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 Solstice and Equinox in Wiccan Wheel of the Year  © You're planning your next Wiccan Solstice or Equinox Sabbat, and want to know exactly what date they fall on, right?

Well, for your convenience, here's a list of the upcoming dates, all the way through to 2025.

Please see the note on times and time-zones below.

Also, below the list you’ll find a note on whether or not it's necessary to celebrate the Sabbats on the exact dates... and what to do if you can't celebrate on the specific date.

Times and Time Zones

This list includes the exact times of each event, if you want to be that specific.

Why would this matter?

Because depending on where you live, your Solstice or Equinox date could be a day before or after the date given above.

The times are in Universal Time (UT)... which is basically the official name for Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

To convert these times to your local time, here's a handy-dandy converter: Convert to your time zone here.

So, for example, where I live, my time zone is 8 hours before the Universal Time zone ( i.e., -8 ). So when the Equinox falls on Sept 23, 1:55 am, it means that where I live, the Equinox actually occurs on Sept 22.

The time zones, in other words, may actually change what date you'd want to celebrate the Soltices and Equinoxes.

And now, your handy dandy planning calendar...

Solstice and Equinox Dates

YearSpring EquinoxSummer SolsticeFall EquinoxWinter Solstice
2019 March 20, 9:58pm June 21, 3:54pm Sept 23, 7:50am Dec 22, 4:19am
2020 March 20, 3:50am June 20, 9:44pm Sept 22, 1:31pm Dec 21, 10:02am
2021 March 20, 9:37am June 21, 3:32am Sept 22, 1:04am Dec 21, 3:59pm
2022 March 20, 3:33pm June 21, 9:14am Sept 23, 1:04am Dec 21, 9:48pm
2023 March 20, 9:24pm June 21, 2:58pm Sept 23, 6:50am Dec 22, 3:27am
2024 March 20, 3:06am June 20, 8:51pm Sept 22, 12:44pm Dec 21, 9:21am
2025 March 20, 9:01am June 21, 2:42am Sept 22, 6:19pm Dec 21, 3:03pm

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Do We Need To Be That Specific?

Not really, no.

Wiccans are pretty practical people. If we can't celebrate on the specific Sabbat dates, we just celebrate when we can. And that's okay. Sometimes my Moon Circle celebrates the Sabbats on the nearest Full Moon, for instance.

In general, a day or so on either side of the Sabbats makes no appreciable difference whatsoever.

If you must celebrate the Sabbats several days earlier, that's better than several days after. Before the Sabbats, the Energy of the Solstice or Equinox is still building, and strong. After the Sabbats, the Energy can drop off rather quickly.

But don't worry too much about it.

After all, in any spiritual endeavour, it's your Intention that is the important things. It may be easier to catch the spirit of a Sabbat before it happens, but you can celebrate the Sabbat whenever you have an Intention to.

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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