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Hi there!

By now you may be wondering who erin Dragonsong is, and how Wicca Spirituality came about...

(PS, This is also my Mission Statement for Wicca-Spirituality.com.)

Why I Created Wicca Spirituality

I'm devoted to the gift (for the individual as well as for Mother Earth) of living a spiritual path that's connected with Nature and the Earth... a grounded form of spirituality. I deeply believe that the time of meditating on mountaintops, cut off from the world, is a relic of the past:

Spirituality for the present
— and the future —
is one that is woven into daily life.

That's what Wicca Spirituality is all about. It's a way that I inspire people to connect with themselves, with their bodies, with the Earth, and with the Divine... especially the Feminine Face of Divinity, the Goddess.

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And this is more than mere philosophy: it's an entirely practical, down-to-Earth set of practices and perspectives that can help you clear away the old patterns and traumas of the past, and move forward into being more of the person you know, deep inside, that you can be!

Part of my method is incorporating the cutting edge of the New Sciences, demonstrating and proving why energy and magick/manifestation are real, and how they work. It's a very exciting time to be alive! Everything our ancient masters knew is now being proven by science!

What Sets Wicca Spirituality Apart

This is one of the things I'm most known for: bringing the science and the spirituality, the transcendent and the grounded, the esoteric and the practical into a harmony that makes sense of all of it together.

Because it’s not enough to just THINK about this stuff. The whole point is to bring it into your daily life... where it can change your whole life!

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So my passion in life is in assisting you to achieve your full potential for well-being, joy, empowerment, fulfillment, and self-realization... awakening all to the potential and wonder of the Divine Within you.

Connecting with Nature, Goddess, and your own sacred self (through my “special sauce” of proven magick and skin-tingling spiritual techniques) liberates your innate mystical abilities and heart-wholeness.

This makes you a powerful participant in healing the Earth... and shifting into the Spiritual Golden Age that's now dawning for our planet.

All my teachings arise from my core awareness is that living on the Earth is a precious and holy experience, that you (and all things) are Divinity-In-Form... and that when you live from these understandings, life glows!

And i want to share that experience with you!

My unique ability to do that quickly and powerfully has made me one of the leading Pagan teachers in the world, in the top 0.3% of websites worldwide, and top 5% of social media influencers. — this is not to be braggy, but just to show how thirsty the world is for this kind of Wiccan / spiritual experience and to assure you in an age of thousands of “internet gurus” i really do know what i’m doing, and i’m offering unique insights and techniques that really work.

My Soul Mission is to assist in “the rebirth of the Goddess” — serving humanity’s ascension into the new era of empowered, peaceful, heart-centered life on beautiful Mother Earth.

My Wake-Up Call to Spirit

My passion for exploring, experimenting, and teaching spirituality was fueled by several visions I've had... in particular one that came to me in a 10-day intensive meditation retreat. I had this moment of unshakeable awareness where I perceived that Goddess/Jesus/Buddha/Semi-Divine Being of Your Choice is being reborn on the Earth... not as one individual, but within all of us!

(My immediate response to this knowledge was relief: if everyone is the "saviour," that wisdom can't be killed off as it has been in the past.

That momentary flash of insight took years to fully understand... and even longer to figure out what it meant for me, in terms of my Life Mission.

But actually, that process began even earlier...

My fascination with spirituality started early in life, despite my early spiritual education in Catholicism (which I left behind as soon as I left home).

When I was a child, I had experiences that I could barely describe, and that no one around me seemed to understand. I meditated when I was supposed to be taking a nap. I entered altered states of consciousness with ease. I stepped outside of time. And the family ghosts were very much present and making themselves known. To list just a few examples.

In short, I grew up knowing, without any doubt, that what I was told about life wasn't the whole story — not by a long shot!

Then a life event happened that catapulted me into the spiritual fast lane: I woke up one morning, and found my best friend/co-worker/housemate/sister-in-law dead, at age 22, cause unknown.

It was the wake-up call that started me on a full-time exploration of life, death, myself, and spirit.

After a lot of soul-searching, I realised I needed to find some kind of spiritual understanding that spoke of Truth to me, and that led to actual experience with the Divine. My background in religion was woefully lacking in both.

Background & Spiritual Training

I set out on an intensive spiritual exploration... within myself, within Nature, and within various spiritual traditions.
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So, for my entire adult life, I have delved deeply into spirituality in many different forms... including the new sciences. And I've had a lot of incredible mystical experiences, which served as guideposts on this journey to higher awareness. This has been my life's Calling.

