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What does it mean to be a co-creator of reality? And what's that got to do with the 2012 Transition?

As discussed in the article on the Mayan Calendar, the 2012 Transition is about achieving an elevated state of consciousness. The whole evolution of the universe has been toward this aim: evolving consciousness to the level of God-realisation.

At that point, you become a co-creator of reality. No longer do God and Nature call all the shots -- humanity gets to play out its own, elevated dreams.

Some call this hubris, to imagine ourselves as peers (though not equals) of God.

And it probably is.

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But it's the most natural thing in the world to become peers of the Goddess!

What mother doesn't work and hope for the day that her children are grown adults, taking their place in the play of life alongside her? Or even, a mother often hopes, to surpass her! In becoming co-creators of reality, we finally -- after 16 + billion years -- take our birthright and destiny in hand, fulfilling the Divine Mother's plan for us, as a co-creator of reality.

That may seem a far reach for humanity.

But we're coming up on it astonishingly fast!

Look at the sudden proliferation of books on manifestation and magick -- The Secret is a prime example. It's not the best book ever written on manifesting your reality, but it was swept up in the wave of co-creation consciousness.

And conscious co-creation is the key to surviving 2012.

Becoming a Conscious Co-Creator

The fact of the matter is, we are already co-creating reality.

  • Every thought, every word, every emotion is an energy seed for future events.

  • Every book you read and show you watch are giving energy to a future reality.

  • Every action, every choice you make sets the future in motion.

The difference is, now you are becoming conscious of the process. You are no longer creating reality by default, without awareness of the power of your thoughts.

You are beginning to co-create reality on purpose.

This is a cause for rejoicing! Because the future we've created so far is one more of nightmares than of dreams. Together we can choose to create a beautiful, prosperous, peaceful Earth for all beings!

There are three parts to the process of becoming a conscious co-creator of reality...

  1. Shifting Perspective
  2. Being Your True Self
  3. Opening Up To The Divine

Shifting Paradigms

The year 2012 is all about a massive paradigm shift. A paradigm is a worldview, a conceptual framework upon which we build our ideas about the world, and ourselves.

That is currently metamorphosing into a completely new paradigm.

Until now, we have been dominated by the Newtonian viewpoint of a mechanical universe in which we are just cogs, helpless in the turn of events around us. Quantum physics turned that notion on its head, but the paradigm lingers on.

Here's how the old paradigm looks: Many people still believe...

  • that germs make you sick, and medicines heal you

  • that a good decision is made with the intellect, not with the intuition

  • that one person can't really change the world

  • that the world is solid and what you see, feel, and touch is what's real -- and ALL that's real

  • that feelings and thoughts are not real things, and don't have power to change reality

  • that magick is fantasy

  • that we are not spirit but matter, and after we die there is likely only non-existence

  • that material possessions bring security

Thanks to quantum physics, we know that this paradigm of materialism is false. And it is already shifting... as you know, being one of the people who knows better already!

But it lingers still, even within those of us who -- intellectually -- know better. If it was completely vanquished, we would never suffer from anxiety, stress, fear, grief, depression, despair, etc. Those emotions are all symptoms of a paradigm of helplessness.

The new paradigm is a knowing of empowerment.

In other words, some of us are becoming aware that we already ARE co-creators of reality.

We are just working on doing it CONSCIOUSLY.

The Mind Of A Conscious Co-creator

This is the big-picture stuff. When you align yourself with the underlying process of what will happen in 2012, you are no longer a victim of it, but a participant in it!

So how do you become a conscious co-creator?

You take command of the power of your thoughts, and especially your emotions.

These are the necessary ingredients, which you are learning to control...

  • your attention,

  • your intuition,

  • your intention,

  • and your faith.

Humans are incredibly limited in every way but mind. We don't have the sensory acuity of animals, and we have to shut down our consciousness for a third of every day. We don't have speed to outrun dangers or defenses to protect ourselves; the human body isn't built to tolerate even minor swings in heat, cold, wet, dry, or other adverse conditions.

We think we're superior to other animals because of our intellect, but it could as easily be said we feel inferior except for our intellect, and we're overcompensating. wicca-spirituality-winking_witch

But it does hold this truth: our minds are our power. The realm of thought is where the true human potential resides.

Refined Thought VS. Brain Reflexes

In another article, I show how the intellect's time of sovereignty is over. So what does it mean to say that "our minds are our power."

