Wicca Jewelry For the Power Centers of the Body

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Wicca jewelry is typically worn on the Power Centers of the body.

What are "Power Centers"? They are key energy points that link the physical body to the spiritual or energetic realm. Chakras are examples of some Power Centres.

Jewelry at these points serves both to bring focus to these areas and to stimulate them — so the Power there can be accessed and increased. Wicca jewelry thus activates and enhances the Power Centers of the body.

For information on how Wiccan and pagan jewelry are magickal, and how to find it, see this article.

Gem Stones, Metals, & Colours in Wicca Jewelry

Especially powerful is the use of appropriate colours, gem stones, and metals in pagan jewelry.

Specific Gem Stones, for instance, each have their own power.

Putting the right one in the right Power Centre can increase that Power.

And putting the wrong one in can give you headaches — literal and figurative.

Like Diamonds, which amplify thought and emotions. . . both positive and negative, gem stones should be chosen with conscious awareness.

Wicca Jewelry For The Major Power Centers Are . . .

  • Circlet. A circular band of metal — usually gold or silver — worn about the head and forehead. It often has a focal point — a gem or Wicca symbol — at the third eye. May be used to increase psychic or intuitive power.

  • Coronet. A circle — usually of flowers — worn around the crown of the head, over the hair. Can clarify the channel from the Divine to the Witch.

  • Necklace. A chain or string with a symbolic pendant that often rests at the heart center. Can focus particular energies that you wish to bring into yourself.

  • Waistlet. A strand of any material that encircles the waist, often with a meaningful pendant hanging from it to lay above the womb center. Honours the Divine Within, especially the Goddess.

Wicca Jewelry For Other Power Sites

  • Anklet. Any ornamentation worn about the ankle. Often jingling or tinkling with bells. Reminders that every step is sacred.

  • Bracelet. (Wristlet.) Any ornamentation worn about the wrist. Reminders that all your actions can be offered to the Divine.

  • Earrings. Pendants or rings worn on the ears, either clasped or pierced, that you may hear Truth with the inner ear.

    (Caution: when choosing extra piercings, be advised that there are several major acupuncture points around the ear. Placement should be precise. . . generally it is best to avoid these points.)

  • Finger rings. The most common jewelry: rings designed for fingers. Especially powerful are rings worn on the heart (third) finger and creation (index) finger. (Others are judgement/restraint finger-middle — and communication finger — pinkie.) Enhances the power of the finger.

  • Necklet. A rigid or close-fitting band around the neck. Opening the channel of Divine speech, and possibly joy.

  • Thumb rings. Rings worn on the thumb. Since the thumb is a powerful energy center, rings worn here may hold more power than on other fingers. Empowers Divine Will in your life. (But can also be awkward in everyday use.)

New (for the West) Wicca Jewelry

These are body adornments that are quite new in the Western world. They have found wide acceptance in alternative circles, like Wicca and Neopaganism.

Not all witches use these, by any means. But you're likely to see them at any public ritual.

  • Bellybutton jewels. Rings or studs for pierced bellybuttons, or jewels worn loose or spirit-gummed into the navel. Honours Divine Mother and sacred sensuality.

  • Bindis. Originally Indian adornment, now widely adopted in Wiccan society, worn at or near the third eye. Reminders of the Sacred Essence of each person.

  • Henna Tattoos. (Mendhi.) Originally Indian art of using henna to create lasting but temporary designs of a sacred nature on the body. Traditionally favoured on hands, feet, and face. Power depends on design used and intention set.

  • Nose rings. Rings or studs worn in a nose piercing.

  • Tattoos. Tattoos with various spiritual symbols and designs have become commonplace in pagan circles. They are often worn on the power sites. A particular favourite has been the sacrum. Tattoos should be chosen with great care, and the more potent the site, the more care must be taken. They will influence the energy field of your body for life.

  • Toe rings. Open, adjustable rings sized for toes. Useful for grounding, and remembering the sacredness of the Earth life.

  • Other body ornaments. These days just about anything may be pierced and decorated. If it is done with clear intention and symbolic meaning or Power, it can be sacred jewelry.

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