What Is Mantra Meditation?

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Mantra meditation is one of the great Spiritual Power Tools.

Even though it doesn't originate in Wicca, it has huge potential for helping Wiccans in the evolution of spirituality.

Not to mention its incredible potential for healing the Earth.

Definition, Please?

We in the West use the word loosely. We use it for pretty much any repetitive statement. But this is as accurate as calling spiders and butterflies "bugs."

Mantras are not simply repetitions of any random word or phrase. And they aren't simply singing. We do the word a great injustice to demote it so far from its truth.

Mantra is possibly the most powerful force in the world.

I do not say this lightly. When you understand what Mantra really is, you will understand why this is true.

And when you practice it for a while, you will experience this for yourself.

So how do you define mantra?

Mantra is a particular vibration, a sacred frequency in combination of tones and sounds that EMBODY DIVINITY ITSELF.

As the saint (ie, incarnation of Divine Mother) Mother Meera writes...

"Recitation of a Divine Name is not simple words - each Divine Name is full of Divine vibrations." (Answers, by Mother Meera)

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The Power Of Sound

Sounds have Power. But not all sounds are equal. There are levels of Power in sound . . .

    1. Random Noise

    2. Intentional Sound

    3. Harmonious Sound

    4. Speech

    5. Song

    6. Devotional Song

    7. Mantra

The Source Of The Power Of Sound

Sound is vibration, and vibration is the fabric of material existence.

Everything in the universe is literally created and sustained by vibration. Thus vibration - Sound - is a potent force.

When you bring consciousness to sound, you get Speech. Anything you bring consciousness to, increases in Power.

You can use this power well or poorly - speaking in beauty or speaking in harshness. You can bring intense consciousness or minimal consciousness to it - intentional speech or subconscious ranting.

Either way, the power of Sound has been magnified by the addition of consciousness..

When you raise Sound and Speech to Song, you magnify the power even more. The universe is created not only in sound, but in harmony! Song is the creative tool of the Divine.

Devotional Song is using the power of Song to worship the Divine, bringing intention and awareness to the sound. This again increases its power.

Finally, to reach the ultimate power of sound, you sing the Song of the Divine Herself. This is the definition of Mantra.

The Sound Of God

Mantra is the Sound of God, in a form that the human throat can manage.

Simply put . . . Mantra is God.

This is why only specific songs are Mantras. When a sage is attuned clearly to the Divine, she can sometimes hear the Sound of that aspect of the Divine. That sound is manifest in name and melody.

When you sing this name in this particular way, you are bringing the vibration of that Deity into manifestation in the world, through your voice and awareness.

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The Power Of Mantra Meditation

To the singer, the Power of Mantra meditation is to align you with the vibrations of the Divine.

To the world, the Power of Mantra meditation is to invoke the Divine into presence on Earth.

This uplifts all beings to a higher energy state. And this refinement of vibration is permanent, although it will diminish as denser vibrations are overlaid on it.

Which means, all beings benefit from Mantra meditation. But ongoing selfishness will dilute this benefit, almost erasing it if more people desire selfishness than spiritual evolution.

Mantras can be used to

  • energize,

  • cleanse,

  • purify,

  • heal,

  • strengthen,

  • calm your emotions,

  • quiet your mind,

  • improve your singing,

  • be part of the healing of the Earth,

  • reunite with the Divine.

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Mantra Meditation In The Age Of Kali

The Earth is currently going through an Iron Age, the Age of Kali. This is a spiritually bleak age.

Thankfully, we are nearing the end of it. And Mantra meditation is one of the keys to transforming the Age of Kali into a golden age of spiritual enlightenment.

As Swami Sivananda Radha wrote, in her book Mantra, Words of Power,

“In the Kali Yuga, the holy name (Mantra) is the boat to cross the ocean of maya . . .

Mantra ... is the easiest means by which the aspirant may reach Self-Realization in the present era.”

Mantra Chants

Some of the most common Mantra chants are . . .

  • OM, or AUM - the Seed Sound of creation

  • The Gayatri Mantra - to awaken the mind and soul

  • Om Tara tuttare Ture soha - the Goddess of Compassion and granter of wishes

  • Om Namah Sivaya - the destroyer of obstacles

  • Hari Om - the healing Mantra

With Bright Blessings,

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