Your Magickal Wiccan Altar

A Wiccan altar is a powerful magickal tool.

If you've never had one before, you might think of an altar as Wiccan decoration . . . Just something to put up, and then leave it sit there.

But eventually you will discover that the state of your altar mirrors the state of your life.

Okay, on some levels this is common sense. An inch of dust on your altar shows undeniably that your spiritual life is not your highest priority.

But the magick of a Wiccan altar is that the energy goes both ways.

An Altar Takes Wicca Magick To A New Level

When your life (or mind) is clear and uncluttered, your altar will reflect that.

And when your Wiccan altar is fresh, energized, and harmonious, it will send healing, harmonizing energy out into every aspect of your life.

And it's not just about cleanliness. It's about the energy - the attention - you give your altar.

This will be exactly the energy it gives back to you. Not only in terms of your ability to work successful spells and magick, but in every area of your life . . .

Where Will You See Your Altar Energy Manifest?

  • Your health

  • Your work life

  • Your ability to achieve your desires

  • All your relationships

  • Your level of happiness

  • Your get-up-and-go . . .
When the energy of your altar is sluggish, it's like dragging a millstone around with you, in every aspect of your life.

You'll be swimming against the flow, and you'll feel it. You'll notice that you have to work harder than seems necessary, and for smaller gains.

This goes for any Wiccan magick that you work, limiting its effectiveness.

But surprisingly, it affects every aspect of your mundane life too. Your work life, your love life, your emotional well-being, even your physical health become clogged and unpleasant when your altar energy is sluggish.

But when a Wiccan altar is freshly charged up, it's like tying on a booster rocket!

How Can A Wiccan Altar Improve Your Life?

No one can say exactly how it works. But it's easy enough to verify that it does. Try it yourself.

But personally I believe it's because when your Wiccan altar is fresh and alive, your magickal connection with the Divine is much clearer.

Higher energies then work through you, and your life falls into place. Effortless then becomes an experience rather than a neat idea.Once your spirit is connected with its Source and your soul is nurtured, things naturally smooth out.

When you are working with your own evolution, life doesn't need to keep spurring you on through trials and suffering.

With Bright Blessings,

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