest/Deepest Self, with Nature, with magick and with your Divine Source.
  3. Experience first-hand what it feels like to sense and shape energy, make miracles happen, and know when the Divine is literally present with you
  4. Develop a regular spiritual practice that is easy and enjoyable to maintain, so that you can live your life as your spiritual practice

As a result, you will be able to...

  • Live in harmony and Oneness with Nature
  • Receive higher insights and guidance
  • Develop a rewarding, personal connection with the Divine Source that loves you
  • Experience joyfully magickal adventures
  • Feel enduring empowerment, confidence, belonging, wholeness, and hope

So if you want to experience all the magick and mystery and exhilaration that Wicca offers... here is the way —

A Year And A Day: Becoming a Wiccan  © wicca-spirituality.com

The acclaimed online Wiccan course
that guides you through all you need to know, step-by-step:

A Year & A Day:
53 Weeks to
a Wiccan

"I Want to Become a Magickal Mystical Wiccan Today"

The only course that takes Wicca
to such realms of pure spirit,

and grounds spirituality so impeccably
with love for the Earth

A Year & A Day: 53 Weeks to Becoming a Wiccan offers an entirely unique, groundbreaking adventure. This is Wicca as your portal to extraordinary spiritual mastery.

This is a transformational life experience.

Imagine a Wicca Training Program
Here's a small sample of benefits in the words of actual students...

  • It changed my life"
  • I really FELT something"
  • A spiritual awakening"
  • Goddess energy filling my body"
  • Actually made me feel closer to the Divine"
  • In tune with the Earth"
  • Gained confidence and abilities"
  • Able to channel energies"
  • Wicca became part of my days"
  • Truly amazing connections with the Goddess & God"
  • I feel the Divine loving me unconditionally"
  • An ever deepening closeness with nature"
  • I feel I'm part of the beating heart of Mother Earth"
  • Relationship with the elements "
  • My heart is lighter and fuller all at the same time"
  • I feel joy and wonder"
  • More relaxed, satisfied in my life"
  • Feel like I'm Home"
  • Pure happiness"
  • Amazing joyous radiant feeling"
  • Having gloriously awesome experiences"
  • More positive"
  • I feel I'm not alone"
  • My intuition is clear"
  • Goddess and God are guiding me"
  • I've discovered who I've always been"
  • I am calmer, more forgiving"
  • I am me but I am also one with all life"
  • My spiritual practice has become my spiritual life "

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This course represents a breakthrough in Wicca — a Wicca that’s not merely a religion, or a power-seeking practice, or even a magickal tool...

  • A Wicca that connects you with the truth of yourself and the Divine that surrounds you.
  • A Wicca that improves every aspect of your life.
  • A Wicca that elevates you to your highest Self, to the best possible you that you can be.

And I'm thrilled to be able to offer you this ultimate Wicca training & spiritual development system to get you the greatest results you can imagine.

Thanks to a lifetime of study, experimentation, practice, and teaching, A Year & A Day: 53 Weeks to Becoming a Wiccan is incredibly effective at delivering all this to you in only "a year and a day."

"WOW — I'm IN!"

Step-By-Step Guidance: Thorough & Clear

This thorough and well-laid-out wealth of insights and information guides you through all the practical steps you’ll need in your introduction to Wicca...

Begin with your Dedication

    Your Year & a Day starts with a simple yet powerful ritual that invites the Divine to support you in your growth as a Wiccan — you will likely experience a very magickal connection with the Divine from the very start

Discover key Wiccan skills — and the secrets behind them

    How to Ground & Centre, Cast Wiccan Circles, invoke the Goddess and God... of course. And what's far more important: WHY Wiccans do these things, and why we do them this way

Create magickal altars

    Create altars that bring breakthroughs and enhancements to your life (and that others won't even realise are altars, if you don't want them to)

Find, purify, and bless the ritual tools that are just right for you

    How to know what tools you need and what you don't, and the secret to finding the right magickal tools for you and your specific needs — even how to make your own... and use ones that no one would recognise as Wiccan tools

