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Energy fields don't only come in yucky flavours. There's such a thing as a positive Energy Field as well!

We tap these Energy Fields just as we do the negative ones...

You might all of sudden feel happy or optimistic, for no reason.

Or blocks in your life might suddenly resolve themselves.

Or you might suddenly come AWAKE, if only for a moment.

We don't take as much notice of positive Energy Fields. Who wants to look a gift horse in the mouth?!

But just as it is possible to mitigate the effects of a challenging Energy Field, it's possible to hook into more positive fields, too.

Accessing Strong Positive Fields

Sometimes there are strong positive Energy Fields that are hard to miss. You don't have to go looking for a positive field, because it's all around you.

When this happens, you have (as always) an opportunity and, if you choose it, a responsibility.

The opportunity is for you to align deeply with that field, which will recalibrate your vibrational frequency down to the level of the cells and the atoms, and even deeper... right down to the energetic field that creates your body.

The responsibility (really, another opportunity) is to empower this field so that it increases in strength. This gives it even more power of healing for Mother Earth, and all beings.

How do you do these two things?

The same way... keep bringing your awareness back to it.

  • Feel it. Keep remembering to experience it. The more you feel it, the more power it has both within you and on the planet.

  • Enjoy it as deeply as possible!

  • When other feelings or thoughts arise, let them go and bring your awareness back to the sensation of the positive field.

Tapping Into More Positive Energy Fields

Other times, positive energy isn't washing over you on its own. But you can still tap into more refined vibrational frequencies whenever you choose.

Fundamentally, tapping these Energy Fields is done the same way you protect yourself from negative Energy Fields ...

  • Clarify and strengthen your Energy Field,

  • Purify your Energy Field,

  • Take command of what you allow into your energy space.

How It Works

As you protect yourself from negative Energy Fields, you automatically set up a vibration that attracts these positive Energy Fields.

In another way, as you protect yourself from negative Energy Fields, you're not tapping into Energy Fields that are harmful.

When we're in a negative Energy Field, we tend to block pleasant Energy Fields. We get sucked in, and then begin perpetuating the negative emotions by justifying them.

This prevents Energy Fields with lighter vibrations from entering.

Plus, when you avoid unpleasant fields, you automatically feel better most of the time. So even when you're not in a positive Energy Field, you tend to feel good.

If you want more information on this process, check out the article: Protection For Highly Sensitive People.

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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