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Hello!  Welcome to the collection of interviews and appearances by erin Dragonsong.  😊  

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Quantum Miracles Mastery 2022

In June 2022, i had the honour of being interviewed for the 4th season of Quantum Miracles Mastery... alongside such luminaries as Jack Canfield, Sue Morter, Neil Donald Walsh, Mary Morrissee, Bruce Lipton, and many other leading experts. 

(That's me in the bottom left! I cropped off the second half of the speakers 'cs otherwise we're all so TINY you can't see the pics, let alone the names. 😁 )

In this interview, we discuss what magick is, how it differs from (but can be causally related to) miracles, and lots more.

Also, i offer a healling session / transmission that you can energetically receive by following along!

You will learn how to use this powerful tool for yourself, as well!  Don't miss out on it!  It's the main technique i'm using these days for my clients as well as for myself.  Downloaded from the Goddess when She told me to start helping people break through the blocks holding them back, keeping them powerless, and weighing down the Earth's energy field -- it's by far the most powerful practice i've ever seen!

So check it out!  

Here is the interview, conducted by Melissa Binkley...

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