Create powerful rituals

    Ritual is a central practice for most Wiccans, so you need to more than what is a ritual for various seasons and purposes, you want to know how to make them effective, moving, transformative, and potent

Discover the code that makes magick work

    Magick is both simpler and more complex than you may think — I'll help you understand the underlying principles and secrets to making magick that works wonders

Celebrate the Sabbats and Esbats

    The hidden meanings and layers of every Wiccan holiday is revealed, along with a variety of ways to celebrate, so you can find and create holiday celebrations that are the most joyful and meaningful to you

Sense, build, & move energy

    Working with energy is the foundation of all the esoteric skills, especially magick, and these easy, down-to-earth exercises will make you a pro in no time

Receive — and interpret — Divine guidance

    The Divine is always in communication with you, it's just a matter of tuning in... and then understanding what it means — A Year & A Day: 53 Weeks to Becoming a Wiccan shows you how to really receive

Increase your self-awareness

    As every spiritual master and mystery school has taught, knowing yourself is the key to everything: spiritual elevation, life purpose, joy, well-being, even a successful career — discover Who you truly are, undiscovered strengths, innate gifts... you will befriend yourself and respect yourself through the practices and insights this course offers you

Develop infallible intuition

    When you can feel what's the best choice for you and sense true from false, you regain an indispensable survival instinct to help you navigate through your life

Regain your innate psychic & telepathic abilities

    All creatures are born with the ability to communicate without language and receive information beyond what the senses can perceive, you only need to rediscover and release this valuable esoteric skill

Your Wiccan Initiation

    At last, the ritual to be initiated as a full-fledged Wiccan! Complete with a certificate. Yep, you'll be a certified Wiccan

And so much more, it'd take a whole page just to list it!

 I have a vast Wiccan library: a lot of info I didn't know how to use; This course shows me the way -LK  © Wicca-Spirituality.com

 If you want to learn about things you'd otherwise miss out on, do this course. - MC © Wicca-Spirituality.com

Completed my Dedication: the most beautiful, gloriously awesome, profound experience: without you I would not have achieved this. - Lisa K  © Wicca-Spirituality.com

Holy Mother Earth, Count Me In!

Designed to walk you, hand-in-hand,
through the transformational portal to becoming a Wiccan.

At the end of this Wicca course, you will have earned the equivalent of a First Degree Wiccan Initiate and a lot more.

That's something that few can accomplish. It's something you can take pride in!

If you read the lessons thoroughly and do the activities, you will be more than a Wiccan. You will be an exceptional Wiccan. This course is all you'll need.

Do you live below the equator? YES, this works for the Southern Hemisphere too.

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In These Wicca Lessons You Will Discover...

  • More than "what to do"... it reveals why it matters
  • Practical, doable exercises that uncover your own special gifts and unrealized spiritual abilities
  • Countless tips that help you create deep, personal relationships to Mother Earth, the Divine Goddess and the Wiccan Gods, personally and lastingly

  • Surefire ways to increase your power
  • A specialized approach that allows you to find and follow your own unique spiritual path
  • Techniques to avoid the confusion of info overload: See how all the pieces come together
  • The cosmic code to interpret the meaning of events and people (or animals, plants, etc) in your life, both "ordinary" and supernatural
  • Creative weekly Wiccan activities that increase your self-worth, self-awareness, and self-love
  • Easy-to-follow directions and explanations
  • Original practices that can reveal your Life Mission and Purpose
  • The secret to find time to weave Wicca — and spirituality — into your daily life
  • An inner transformation that allows you to live the life you've always dreamed of — more happiness, peace, forgiveness, confidence, gratitude....

Transformative: Brings Me Closer to God. - KM © Wicca-Spirituality.com

This course has really changed my life. - ZM © Wicca-Spirituality.com

Blown away by the insight and how my intuition is more clear - AW  © Wicca-Spirituality.com

A Year & A Day: 53 Weeks to Becoming a Wiccan is for people like you who feel called to Wicca as a potent spiritual path.

You want to have the full glorious, delicious, MAGICKAL experience that Wicca is meant to be.

