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A Year & A Day Lesson #0
Your Wiccan Book of Shadows

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Wiccan Chant to Call a Book To You

Book of Shadows, come to me

To be new wisdom's repository

And guide me to the Mystery

Book of Shadows, come to me

 (erin Dragonsong)


Merry Meet, dear Wiccan-to-be!  Welcome to Week #0 of A Year And A Day: 53 Weeks to Becoming a Wiccan!   ; ) 

This lesson will tell you why to, and show you how to: find or create, prepare, bless, and use both a Book of Shadows and a Book of Mirrors.

This is a preparatory lesson, getting you ready for next week when the lessons begin in earnest, since there is one piece of "equipment" that you will really must have before you begin your journey to Wicca-hood:

Your Book of Shadows

Most Wiccan tools are optional.  In fact, all of them are.  But this is one Wiccan tool that you really will want to use as you go through this course.

A Book of Shadows (also known as a Grimoire[1]) is a reference book about Wicca that you create, specifically to serve your Wiccan practice.  It will conveniently remind you of everything you need to know to be Wiccan and to work magick.[2]


[1] Pronounced GRIM-wahr.

[2] There is no absolute rule that you must have a one.  It's very handy, and if at all possible you should have one.  But if you feel it puts you at risk, or is in some way not right for you, or not right at this time, then by all means: follow your inner guidance.


In it you will keep notes on things you might want to remember:

*  Wiccan info, like what certain symbols mean, what is associated with each element, and when the major Wiccan holidays are

*  Your experiences with various practices, so you can keep track of your increasing skills

*  Tips and techniques that you've found useful, including spells

*  Insights that have come to you

*  Anything relating to your Wicca practice that you might want to look up later

What Really Is A Grimoire?

There's a hint to the mystery of a Grimoire hidden within the word itself.

The word Grimoire comes from the same root as the words glamour and grammar...  

  • Glamour is an archaic word for magick or enchantment.  
  • Grammar comes from the Greek and means the "art of letters," that is, writing.

This gives us a deeper understanding of what a Grimoire, or Book of Shadows, is really about. 

It's a book of magick, and writings about magick.  And in a deeper sense, about spiritual practice, because magick's best feature is that it helps you crack open the door to Deeper Reality.[1


[1] We'll cover this more in future lessons.


In olden times, writing itself was considered a form of magick — and Wiccans know this to be true.  In popular culture even today, a Grimoire is understood as holding a magickal power of its own.  (Although it's been greatly exaggerated in stories.)

Therefore, keep in mind these 3 things, as you work with yours...

  1. You are performing something like a ritual or magick, every time you write in your book.  
  2. Try to be centered, clear, and very conscious as you are writing.  
  3. Choose what you write, with care — it should be things that will serve you well in the future.

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Writing Your Own Grimoire

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