Humanity's Spiritual Rebirth . . .
At Last!

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A Spiritual Rebirth is at hand. It is the re-awakening of the Great Goddess in the world, and within each of us.

We are walking through the gateway to a new level of human evolution. The signs are all around you.

Yet it's easy to doubt it, since there's plenty of evidence that the old ways are still around.

But even the dinosaurs didn't die off in a day!

Why Does It Look Like It's Still Getting Worse?

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Simple inertia is carrying forward the corpse of the domination paradigm. But it can't last, not in the presence of the conscious, energized Planetary Transformation that has already begun.

Inertia can only happen when no force is acting upon an object.

Now, though, every force in the universe seems to be coming to bear on humanity . . .

  • The magnetic reversal of the pole not only of the Earth but even of the Sun,

  • Climate change generating chaos,

  • Oppressive regimes led by liars and thieves masquerading as democratic government,

  • Increasing poverty,

  • Widespread violence . . .

The Spiritual Two-by-Four

This is the classic, world-wide Spiritual Two-by-Four . . . "Wake up now," it's trying to tell us, "or it'll be too late!"

Human beings have created an extinction-level event. Almost by choice. We are creating a world in which we can't survive.

The good news, though, is that it's not necessarily absolute death that awaits us. Like a caterpillar dies to give birth to a butterfly, a Spiritual Rebirth is approaching.

It's the old domination paradigm that's dying, as the Goddess awakens in the world.

It is our lower selves who must die, so our true potential as spiritual beings can live.

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What Is The Lower Self?

The lower self is the small "s" self - the personality you think of as "I." When you tell someone you just met about yourself, this is what you say.

  • Where you live,

  • How you earn your income,

  • Who is connected to you,

  • What you like and dislike, and so on.
It's really the animal-part of the brain, concerned with comfort and status and safety and pleasure. This is what, in spiritual circles, is called the ego.

The lower self is the part that thinks control is possible and violence can be useful.

Well, anyone with eyes and half a brain can see where that has gotten us.

Flocks of Healers

Now, thankfully, thousands of people have come to the world to take part in this Spiritual Rebirth.

You've heard of indigo children, crystal children, rainbow children? That's what they're here for, and in droves.

And hundreds of us in prior generations came early, to pave the way for them. The Spiritual Rebirth began almost a century ago.

This spiritual rebirth begins in you.

Because, like every one of us, you are either the disease, or the cure.

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The Elevation Of Human Consciousness

As you elevate your consciousness and evolve as a spiritual being, the Spiritual Rebirth gains Power. As you awaken the Goddess Within, the energy field of the entire planet is raised higher.

As the energy field of the Earth is raised, all beings become elevated. The Spiritual Rebirth doesn't only affect humans . . . animals and even plants are feeling it too.

Sound Unlikely?

It's easy to be cynical, especially if you tune into the news.

But regardless of appearances, the Spiritual Rebirth has already made incredible advances, in measurable ways.

Perhaps most significant is this fact . . .

The consciousness calibration of humanity as a whole has risen above the critical 200 level for the first time in history.

Human Consciousness As A Positive Force, At Long Last

Dr David Hawkins says, in his book Power vs. Force . . .

"…the level of 200 [is] the point where selfishness begins to turn to selflessness. …

"On our scale of consciousness, there are two critical points that allow for major advancement. The first is at 200, the initial level of empowerment:

"Here, the willingness to stop blaming and accept responsibility for one's own actions, feelings, and beliefs arises -- as long as cause and responsibility are projected outside of oneself, one will remain in the powerless mode of victimhood. …

"But without moralizing, we can plainly state that whatever calibrates above 200 supports life and may therefore be functionally defined as 'good' whereas whatever calibrates below 200 is destructive, nonsupportive of life and can thus be declared functionally 'evil.'"

This leap occurred toward the end of the last century.

So not only is the Spiritual Rebirth imminent . . .

It's Already Happening!

We're on our way, folks. Like global warming, it's no longer a matter of if the Spiritual Rebirth is real - it demonstrably is.

The only questions left are, what does it mean for the world?

And, will it be in time to save the Earth?

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What Does This Spiritual Rebirth Mean?

The Spiritual Rebirth means that you have the potential and the ability to reach Higher Consciousness in this lifetime. That is, to awaken the Goddess within and consciously reunite your mortal self with the Divine Source.

And that's what you've come here to do.

It's not only a possibility, it's your Divine Mission to go through a spiritual rebirth for yourself, and to help others reach it too.

How Spiritual Rebirth Can Save The Planet

So often I hear people say, what good does it do to meditate or pray? The planet needs action. I can be more effective by protesting nuclear power or genetically engineered food than by sitting on a pillow staring at a candle.

And so often people ask me, here I am doing all this meditation and spiritual practice, but am I really doing anything? Can this really help the world?

You bet! Of course the Earth needs action too. But spiritually-conscious action will accomplish what non-aware action can't dream of.

Dr Hawkins actually breaks the numbers down in his book. He writes . . .

"Although only 15 percent of the world's population is [in the positive zone], the collective power of that 15 percent has the weight to counterbalance the negativity of the remaining 85 percent of the world's people.

"Because the scale of power advances logarithmically, … One individual at level 700 counterbalances 70 million individuals below level 200." (Dr David Hawkins, Power vs. Force, p 282)

It is only those with Higher Consciousness who can uplift the rest of us, in time to save us from extinction.

In a way, we're waiting for a Messiah.

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The Coming Of A Whole Mass Of Messiahs

We're talking, essentially, of the Second Coming of Christ and Buddha and all the other messiahs who've promised their return. We're talking about the rebirth of the Goddess, too.

The surprise is, though, that they are not coming back as one person, but in ALL people!

This is the Higher Consciousness, or Deeper Self, or Christ Consciousness, or Buddha Consciousness, or Love Consciousness that is growing in us all. (In some, of course, faster than others.)

After all, it doesn't work to just embody this Power in one messiah: too easy to ignore, reject, or kill him!

Not to mention, too easy for the message to get distorted in translation.

This time, it's all of us.

That means YOU! You could be the Hundredth Monkey, the one person who is needed to tip the balance toward Life.

You are the midwife of the Spiritual Rebirth. We all are, together, birthing a new future for the Earth and humanity.

With Bright Blessings,

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