A Year & A Day: The Details

Here are a few things you probably want to know...
 Wiccan Certificate © Wicca-Spirituality.com

When To Start

A Year & A Day: 53 Weeks to Becoming a Wiccan is designed to run in concert with the seasons and the Sabbats: whether you're in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, the ideal starting time is the month before Imbolc — so start in early January if you live above the equator, or early July if you live below it.

Most people are eager to join right away, and that works perfectly well. You can start any time you want, if you prefer to join us now.

How It Works

  • Weekly lessons
  • Wiccan chants and songs that relate to each lesson's topic
  • Guided visualisations by erin Dragonsong (exclusive to this course)
  • Reference questions with each lesson to assimilate your new knowledge
  • Hands-on exercises each week to actually experience what you're studying
  • Reflection exercises to boost your self-awareness and inspire your spiritual growth
  • Regular email contact with tips & inspiration, and a bit of humour, to keep you motivated and engaged

Empowers You to Discover Your True Path

A Year & A Day: 53 Weeks to Becoming a Wiccan shows you perfectly what to do — and how to find your own way, at the same time.

You've heard people say that the answers are within you, haven't you? What you really you need to know is how to find them! This empowerment is a core part of becoming a Wiccan.

Discover that you can find all your answers within yourself… and gain the skills & confidence to do so.

A Year & A Day: 53 Weeks to Becoming a Wiccan is designed specifically to help you develop your intuition and access your own inner wisdom.

Other people's rules can only take you so far, then you need to know how to find your own way. That's when Wicca becomes more than empty gestures and words, and really brings you to life.

Has the Divine Guided You Here, Now?

I've helped launch thousands of fledgling Wiccans and spiritual seekers who love the Earth. I would be entirely honoured and very pleased to be your guide into the mysteries and beauty and power of Wicca.

A Year & A Day: 53 Weeks to Becoming a Wiccan is designed specifically for Wicca beginners like you who want the deepest possible experience of Wicca and to become the earth-angel you were born to be... a light of healing and love for Mother Earth.

Yes, I Want To Live a Spiritual Life With Wicca!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I want to reconnect with Spirit, will this help me?

Absolutely! This entire course has been carefully designed to lead you to greater connection with Nature, the Cycles of life, and the deep truth of yourself… as well as an intimate, daily connection with the Divine!

That’s why it’s such a long and thorough course — that kind of connection and transformation takes time to develop!

The Year and A Day is a spiritual adventure. It has been designed very carefully and specifically...

  • to bring spirituality into your daily life
  • to grow the skills over the process that's required for you to even be able to make truly effective magick

This is a profound, transformative spiritual development course based in Wicca and Nature — the only one in the world!

I have doubts about doing magick, but I really want to!

It's very common to have doubts. And, as you probably already know, those doubts become obstacles to successful magick, so you really do want to be free of doubt and confident in magick.

Because of my decades of experience in making magick myself as well as teaching it to others, I know how to get you past that hurdle and transform doubt into something better than belief and beyond mere confidence — taking you all the way to knowing for yourself that magick is real, that it works, that it's safe, and that you can do it!

What A Year & A Day course is really about is building the foundation for being able to do truly effective magick... and living your spirituality in your daily life, as already explained.

Will this help me in my quest for self-discovery?

Absolutely! Self-discovery is what the spiritual journey is all about!

This whole process is a year-long expert-guided discovery of who you truly are, how to develop love and respect for yourself, how to connect with the Divine — the source of peace and joy... and how to find your own path and empowerment.

It’s been carefully crafted to boost your spiritual development by leaps and bounds, and enable you to actually experience Divine Presence — in yourself, and all around you. Many people have profound experiences with their very first lesson (Wiccan Dedication) !

What Exactly Will We Do In A Year & A Day?

What are the lessons like?

Each week, there's a lesson that covers all you need to know about that particular subject. For example, there are lessons on the expected foundational topics, like...

  • How to do your Dedication
  • Casting a Circle
  • Invocations & Devocations
  • Grimoire, Book of Shadow, Book of Mirrors
  • The Wheel of the Year
  • The Moon
  • All about Pentacles
  • Setting up & tending your altar
  • Goddess & God and deities in Wicca
  • Elements & Directions
  • Sabbats
  • And lots more

And because this is amazingly comprehensive, there are also a lot of lessons that you may not expect...