Well, it's not as paradoxical as it sounds.

There are many different levels of mind -- for example...

  • the primal animal instinct that aims to keep us alive and procreating,

  • the logical, rational intellect,

  • the body's intelligence,

  • the subconscious beliefs and feelings that influence our choices without our awareness,

  • the intuitive wisdom.

But there's another level, beneath, above, and beyond all of these. And that is Cosmic Mind.

It's hard to talk about these clearly, because from a 3-dimensional perspective, it can't exist. Our brains themselves are not wired to be able to understand this, and so we don't... not completely.

Here's what we do know.

The brain is a tool of consciousness (another word for mind). It can be used in rough ways, like opening a jar lid with a chisel. And it can be used in refined ways, like using the chisel to sculpt the Venus de Milo.

The rough way is to let the ego run the brain, with the lower levels of consciousness -- animal instinct and subconscious urges.

The refined way is to access Divine Wisdom, or Cosmic Consciousness.

The rough way makes you a slave to your ego, disrupts the joy of life, and inspires victimhood.

The refined way sets you free and empowers you to be a joyful co-creator of life.

The Reality of Thought

Your mind is the gateway to reality -- the reality that is, and the reality that you want to be.

Here's how it works...

Your thoughts and emotions create your internal reality. Your internal reality creates the external reality.

As within, so without.

That's the real secret of all manifestation and magick: create the energy within yourself of a reality you desire, and reality will maneuver itself in unimaginable ways to accommodate you!

Turn away from judgement. Dismiss worry. Set aside anger. That in itself will allow you to begin creating a positive future.

This is a subject big enough for many books, and I'm not going to go into this more than I already have elsewhere (until my own book on the subject gets finished). wicca-spirituality-winking_witch Let me just point you to what is, in my opinion, the best "workbook" available on the subject: Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires   [Book review.]

Another aspect of being a conscious co-creator is taking full responsibility for what you do/think/feel, as well as for what happens to you.

No one really likes to do this (not in the beginning, anyway). But there are three excellent reasons to try it...

  1. It frees you from victimhood -- this is the only true source of power and control in life;
  2. It allows you to become a conscious co-creator in your life and the world;
  3. It's the truth -- not the "truth" of the ego/brain, of course, but Divine Truth.

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Being Your True Self

Integrity, authenticity, presence, mindfulness -- whatever you want to call it, there is power in being your Self. It's the power of being in the present moment.

Up until recently, the sole focus of humanity has been on "doing."

But the new paradigm is the Zen outlook on work...

Doing nothing; accomplishing everything.

Shift your values, your schedule, and your mindset to "being" rather than "doing."

This doesn't mean you sit like a stone, never moving! It means that even while you are in action, your attention is on being.

(It helps, though, if you incorporate some time of stillness and silence into every day.)

Watch your thoughts, words, and actions, and notice what they reveal of your values...

  • Do you feel good about yourself only when accomplishing tasks?

  • Do you value others by what they achieve?

  • Do you feel uncomfortable when sitting around doing absolutely nothing?

  • Do you live your life under the whip of an endless To-Do list?

  • Do you, for the sake of work, sacrifice time for reflection, divinity, relationships, self-care?

Cultivate the patience and appreciation for sitting quietly, doing nothing.

That is where you will find yourself, and your true power as a conscious co-creator.

Outside on the Earth in nature, by the way, is the best place for doing this, especially for surviving the 2012 Transition.

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Opening Up To The Divine

Co-creator means you're working with others. Who creates reality with you? Other people, for sure.

But also the Divine.

How does that work? Two ways...

  1. You open up to Divine Wisdom, and act on it, becoming a handmaiden of the Divine.
  2. You access Divine realms, where your influence on reality is greatest.

Once, it used to take lifetimes to be able to access Divine Energy and Wisdom. Not long ago, it took decades to learn this skill.

Not any more!

Today we have instant access to Divine Light and Divine Love. All it takes is to open up, and access it. We are living in a constant stream of this Consciousness, and it is only the merest breath away at all times.

And as you open to that, you are within the Divine realms. Planting your intentions here make you a truly conscious co-creator of reality, as you'll discover.

Imagine that Divine Love flows through you. Invoke Divine Light to fill you. Grounding meditations are good ways to develop these skills.

The more you open to Divine Light and Love, the further you will go beyond surviving 2012, and into "thriving" 2012.

With Bright Blessings,

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