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Getting started with Wiccan tools, ritual supplies, and spell-casting stuff is easy. You just need to know:

  • Where to find them,

  • How to make them,

  • How to choose which one you need, and

  • How to treat them as you get them.

Let's start at the top . . .

Getting Started With Wiccan Tools Sources

There are 3 main sources for Wiccan tools . . .

But before you buy, make, gather, or choose, do this first step . . .

The First Step In Finding Wiccan Tools

The first step in finding ritual supplies, though, is putting out A Call.

Choose exactly what you need. And then let the Universe know you want it, by casting a spell, or visualising, or praying for it.

Then the hard part . . .

Be patient. It will come.

Buying Wiccan Stuff

Many New Age shops and alternative bookstores carry Wiccan tools, so they are good places to get started.

You might find ritual supplies in regular stores, as well. A good place to look for an athame is a knife store. For a chalice, glass-wear, silver, or pottery shops have nice selections.

And there are plenty of resources online. I've selected special items especially for beginners, which you can find at the Wicca Spirituality store.

Buying From Other Witches

You may also be able to buy Wiccan stuff from a witch who no longer needs it — probably because she's found a fabulous new one.

This might be preferable, especially if you know that it was made with sacred intent. But avoid buying anything you think may have been used for harm — that energy may be very difficult to clear out.

Wiccan Tools From Other Wiccans

Where do you find witches selling altar items? Well, these days, probably eBay.

Also, people you circle with may have Wiccan tools they are ready to pass on, or they might know of others who do.

Check with any witches you chat with. Let them know what you need. You'd be amazed what can come down the pike . . .

Making Your Own Wiccan Tools

You can "make" a chalice from any cup or bowl.

It may be as simple as consecrating it, or you may paint symbols or runes on it first. Or if you really like to go all out, you could throw the clay or blow the glass yourself.

The point is, it doesn't need to be difficult to make your own Wiccan tools. Sometimes it's as easy as designating a new use for an old item.

Still, it helps to bring sacred intent to the making of Wiccan tools. Don't mindlessly paint spirals while watching sitcoms.

When you are making something for magick, put magick into its making.

Start By Making Magick

Gather the materials mindfully and respectfully. Give thanks for them.

Cast a circle, and have a clear intention for the Power you want the object to have. Put as much of that into it as you can. Breathe your spirit into it. And ask your deities to do so too.

When you've made a really magickal item, you'll know. It's wonderful! It feels less like arts and crafts, and more like giving birth.

You will feel its life, its consciousness. Welcome it! Bless it. Thank its spirit for coming to you.

(Now remember that you've brought a being into the world, and it is dependent on you for its care and its affection. Don't let it down, and it won't let you down.)

After You've Found Your Wiccan Tools

Now that you have your sacred objects, other issues arise . . .

  • What do you need to do with your Wiccan tools once you've got them? How do you purify and consecrate a sacred object?

  • Does it matter how you store your Wiccan stuff? If they hold magickal energy or spiritual value, is it okay to just stuff them in a box when not using them?

  • And what do you do when you're done with ritual tools? It doesn't feel right to toss them in the trash . . .

Taking responsibility for your Wiccan tools is a little like having a baby. It entails certain responsibility for care.

See The Care & Feeding Of Your Wicca Altar for more on this.

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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