  • Meditation & Breathwork for Witches
  • Divination
  • Worship & Devotion
  • Wiccan Scriptures
  • Cone of Power
  • Running the Pentacle
  • Self-Discovery
  • Wearable ritual tools
  • Energy crafting
  • Magickal protection
  • Foundations of Magick
  • Initiation

Wiccan Chants and Songs

Each lesson also comes with chants and songs that you could use for the week's topic... some classic Wiccan chants, and some new ones!


Each lesson offers you several activities:

  • Review questions
  • Reflection questions
  • Exercises & Practices

Are there activities to go with the lessons?

Absolutely! Experiencing these things for yourself is the most important part!

Otherwise, it's all just empty talk, right? It's useless to you if it's just theory — that's why people with hundreds of books on Wicca take this course. Knowing about Wicca isn't at all the same as experiencing Wicca!

Do the activities build on each other?

Yes, exactly! Each lesson builds on the previous, and the activities match your development and knowledge.

The early lessons have simple activities that don't require a lot of knowledge to start with... yet people are often amazed at how powerful the results are! That's something i've heard from students — it motivates you to keep going because it really works!

So even if you don't have skills, even if you're a beginner (as 96% of students are), even if you're not sure what you're doing, it starts out simple so you can do this.

And it builds up and up! As you progress through the course, the activities become more in-depth... building on your growing knowledge and abilities, stretching your developing mystical muscles!

Can you give me an example of a weekly activity?

Each lesson invites you to do 1 – 3 activities where you practice what you've learned in the lesson for the week — from basic to advanced skills for people who feel love for Nature and connection with the Earth. For example...

  • Some lessons are very practical, like: "Here's how to cast a circle or draw a pentacle; practice this," (e.g., the early lessons), or "Go out and do this exercise of talking & listening to the trees."
  • Others are more on the spiritual side, like: "Do this guided meditation to connect with the Divine Within you."
  • For the Dedication lesson, the activity is: "Go out and do your Dedication."
  • For the Sabbath lessons, it's: "Celebrate this Sabbath in some way. Here are some ideas; here's what you could include; here's a ritual you can use if you want this one."
  • For magick lessons, it could be: "Practice some of these energy sensing activities."
  • And then there's the reflection questions! . . .


Each lesson has specific questions that you can reflect on.

For many students, this is the most important part of the course. It's where you really learn about yourself, and discover for yourself the hidden meanings and mysteries of Wicca.

Another before is that you're keeping the reflection going back, and each time you're focusing on a different aspect to continue with the connection.

I already know some of this stuff... can I skip ahead?

I recommend that you start from scratch, because what you're learning here is not going to be what you've learned elsewhere. The basic topics may be seen in other courses, but the depth of information and the spiritual aspects, the how and the why — that's something you can't find anywhere else.

That's my special sauce.

And it all builds, one piece upon the next, week by week. The way all the pieces come together to finally create a whole picture — you need to follow the process from the beginning to see how the pieces all fit.

On the Wicca side of things, the course is incredibly thorough — it reveals the underlying spiritual purposes and energies behind the practices that others don’t discuss. And it brings together into a unified picture all the bits and pieces that you may find elsewhere… that are often conflicting and confusing.

So you want to be sure you're caught up with what is taught and practiced for each week.

Even if it's just a refresher, that's helpful. I've had students who've been studying or practicing for years, in some cases decades, who've said they learned more from this course than they've learned anywhere else.

A Year & A Day guides you through everything you need to know, to practice a deeply spiritual version of Wicca, participate in the Earth’s seasons, connect with Nature, etc., and develop your own spiritual, magickal skills and intuition. This part you may already know, but I promise you'll be taking it a lot deeper with this course!

It’s also designed to help you actually put the knowledge into practice, and to build it into your life in a sustainable way. And there's no fast-forward button for making your spiritual practice part of your daily life.

Is your course is focused on Nature-based activity?