I dove seriously into Buddhist meditation, and other forms of meditation, including Vipassina. I even took yoga at the local YWCA — an unheard of activity at the time! (I loved it! Especially doing Sivasana at the end of each class: it was a guilty pleasure... I felt like I was getting away with something forbidden, just lying down and relaxing for 10 minutes!
) It wasn't really a spiritual practice, though; just a physical aspect of yoga, and I didn't know for years that there was more to yoga than that.

Within a few years, I stumbled onto Native Spirituality... which called incredibly strongly to my heart. I pursued that with very effective results and strong spiritual signs that it was right for me. Then I learned about cultural appropriation, and decided it would be more fitting for me to follow a spirituality from my own heritage, if I could find one. (Even though I have a bit of First Nations blood from way back.)

Immediately, almost out of nowhere, my brother introduced me to Wicca. I have been a practicing Witch ever since . . . about 35 years now.

Since then, Wicca has been my primary spiritual path.

(In terms of lineage, I've studied various non-BTW practices, with particular focus on Reclaiming's teachings and eclectic Wicca.)

The Challenge to Wicca

It wasn't a clear road from there, though! Because something happened that challenged my understanding of Wicca and spirituality entirely, and set me off on a new level of spiritual quest.

During my Wiccan Initiation, I had an experience that was so intense, I literally thought I was dying. I won't describe it here, because I don't want to influence what people think an Initiation should be... most of them aren't so life-changing, yet still are potent and perfect for each person.

However, I will say that it was nothing like I'd been led to believe. And nothing I found in Wicca could explain what happened to me! I'd even asked world-renowned Wiccan teachers, with no result.

So I knew there was a lot more going on than even Wicca was teaching! And I couldn't rest until I found an understanding of my experience.

That led me to a study and practice of intensive yoga (gathering teaching degrees in several forms of yoga), which was really powerful, spiritually. I knew there were answers there that Wicca was lacking.

But it didn't really satisfy my heart.

My heart kept asking:

Is there a way to blend
the deep spiritual wisdom
and transformational potential
of these Eastern practices
with Nature-based, Earth-loving Wicca?

Thus began many years journey, seeking a way to harmonise these two, seemingly incompatible spiritual traditions... a journey which culminated in the birth of Wicca Spirituality.

erin Dragonsong's Credentials & Qualifications

My family lineage is descended of Druids, and there's a long list of supernatural occurrences in my family... but I don't believe genetics necessarily qualifies anyone. After all, even if you're born with wings, you still need to learn how to fly by yourself!

So that's what I've done. Besides being a practicing Initiated Witch for 40 years, and High Priestess for most of that time and being part of the same coven since 1993, I've deeply explored Wicca, magick, healing (including years of Geotran energetic healing), and various spiritual traditions around the world.

I've studied at the ULC Seminary, and am an ordained minister. I'm also certified through extensive training at Yasodhara Ashram to teach Hatha Yoga, Hidden Language Hatha Yoga, Kundalini yoga, Dreams yoga.

But credentials in the spiritual realm don't count for all that much. Some of the best, and the most widely acclaimed, spiritual teachers have credentials in entirely unrelated fields — psychology for Wayne Dyer, for instance; geology for Gregg Braden; medicine for Deepak Chopra... to name just a few.

And a lot of people with credentials in Wicca — like Gardnerian "degrees" for example, or coming from a lineage of Witches (proven or not) — don't of themselves translate into real qualifications for teaching spirituality.

What matters now is experience. So you might want to know...

I’ve has been involved in psychic reading, healing, and spiritual development for 40 years.

I’ve been teaching Nature spirituality and how to work effective, real magick for decades. (The pursuit of 100% reliable miracles-on-demand is my pet quest.)

In addition to this long experience working with energy and higher states of consciousness, i have a background in education, counselling, alternative holistic healing, new sciences, and comparative religion. I’m a registered teacher of all the Radha yogas, and an ordained minister and high priestess of Wicca.

More Curriculum Vitae (In Case You Want to Know)
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As a writer, I've had numerous pieces published... among others, I've been a regular contributor to We'Moon for many years, and had poetry published in the collection Sea, Sky, and Dreams.

Most exciting so far, I was published in the anthology Jesus Through Pagan Eyes: Bridging Neopagan Perspectives with a Progressive Vision of Christ, edited by Rev. Mark Townsend, who has said, "Erin Dragonsong ranks among the biggest names in the Pagan world."

I've been a featured interview on NCKabballah Radio, which was a lot of fun. Jeff Daugherty, the host, has this to say:

"For knowledge about Wicca, you really can't do any better than erin.

[She is] one of the people on the forefront of helping that [Transformation of the Earth] happen… a recognised expert internationally for offering insights and spiritual perspectives on Earth-based religion, and we're talking about a website that has over 3/4 of a million visitors per year from 159 countries around the globe.
(And that was several years ago!)

This is a person that knows what she's talking about!

