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There are different levels of Energy Fields. Not that they are necessarily different kinds of fields, but that they affect different groups of people.

And they overlap each other.

What are these etheric fields? For the purpose of this article, we will differentiate between "planetary" fields and human Energy Fields. We'll cover the latter in a separate article.

Let's start with the foundational fields...

Morphogenetic Fields

Why does a rose look like a rose, and not like an oak tree? Or even a clownfish? How does an embryo know what form to take?

DNA, we all know, determines what a seed will become. But that's just on the surface. In fact, the same DNA exists in your eye as in your heart, but the two manifestations have almost nothing in common. How does the DNA differentiate?

Morphic (or, as it was originally called, Morphogenetic) Field Theory, as described by Rupert Sheldrake's intriguing books, offers an explanation as to why things assume certain forms.

The basic idea is that there are fields to which everything belongs. There is a field for roses, another for oaks, another for clownfish, another for humans.

Each field informs (in-forms) everything that is part of it. It describes the shape that these things take, and their function. It's even likely to be a source of racial instinct.

And this in-form-ation goes both directions. Because everything IN the morphic field influences the field itself. You could think of the morphic field as the accumulation of all the information within its system.

So, for instance, if a monkey in Japan learns to wash its sweet potatoes before eating them, it would influence other monkeys around it to learn the same behaviour. Then as the entire troupe washes its sweet potatoes, monkeys elsewhere in the world would begin to pick up the same behaviour.

In fact, this is what happens. The famous Hundredth Monkey story tells how this actually happened. (And while there may be some debate in the scientific community due to inexact details, this phenomenon shows up indisputably in clinical study with rats around the world.)

Astrological Energy Fields

There is no doubt our own Moon and Sun affect humans as well as much of life on Earth. Planets and distant suns seem to affect us as well, even from far in the galaxy.

Witch Tip Science likes to pooh-pooh this, but science abdicates its authority as arbitrator of reality when it refuses to investigate without prejudice.

Granted, fortune-cookie astrology doesn't have much validity: the vague tidbits we see in the newspaper are far too generalised to offer real insight.

But astrology as a science is surprisingly accurate.

Actually, I didn't used to believe in astrology myself, mostly because what I saw was just the kinda toy-astrology that daily horoscopes tend to give out. Until one day I decided to take a course and really study it. What I found changed my mind forever: when you look into the details, it's astonishingly accurate.

In terms of Energy Fields, astrological events affect everyone. Some of these events are minor, like Mercury going retrograde. Some are massive, like the Earth moving out of Pisces and into Aquarius.

There's not much we can do about astrological fields. They are more massive than any other fields we know about, encompassing countless life forms and stellar bodies.

But when you're aware of these fields, you can begin to work with the flow, instead of against it. This yields more successful action and happier feelings.

Planetary Event Energy Fields

When major events happen on the planet, everyone is affected in some way.

I think this is part of our fascination with disaster stories from around the world, ie, newscasts. Subconsciously we know that we feel the effects too.

9-11 is an example of this.

Energy fields are not affected by time, either.

Many people prior to this date were feeling increased levels of stress. I've spoken to vets and animal trainers who said that the animals were exhibiting all kinds of stress reactions before 9-11, and immediately calmed down afterward. (In contrast to what the human mind does with the event, which is to escalate it into terror and war.)

When they say that violence toward one person is violence on all people, this is even more true than they think. Not only does everyone experience increased fear after violence, but even those who are unaware of the attack pick up the Energy Field of danger that permeates the world.

This has become commonplace, unfortunately, so we don't recognise it — like we don't notice the weight of the atmosphere around us.

But one of its manifestations is a feeling that the world is a dangerous place, and it's out to get us.

In other words, whenever you feel a lack of faith and trust in life, you are caught in the planetary Energy Field of violence.

Genetic Line Energy Fields

These are likely to be a specialized morphogenetic field, but that's not certain. Genetic line issues may be passed through the DNA or some other way that information is handed around the genetic tree.

The interesting thing about genetic line fields is that they don't just go one way. With DNA, it seems that the children are hapless recipients of whatever the parents have got for genes.

But on the energy level, information travels both ways.

In other words, whatever your parents and ancestors haven't dealt with, will linger in your Energy Field to deal with . . . and your children after you, if you don't heal it.

AND, whatever you deal with, you simultaneously release it from the field of everyone in your genetic line, backwards and forwards. All your ancestors as well as all your descendants will be free of that issue.

If you watch, you can see this in action.

It's not apparent to everyone, because there are other factors involved. Time lag for one. And resistance for another. The more resistant a person is (often associated with their age) the longer it takes for changes to filter through.

It's much more apparent with children and pets.

So who gets included in genetic line fields?

This is where it gets interesting. Obviously anyone you are directly related to. But it also includes people you've chosen as family . . .

  • Lovers,

  • Spouses,

  • Adopted children,

  • Adopted aunts, uncles, grandparents…,

  • Animal friends,

  • Even plants.

Sex is a particularly strong bind. One teacher I had claimed that anyone you slept with is bound in your Energy Field for 7 years, and you in theirs.

This explains why it can be so hard to let go of feelings for ex-lovers, whether love or hate. They are still very much in your Energy Field, inside you. No wonder we need a lot of physical space after a break-up!

Spiritual Evolution Energy Fields

This is, for me, the fun one.

Strictly speaking, this is not a field on its own. It's a facet of the Planetary Energy Field.

The Earth is evolving. And everything — every being, conscious and not-yet-conscious — is evolving too.

These cannot be separated. The evolution of beings IS the evolution of the planet. The evolution of the planet CREATES the evolution of all beings.

So why do I talk about it like it's a separate field?

Because it's helpful and enjoyable and hopeful to keep track of how our spiritual evolution is coming along!

This is helpful because all positive, life-sustaining feelings increase the spiritual evolution. (Similarly, all negative, death-based feelings resist this evolution.)

So if you want to develop spiritual awareness, and if you want to heal or save the planet, the best thing you can do is keep focused on how the planetary awareness is positively evolving.

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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