The Risks for an Energy Healer

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Being an Energy Healer who is unaware of the fact is a dangerous proposition!

And it's not a choice you make.

If you are born a highly sensitive person, then you are an Energy Healer. You can't abdicate this role.

(Although if you weren't born one, you can learn to be.)

You see, if you're a highly sensitive person, you've come into the world with a promise to help the world return to a Divine energy vibration.

So your personal energy field will automatically attempt to do so, even without your awareness.

That is the danger.

Not that you are an Energy Healer.

But that you may be unconscious of the fact, and using your own health as a bargaining chip.

The Danger To Your Health

Unconsciously being an Energy Healer can kill you. It is liable to — at the least — make you extremely ill.

Unconsciously healing the planet's energy field, or even other people's illnesses, is an underlying cause of systemic diseases like allergies, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and other auto-immune illnesses.

The problem is the way this automatic healing takes place.

If you are not conscious of it, you will take on everyone else's negativity or illness or need, and attempt to process it within your own energy field.

But your human body is too small a vessel for that vast amount of suffering.

It's Too Big For Any One Person!

A comparison would be trying to process all the sewage of, say, New York City through a household water filter!

What's going to happen to the filter?

Not only can it not do its job, but it will be ruined.

Now consider that you're taking on the "sewage" of the entire world . . . .

Unconscious Protections

There are also unconscious ways that you may be protecting yourself. But many of these band-aid solutions are harmful in themselves ... such as smoking, drinking, drugs, addictions in many forms.

(I suspect that most addicts are highly sensitive people. The ones I've known certainly are.)

Sleeping excessive hours is another way your body can compensate for unconsciously doing this work.

Excess body fat often serves highly sensitive people as a buffer from the energies around them, as well as a storage battery for the power they are not yet consciously directing out to the world.

So this kind of unconscious protection can be even more harmful than the unconscious energy work!

The Danger To Others

The other danger is that if you are sensitive to energy fields, you are contributing to them as well. Everything you feel — for good or ill — is a vibration that you are sending out to others in the world!

If you are not conscious of being an Energy Healer, you will often be sending out very strong "negative" vibrations.

Without consciousness, you have a lot of power to lower the vibration of the planet, and increase the fear and pain of all beings on the Earth.

If you are conscious of your role as an Energy Healer, this gives you incredible power to shift the energy balance in the world toward Love.

How To Be A Positive Force In The World

So there is no difference between helping the Earth and helping yourself.

When you are aware of how the world's energy fields impact you, and how you impact them, you will liberate yourself from an immense amount of suffering.

When you learn to protect yourself and use your sensitivities in beneficial ways, you've taken a HUGE step in creating a healthier, happier life for yourself!

And a healthier, happier world.

So What Should You Do?

This isn't to say you can't or shouldn't work to heal the world's energy fields. In fact, you probably can't avoid it.

But it does the world no good if you're too ill — or dead — to help.

What all this means is that the most potent tool you have to heal the world is to heal yourself. Although it sounds selfish, there is no more radical act of service.

  • Take care of yourself first.
  • Then consciously explore how to safely be a channel for healing.

Find out how to protect yourself, in the next article.

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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