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Want to avoid those dreaded social faux pas, but don't know Wiccan etiquette?

Fear not! This handy article is here to save you from social embarrassment and withdrawn invitations to rituals . . .

Don't feel bad if you don't know some of these. Even experienced Witches can slip up, or simply be oblivious to certain Wiccan etiquette guidelines.
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The important thing is that now you can make yourself aware. And you can avoid getting turned into a toad for tripping over some serious taboo.  

There are four main components to Wiccan Etiquette, 3 of which we'll cover here . . .

  1. General Wiccan Etiquette,
  2. Etiquette Regarding Wicca Altars,
  3. Etiquette of Wiccan Magick.

The fourth, Ritual Etiquette, is in the Wiccan Ritual section.

General Wiccan Etiquette

  • It's a huge no-no to identify anyone as participating in Wicca. Wiccans are still subject to persecution and prejudice. It may seriously harm someone to share this information with even one person.

  • Don't assume that since some people know Jane Doe is a Witch, everyone does. A Witch may "come out of the broom closet" to only certain people.

  • If by accident, something you say may have tipped people off, tell the Witch involved as soon as possible exactly what was said. She may want to do damage-control. Or she may laugh it off. But she deserves the opportunity to choose.

  • Don't proselytize. You can tell people about it if they ask. But no religion benefits by being forced down people's throats. This is basic Wiccan etiquette, that all religions would be smart to follow.

  • Be aware of the "space" you are taking up.

    For most men, this can mean moderating the volume and intensity of your voice, leaving equal time for other people to speak, not interrupting or ridiculing, using gentle body-language, and sharing leadership and decision-making.

    For most women, this can mean taking the risk to speak out, to stand up for what you believe, to honour your needs, to meet the challenge of owning your power.

Wicca Altar Etiquette

Wiccan etiquette around altars is especially important. A Wiccan altar is sacred space, and ritual tools are highly attuned to the person using them.

So there are some basic guidelines for good conduct that you need to be aware of.

  • You don't need to let anyone touch your sacred items. If you trust them, and if you are confident that they have positive energy and won't put yucky things into your rituals tools, you may let them if you wish.

  • Just because you've said yes once, doesn't apply to any other time or place. You are under no obligation to let them handle it again.

  • Never touch someone's altar or ritual items. If you are close to them, or you Circle together, it's okay to ask if you can hold it.

  • Interpret any hesitation as a "no."

  • And gracefully accept a "no." It may not be anything personal. Some things are simply too private to share.

  • Ask before placing things on a group altar. Usually for group work, you will know ahead of time the kinds of things that might be appropriate. But sometimes very specific energy is being raised, and other items may not serve the ritual.

  • Avoid talking about your sacred items and spiritual practices with "outsiders." People who don't use them don't understand, and it dilutes your Power to share sacred things with them. Especially if they turn out to be judgemental about it.

Wiccan Etiquette For Magick Spells

(This has been given its own page: please see Wicca Magick Tips for Safe Spell-Casting. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

If you follow these etiquette tips, you will be a respectful and responsible Witch that people will be happy to have around!

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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