Absolutely! To me, Wicca is very much a Nature-based way of looking at life — connecting with Mother Earth, learning from Nature, and loving the beauty and mystery and wisdom of our home planet. It's a Nature-based path.

That's why it leads you through the entire year, month by month. You learn about the Elements in their appropriate season; you get the Sabbat lessons just before the Sabbats. The Sabbats are Wiccan celebrations that honour the cycles of the Earth through all the seasons. As you progress from Sabbat to Sabbat, you learn all the wisdom and skills you need, within a Nature-based context. Knowing there's another Sabbat coming up in 6 weeks helps keep you on track, as well.

Along the way, by reading and especially by experiencing it in the activities that are very much about connecting with Nature, you discover...

  • What are the meanings of what's happening in Nature around me?
  • Why are the Sabbats and other practices important at this season?
  • How does Nature provide the template for your spiritual growth and awareness?

You're working in harmony with Nature, learning from what's actually happening in your environment. It's not just ideas in your head — it's all about actually connecting with Nature!

I lose momentum if I don't do it every day... does this course help me reconnect as an everyday thing?

Yes! — that's one of the main purposes of this course. You'll want to bring spirituality into your daily life, and the best way to do that... is just to do it! That's one of the great things about A Year & A Day: 53 Weeks to Becoming a Wiccan — by ongoing practice, you build a consistent habit of living your spirituality.

Beyond the lessons, there are the activities and guided meditations or visualisations to practice during the week. These give you some actions to keep the energy alive.

The reflection questions also help you keep reconnecting with what you're learning.

You'll learn the material better if you keep up your momentum. So I invite you to take 15 minutes or so every day to reconnect through the reflections, the visualisations, the exercises, or the readings.

This makes the entire adventure more fulfilling! The feeling of wholeness, connection, and empowerment continues to build, day by day, week by week, month by month... until the year has gone by and you find yourself so much more the person you've always wanted to be!

And with the momentum to continue on with a daily spiritual practice, long after the course itself has ended!

What if I don't want to do things your way?

I'm glad of it! If you're going to be a Wiccan, you'll be your own spiritual authority — you always retain your right to do what resonates with you.

The lessons always say "Okay, here's what we do. Here's why we do it. Here's the underlying metaphysical process that's going on. Here's how to do it. Here's an outline or plan for a ritual if you want to do this. And now make it your own. If this outline works for you, awesome, go with that. If it doesn't, adapt it. If you don't want to do it at all, you don't have to do it at all."

The one thing i recommend, though, is to try it the way it's laid out at least the first time. That way you'll experience what it's supposed to accomplish, how it feels, and how you'll know if it works. Once you know what you're aiming for, you can adapt in any way that suits you.

It's your spiritual practice. How can anyone tell you how to do it? All I can do is offer suggestions and ideas that i know have worked for hundreds of students. From there, it's up to you to use what works best for you.

Content Delivery

Is the whole thing online or is there actual lessons sent to my address?

It's all online. Nothing goes out in the mail, so if you have to keep these studies private, there's nothing that will show up in your mailbox.

Are there papers to look back on?

There are print-outs (for the Star*Students levels) of most of what you would need to keep or to take with you to use or write on. The adventures, reflection questions, review questions, Grimoire-building... all of those come on printable PDFs as well as online.

Are the lessons printable?

Sorry, but the course isn't designed for print. I understand that some people really like the printed page — I'm one of them myself. However, that wasn't something people wanted enough to make it happen, not to mention using up trees. At this point, there's no plan to produce a printed product.

The lessons themselves are completely online, so you have them with you wherever you go.

Still, you can always print out a web page if you really need to.

Do I do the course independently?

The lessons, the exercises, the reflections, the practices... all of that is online. You go through it at your own pace.

The lessons come out weekly, so ideally you follow that pacing on your own, self-learning.

Is it all self-study, or do we meet for classes too?

Once a month, Star*Students meet online with me for live bonus classes.

The best part about this is that you have a lifetime membership to these live classes (as long as you're a Star*Student or a graduate). This means that as long as these classes continue, you can continue to come to them, even if you've graduated years ago!