You've heard her heart, she's not someone that's all head and no heart: this is a lady that lives and breathes to help you."

~ Jeff Daugherty, NCKaballah Radio

Other published works include…

  • A Natural Connection: Discover Your Totem Animals And How They Can Help You
  • Nature Symbolisms: Communications From The Divine
  • Pagan Yule Songs and Solstice Carols (Vol I and II)
  • Personal Mandala Starter Kit
  • Spiritual Mandala Templates Kit
  • Silver Chalice Wiccan ’Zine (online e-magazine)
  • *Sparks Magazine (producer, writer, editor)
  • Navel Gazing: Bellydance Spirituality Magazine (producer, writer, editor)
  • The Flagstone

My signature course is a Wiccan Mystery School: a life-transforming intensive spiritual development process rooted in Wiccan philosophy. A Year & A Day: 53 Weeks to Becoming a Wiccan is a potent training in empowerment, magick, mysticism, and unity with Nature and Goddess.

I’ve created transformative, healing courses such as MiracleMagick™ for Mother Earth and Mercury Retrograde Initiation Journey.

My most recent offering helps people who are ready to start living from Purpose and passion to discover what their true Life Mission is and how to serve Mother Earth with their unique talents and dreams, while developing their own full potential — Discover Your Life Purpose Through Your Soul GPS. The purpose of this programme is to help you develop your intuitive abilities that reveal how you can best employ your unique knowledge and abilities to offer a world that vitally needs them.

I've studied with and been in a private healing circle with (for) Starhawk (she was kind enough to later favourably review Wicca-Spirituality.com for me), and studied innumerable Wiccan and spiritual resources through books, Witch camps, and workshops.

One of the best experiences of my life (personally, as well as professionally) was the Science and Spirituality Conference in 2018 — a full week of 14-16 hour days with many of the greats on the cutting edge where science meets spirituality: Gregg Braden, Lynne McTaggart, Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Lee Carroll & Kryon, and more. It was an intensive course in the new sciences' support for spiritual wisdom, and I was thrilled to meet Gregg, Lynne, and Bruce — people I have enormous respect for (and they were just as kind and warm in person as one could hope).

I'm one of the Voices on the Harmonic Concordance, and also a member of the United Communities of Spirit (Global Interfaith Initiative)... a network of people who participate in bridging across religious doctrine to the spirit of the Divine that is available through every religion.

I've taught workshops in places like the Wild Women's Festival in Naramata, BC, and was facilitator for the Adult Daughters of Dysfunctional Families support group at the local Women's Centre for several years.

And of course, we mustn't overlook the fact that Wicca-Spirituality.com has been a leader online for info about Wicca for many years! I've been quoted on innumerable sites (not that that means much these days, when pirating content is so common), but also by very reputable resources, like ReligiousTolerance.org.

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It has won the Pagan Web Award from Pagan-Magick.co.uk, and recognition from sources such as TheologyDegreesOnline.com, in their Top Twitter Feeds To Follow, which said that I "do a great job of helping our readers diversify their knowledge and broaden their faith."

I still regularly practice several meditations and various Yoga practices, as well as developing my own highly effective, practical meditations and spiritual techniques.

It may also be of interest to you that I'm a certified counsellor (briefly in private practice), and have a background in education, specialising in adult ed. I'm also a poet and singer, btw — which are key qualities of any mystic, I believe.


There's more detail about my spiritual journey and particularly how Wicca Spirituality came to be, on my homepage.

Mission Statement

My life is dedicated to the Divine. I'm not perfect at remembering that, of course, but getting better at it all the time.


This involves developing a personal relationship with the Goddess in all Her aspects, and service to the Earth and all beings.

This reawakening of the Goddess is, I feel certain, the only thing that can heal us and save the Earth.

The aim of Wicca-Spirituality.com is to inspire and guide people to reach their full potential through Wicca as a spiritual practice.

If you have any ideas on how I can better achieve this aim, I'd love to hear from you.

My Invitation to You

I’d like to warmly invite you to join my acclaimed newsletter community, eLOVEation — a haven of loving support from me and Divine Mother, with uplifting insights and best tips and tools to help you navigate these troubled times as well as to become the fullest expression of your soul that you can be!

You can also follow Wicca Spirituality on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, and Vimeo, and subscribe to my article feed on this site

For a free Miracle Magick™ Guided Visualisation to heal and bless the world while upgrading your own energy frequency, health, hope, and happiness, go here: www.wicca-spirituality.com/freewiccagift.html

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Contact erin Dragonsong

Please write to me if you have any ideas, thoughts, or concerns about the material on this site. I'd love to hear from you as we share this journey and Great Work together!

If you have any comments, questions, or requests, please write to me.

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Thank you!

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