Invoking Quan Yin and Tara
To Increase Patience and Compassion

Quan Yin and Tara are both Goddesses of Compassion. You can invite them to take an active role in your efforts to be more compassionate, loving, patient, and kind.

They can make the difference between being a slave to your temper, and overcoming anger . . . using this very simple exercise.

When You "Catch Fire"

There are regular flare-ups of anger energy around the world. In your life you may have noticed times when you seem to have a really short fuse for some unknown reason. Likely, these are Energy Fields that you have inadvertently tapped into.

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In such cases, the anger can be overwhelming and difficult to control.

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This is because it's not really yours.

You have picked it up, somewhat like a virus. It's harder to manage because it's bigger than one person. It feels more like catching on fire than having an emotional reaction.

Still, it will tap into whatever situations in your life can be found to echo it: problems with coworkers, bosses, friends, and especially spouses and children. That's where you can get power over this Energy Field, and dissipate it not only in yourself but for the world.

Remember that our healing work on communal Energy Fields not only clears away our own baggage, but heals part of that emotional energy in the world. So you are doing the work not only for yourself (and your loved ones), but as a way to bring healing and peace to the world.

In a situation where your ego or temper is likely to get triggered or starting to flare up, here's a technique that will help immensely.

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Calling the Qualities of Quan Yin and Tara

Ideally, before you go into the situation or begin the conversation, you prepare with by invoking Quan Yin and Tara, as this exercise shows. But if emotions arise unexpectedly, you can use this technique. It will help whenever you feel yourself starting to get triggered.

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During the entire conversation, hold both palms on your belly -- low down or high up, wherever feels most comforting to you. Have your left hand overlapping your right hand.

Then invoke loving Goddesses.

I generally ask for the compassionate kindness of Tara, and the patient love of Quan Yin to fill me. When I'm feeling particularly non-compassionate, I also ask for it to fill the other person (since I'm not doing a very good job of giving it to them). wicca-spirituality-winking_witch

It helps if you reach out with your mind or heart, and feel an opening of the channels from the Goddesses Tara and Quan Yin to you.

I literally say to myself, and to the Universe: "I invoke the compassionate kindness of Tara, and the patient love of Quan Yin." You need only say it silently to yourself, once, with feeling.

This will activate the flow of those energies.

And the more you focus on this, feel it, and repeat it, the stronger you align with this Goddess energy of peace and compassion.

Call again upon Tara and Quan Yin every time . . .

  • there is a pause in the conversation, or needs to be one,

  • you start to feel frustrated,

  • you are interrupting someone,

  • you notice you need to be right,

  • you feel a desire to be heard.

This practice will entirely transform the level of your interactions.

With Bright Blessings,

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