The bonus classes are on magickal, Wiccan, and spiritual topics, often teaching new skills, new practices.

They aren't directly related to the course material, so you don't need to partake of the online classes if you don't want to. It's an extra.

However, it's a great opportunity to ask questions, meet other students, and learn new things!

And if you're the kind of person who always wants to know more, this is a wonderful opportunity. It's where I often bring my newest work, as well as latest insights and predictions — here's what's going on in the world today and here's what we can do.

Do all the people that are doing the course at the same time show up for the live calls?

Potentially, yes, but what i found is that it's often a very select group of people who are motivated to do more.

It's small, it tends to be intimate, with a core group of students who attend each time.

About This Course

Why is this course a year long, when others are much shorter?

Short answer? Like everything in life, you get out of it what you put into it.

Long answer? There are several essential reasons:

  1. Traditionally, a Wiccan training for initiation into the Craft requires a year and a day.

    To really understand and practice Wicca, you need to experience the entire Wheel of the Year, all the magick and meaning of the seasons, and each of the Sabbats at least once.
  2. The skill set needed to do ritual and magick and to connect with the Divine is rather extensive.

    The knowledge goes deep, and it takes time to learn and to practice and develop your abilities through these exercises. There's simply too much to know, to fit into a smaller course.
  3. The ongoing-ness of the practice is one of the best parts! If you really want to live your life in a spiritual way, it needs to be developed as a routine or even a habit. That takes time. Even developing the way of looking at life takes time.

    After a year of this weekly (or daily) practice, you have a very strong foundation in living your spirituality in your daily life — a beneficial habit that is easy to carry forward on the momentum you've built!
  4. Spiritual development can't be fast-forwarded.

    This is not merely a class in Wicca. It's a programme designed to accelerate your spiritual growth and your connection with the Divine (however you see that)! That simply takes time, practice, and patience.

Is the course the same every year?

The course is always evolving and improving. It's a much different course today than it was in the beginning!

This year, Star*Students get private mentoring calls with me, for instance — although this is a bonus feature for this year and may not be available in the future. We also have a new non-Facebook student forum!

The people that do the Year & A Day, do they continue it the following year too?

I find that most people repeat the course.

They don't necessarily take it again the next year... most do, but sometimes they'll let some time go by, let it sink in, practice on their own for a while. Then they'll write to me and say "I want to do it over again."

As a graduate, you can take the whole course again any time you wish, for a small maintenance fee.

Questions About Starting

What is the cost for the Year & A Day course?

There are 3 tiers that you can choose from.

On the subsidized level, you get just the basic lessons and basic emails.

On the Star*Students level, you get the full course, plus PDFs to print out, audios of the guided visualisations, extra email bonuses, and live bonus lessons on Zoom for as long as this course runs (it's now in it's 12th year!).

If you make the one-time payment — Star*Students Premium — you also save a whopping 33% and you can continue to cycle through the course whenever you want, forever.

You can see all the details here.

When is the best time to start?

I personally think it's best to take it in alignment with the seasons and the Sabbaths, so that your lesson for the Samhain Sabbat, for instance, comes out shortly before Samhain... giving you time to prepare for it. There's also the Elements, which are each associated with a season, so if you do the course in sync, you'll do those the appropriate time of year as well.

That said, most people just take it whenever they're inspired. A benefit of this is that you have loads of time to build up the knowledge, skills, and experience before the current Sabbat rolls around.

After all, you can always go through it again in sync with the Seasons, next time.

If I want to take it in sync, when do i begin?

The new class officially starts around January 5th. (For the Northern Hemisphere, that is.)

That way, you have time to do the preliminary lessons, before the official Lesson #1 for Imbolc, the traditional date to do your Dedication. There's a buildup of things you need to know before that date, so you're ready for the Dedication lesson when you get to Feb 2nd.

Can i drop out if i need to, maybe come back later?

Yes, that's always open to you.

One thing to consider, before deciding to quit, is that the spiritual aspect is so supportive — when you're having trouble in your life, you actually need it more, not less.

Being human, though, the first thing to go is your meditation practice and such, right? Even though without that spiritual support, all of life gets more difficult.

