Healing The Wounded Healer

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Healing the wounded healer in ourselves is the first step on our path as a healer and modern shaman.

A common pattern for highly sensitive people is to be deeply wounded in youth.

Shamans in some nations were "called" by wild animals and personal loss, to serve their community as conduits to the world of the Divine. A non-fatal attack by cougar or bear, the loss of limbs or senses from a fall from a mountain or into a river... These were signals that one has been set apart from the tribe, to perform a unique service.

(Another signal was crossing gender or sexuality boundaries... a merging of the polarity into Unity within oneself.)

These days, our families are often the bear. An attacker or auto accident is the cougar. Society itself strips us of our senses.

Healing the healer is not necessarily a physical healing, although that's often part of it.

It is an emotional and mental maturation that few others accomplish.

Healing the Wounded Healer

As you heal yourself, you gain the insight, perspective, and compassion that enables you to help others heal.

Until you heal yourself, you not only lack your necessary tools, but the imperative objectivity.

Healing The Emotional Wounds

The wounded healer learns...

  • That all emotions are her own, arising from her thoughts and beliefs.

  • That no one else can make her feel anything.

  • That emotions are guideposts, signs pointing to errors in her own thinking, mistakes that lead her away from herself and her Source.

  • That she is not a victim — that there is, in fact, no such thing.

And learning these things, she clears the impediments from the channel between her. and the Divine Source.

Maturity of Mind

Through the process of healing the wounded healer, we gain mental clarity, strength, and flexibility.

These are indispensable qualities for the shaman.

Meditation increases these qualities, to the very limit of human possibility. That is why it is so valued by all true healers.

The ability to take command of your thoughts is the ability not only to heal, but to transform reality!

Resources for Healing the Wounded Healer

For transforming your emotions and practicing emotional intelligence, I recommend working with the book, Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires.

This is the best resource I've found for taking command of your thoughts, and beginning to create the kind of life you desire. (Read the book review here.)

Another great book for advanced spiritual training is Eckhart Tolle's, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose

What Tolle calls the pain-body, is similar to what I refer to as Energy Fields. (Read the book review here.)

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