Intro to Grounding Technique

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The purpose of proper grounding technique is eight–fold . . .
  • It helps you shake off the daily troubles, and be present.

  • It begins the magickal work of shifting consciousness.

  • It raises some energy to work with.

  • It creates a container within you for energy to be held and directed.

  • It acts as a lightening rod, so excess energy can flow freely without damage to your conduits.

  • It protects you from taking on harmful energies.

  • It helps ensure that you send out only beneficial energies.

  • It unifies the group energy.

When Is Grounding Necessary?

It is recommended to do a grounding before any magickal work . . .
  • Before ritual, grounding creates a safe conduit for divine energies and unifies you with the others in your Circle.

  • Before magick or spell–casting, it generates energy to empower your work.

  • Before divination, solid grounding technique opens your mind to understand what the Divine is trying to say.

  • Before healings, it protects you from being receptive to taking on harmful energies, and purifies the energy you are using and minimizes the risk of harm to the other.

Deep Grounding Meditation

Offered in part 2 of this article is a very thorough grounding technique.

It will take some time, because you can't rush through it. The body–mind needs time to experience it.

But no matter what kind of work you're doing, this kind of grounding will prepare you for it well.

Fast Grounding Meditation

It can be trimmed up if you need a faster grounding.

For an ultra–quick, 2–breath grounding technique and the 3–Circles grounding meditation, see part 3 - Quick Grounding Techniques.

If you're going to abbreviate the technique, it's best to connect both to Earth energy and Sky energy. It's not advisable to shortcut to only one.

How To Use These Grounding Techniques

The best way to ground is to have someone read the visualization out loud while others follow, or to learn it so you can speak it in the moment.

An in–between option is to record yourself saying it, using a gentle, soothing voice and an unhurried pace. Then you can follow along as you play it back.

In other words, trying to ground while following along on your computer or a piece of paper is not going to work as well as staying in the visualization.

We All Ground Ourselves

Be advised that no grounding technique works for everyone. Some people need it slow and detailed, others get lost and bored that way.

Alter the visualization to make it work for you, and those you're grounding with.

And for those who can't ground the way the works for most of the group, they can quietly proceed with the method that they prefer. As Witches, we naturally take responsibility for our own process.

It doesn't really matter if we're not all doing the same thing. Even though one person may lead the grounding, we all actually ground ourselves.

Have fun, and good grounding!

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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Grounding Technique Part 2

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