If you're Called to your soul and to the Divine in this way, and you make a commitment to both, it's best in every way to stick with it if at all possible.

Are all your students in the USA?

Most are. I have students from all over the world, literally, but the majority are from the States.

Can i talk with other students to find out what it was like?

Of course! It’s best to get unbiased opinions.

If you want to see what other students have said about it, check out the feedback page for a small sample.

(That’s a bit of humour, because there’s a ton of student testimonials there! I just stopped adding at one point because the page was getting way too long.)

One Final Question; One Final Note

There's just one thing, if I could ask you to consider, it would be this...

What Would It REALLY Be Worth?

Imagine a life where you...

  • Engage with the Divine personally and directly in an enduring relationship and connection
  • Discover the underlying and profound secrets of Wicca
  • Raise your spiritual vibration
  • Experience proof that the Universe loves you and has your back — that you are never alone
  • Enhance every aspect of your life
  • Release old traumas and patterns
  • Find fulfilment, meaning, peace, and happiness every day
  • Return to a state of wholeness
  • Help heal Mother Earth
  • Become who you were truly meant to be... the best you can be!

Truly, aren’t these priceless?

If you were offered any one of these results, what would you actually give to have that? And here you will get all of them, and so much more.

Not For Everyone

This premium course provides a roadmap and step-by-step building process towards a happier, more whole, more connected YOU!

It's not for everyone though — you need to be willing and able to challenge yourself, to go beyond the obvious, to follow your own intuition instead of just having rules handed to you. And you need to be willing to invest yourself in becoming who, deep in your heart, you wish to be.

Yes, a training program of this scope is an investment in yourself. One that is well worth it, my students affirm resoundingly. And here's why: A Year & A Day: 53 Weeks to Becoming a Wiccan is much more than learning how to become a Wiccan...

This amazing course takes you
On a deep, transformative journey
into Earth-based spirituality,
into Mystery,
into the truth of life itself,
into increased self-awareness,
self-esteem, confidence
and empowerment

This course is so much more than the equivalent of a whole library of Wicca books — no amount of reading can give you the results that this potent study program offers.

And with tons of unique information you can't find anywhere else. As my students confirm, there's nothing else out there remotely like this.

There you have it.

Isn't your Goddess (and God), and your soul, worthy of the best, most effective means to build that all-important relationship?

When you're ready to step up to a new level of spiritual connection with Nature, the Divine, and your heart and soul, I'm here to help you!

3 Ways You Can Join
"the ultimate wiccan
skill-building course"

Subsidized Class

Monthly payments

  • 58 Weekly Lessons on Wicca & spiritual development
  • Wiccan Chants & Songs for each lesson's topic
  • Bonus Encouragement Emails
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Wild Wiccans of the World club card
  • Certificate upon graduation suitable for framing  (choice of styles: romantic or classic)

Star*Students Class

Monthly payments

  • 58 Weekly Lessons
  • Wiccan Chants & Songs for each lesson's topic
  • Bonus Encouragement Emails
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Wild Wiccans of the World club card
  • Certificate upon graduation suitable for framing  (choice of styles: romantic or classic)
  • Printable PDFs for each lesson's exercises to take with you outdoors or to your altar each week
  • Printable review questions worksheets for each lesson
  • Inner Reflection, self-discovery weekly worksheets
  • Weekly Printable PDFs to guide your Grimoire-building 
  • Audio MP3's of all the Guided Visualisations (59 in total!)

PLUS! . . .

4 Personal Mentoring Calls  and...

BONUS WICCAN LESSONS Only for Star*Students: Live Calls with erin Dragonsong

Live online BONUS LESSON
with erin Dragonsong

Star*Students Premium

Single payment

All the benefits of the Star*Student level 

PLUS These Extra Bonuses...

  • SAVE more than 33%
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to live online bonus classes
  • Lifetime membership in the Year & A Day forum
  • Free Unlimited Re-enrolment, to take the course over again as many times as you like!   (A fantastic advantage, because the course covers so much, most students want to repeat it from scratch -- sometimes multiple times -- to make sure they get every bit of the knowledge & practices.)

