Sky & Earth Grounding Meditation

Earth Grounding Meditation (Part 1)

Begin this grounding meditation by standing on the Earth. Stand to your full height. Take a deep breath, hold it, then let it go. Do this again, and let it go with a gusty sigh.

Feel your feet on the ground. Notice how your weight is distributed on them: left and right, heel and ball, insides and outsides. What does the ground feel like beneath you?

Notice your breath. Imagine sending your breath down through your body, down your legs, and out through your feet, like roots growing into the Earth.

Through the moist warm topsoil with the worms and other critters, down through the bones of our ancestors, down through the bedrock, through watery underground rivers and lakes, down, down, down . . . spreading out wide as they go.

Like the roots of a tree, these tendrils keep seeking down into the heart of the Earth.

Notice that they intermingle loosely with the roots of all the others in your circle. You are woven together in the Earth, one sacred grove of priestesses [and priests], united in the Mother.

Eventually your roots begin to feel the warmth at the heart of the Earth, the fiery core of our Earth Mama.

You are grounding through your meditation deep into the Earth.

Let your roots take up residence in a wide circle, touching this heat, letting it warm them. Let the tips of your roots open, opening the channel between you and the Earth.

Now send down, with your breath, anything you want to release, to let go of, to transform. Send it down into the fiery Cauldron of the Goddess. She will transform it for you. It's what She does. Give it to Her, and be free.

And now notice the immense pressure at the core of the Earth. That pressure will send the Earth energy up to you, when you allow your rootlets to open to it. Do so now.

Let the Earth energy flow in through your rootlets, effortlessly. Let it move up, up . . . up through the reaches of your root system. Moving up through the underground waters, up through the bedrock, up past the bones of our ancestors, up through the rich topsoil, and right up into the soles of your feet.

This fiery energy keeps rising. You need do nothing but stand there and open to it.

It rises on its own, up through your legs, filling them with energy. Up through your sex, filling your womb centre. Flowing up, up, filling your entire torso, your shoulders . . . .

The heat relaxes and energizes as it fills the muscles. It flows down the arms into the hands and right through to the fingertips. It flows up through the neck and fills your entire head with brilliant energy.

As you're grounding, keep your meditation breathing. Feel the energy rising.

And it keeps filling you up, more and more and more, the energy field around your body suffused with this power. And still it keeps increasing until you feel full like a stretched balloon with this intense expansion of energy.

So now let it fly out through the top of your head, high into the sky, where it touches the stars and mingles with their light, spreading out like leafy branches into the sky . . .

Sky Grounding Meditation (Part 2)

The Star light settles silver on your leaves, gathering into silvery pools of pure colourless light.

This light flows in through your branches, where it cascades down through the trunk of energy you sent up. Light streams in through the top of your head, right down to your feet, filling them with brilliant white light.

Your feet fill with Star light, then your legs fill up with light, your sex, your womb centre, your torso shines with this dazzling light. It flows down your arms, into your hands, your fingertips. It fills up through your throat, filling your head, all the nooks and crannies of your brain with radiant white light.

You are now shining with light as though transparent to the light.

And this light continues to fill and fill, until you are shining bright as suns and moons, and then . . . open your roots and let it flow down through the roots, deep down to the heart of the Earth Mother, where She drinks the Star light in . . .

Completing The Conduit (Part 3)

Now with your inbreath, allow the Earth energy to rise again, up through you, filling you again and flying up to mingle with the Star light.

With your outbreath, the Star light flows in through you, refilling you, and flowing down to feed the Earth Mama.

You are now an open conduit for the divine energies, to flow through you, from Earth to Sky, from Sky to Earth.

Take a few more breaths, following this flow of energies . . .

As long as you're grounding with both meditation on the Earth and the Sky, you will be a pure channel of Divine Energy.

Releasing Excess Energy

Now you may touch the ground, and with thanks for such abundance, offer any extra energy that you don't need, back to the Earth. You can imagine the level lowering, like a bathtub emptying, to just the degree you need.

Keep only what you need to be fully charged and energized. Release any excess that would make you jittery or manic.

When you're ready, come back to standing.

Blessed Be.

For a grounding meditation suited to healers and other energy workers, please see the next article.
With Bright Blessings,

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Grounding Meditation Part 3

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