A Year & A Day is being revamped!

To join the waiting list for the next class,
please fill out this form...


We respect your email privacy

And You're On Your Way...

As soon as your payment is made, you'll receive confirmation of your enrolment and your first lesson in your Year & A Day!

Thanks for joining us!

I'm so happy to have you as part of the team that is bringing healing and peace to the Earth through your personal spiritual evolution!

Amazing, Fantastic, You've connected all the dots: I wish I could afford to contribute what this is worth to me - Stephanie  © Wicca-Spirituality.com

Incorporating this into my spiritual practice is easy and joyful; I feel like 'yeah, I can do this!' Truly changing my life.

Really worth the cost: it's a Spiritual Awakening & Vacation- ZM  © Wicca-Spirituality.com

"Alright! I Can't Wait!"

A Year & A Day: 53 Weeks to Becoming a Wiccan is far beyond any other Wiccan course in both quality and scope, yet it's still so affordable.

Even though A Year & A Day: 53 Weeks to Becoming a Wiccan has far more comprehensive information, crystal clear organization, peerless insights, and infinitely greater scope for your personal and spiritual development.

So for the price of a dinner out, you can uncover the inside secrets of Wicca with one of the best spiritual development courses on the planet.

Plus! You also get, at no extra charge...

  • Bonus follow-up emails after the course ends
  • A Wild Wiccans of the World wallet ID card (just for fun)
  •  Wicca School Diploma Certificate © Wicca-Spirituality.com

  • And here's the cherry on top: A Certificate of Completion, attesting that you've accomplished the most comprehensive, in-depth First Degree Wiccan Initiate training anywhere.

    That's something you can look on with pride!

    The Wicca Spirituality Way
    To Becoming A Wiccan

    And of course, in the Magick And Mystery Wicca School, you get the special Wicca Spirituality system: heart-centered, healing, connected with the Divine, and empowering.

    Please join me on this incredible journey
    to the heart and soul of Wicca,
    to the radiant power and beauty of your Self,
    and to the intimate heart of the Divine...

    • Allow me to introduce you to Nature and the Goddess in a way that uplifts you and can change your life forever
    • Allow me to introduce you to the God as you've maybe never seen Him before: a model of positive, loving, life-serving masculinity
    • Allow me to show you how to unlock your deepest potentials and mystical powers

    Get connected with the seasons and the Earth you inhabit, with personal experience of the Divine who lives in Nature... as well as within you.

    "YES! I Want to Access My Deepest Mystical Powers Now!!"

    Totally Risk-Free, Naturally

     100% Guarantee © Wicca-Spirituality.com

    And of course I stand 100% behind it with a money-back guarantee.

    If you don't find that this course gives you everything you need to become a Wiccan, and more!, you can cancel at any time, and I will refund your previous 2 monthly payments. This gives you 8 whole lessons to sample, experiment, and find out for yourself how effective this program actually is.

    So you have nothing to lose, and a whole Wiccan world to gain.

    Join now to become a Wiccan today, with your very first lesson (which includes why you're lucky to be a Solitary Wiccan and offers a lovely Wiccan prayer to get you started).

    With Brightest Blessings,

    dragonsong signature; write to erin

    "Fantastic! I Want to Join Now!"

     The interactiveness and the weekly 'bite size chunks' system … the best way to learn Wicca. - ZM © Wicca-Spirituality.com

     With each new week my trust and respect for Erin grew. - KM s © Wicca-Spirituality.com

    Presents complex issues with a comprehensive, friendly manner. - LV  © Wicca-Spirituality.com

    This course is perfect for me: your teachings resonate with me, I feel like you're speaking directly to me — Lisa K  © Wicca-Spirituality.com

    We can learn so much in such a structured way; it's good to have this at your fingertips. - MC  © Wicca-Spirituality.com

    Erin's passion for Wicca makes it fun and interesting, exciting and engaging... - MC   © Wicca-Spirituality.com

    Finally, someone who is spirituality down-to-earth, reachable, and makes spirituality understandable for beginners - JH  © Wicca-Spirituality.com

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