The Power of the Moon

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The power of the Moon in Wicca cannot be overstated.

The Moon is our closest celestial neighbour. Although it is so much smaller than the sun, and gives much less light, it strongly affects the Earth. In terms of gravitational force, this small satellite exerts two and a half times the gravitational pull of the sun.

The Moon's powerful pull influences on every living thing on our planet.

It creates tides on every scale. Not just the oceanic tides with which we are all familiar. There are in fact five tides of the Moon.

And these lunar influences are a vital factor in the Earth's ability to support life. Wisely is she hailed as Grandmother Moon, because without the Moon, life probably never could have evolved here.

To Wiccans, and many other religions, the Moon represents the Female aspect of Divinity, embodying the qualities we associate with Yin: fluidity, ever-changing yet eternal, bringing life, shining brightly yet softly, holding many mysteries.

Thus the Moon is seen as Goddess — the Feminine Face of God.

From this awesome creative power comes the Moon's influence on Wiccan philosophy, and especially Wiccan magick.

What is the Correlation between the Moon and Magick?

The Moon phases create energies that affect us perhaps as much as its gravitational pull does. So understanding the phases of the Moon becomes crucial in working magick.

In fact, the Moon's power to affect all living beings is astounding, even though it is barely acknowledged, even by many Pagans. Take a look at these surprising examples of the Full Moon's effects on people and other creatures.

So the Moon in Wicca religion holds a very special place of honour.

The articles in this section will explore the Moon's influence on the Earth and on Witchcraft. See the links below, or click on the arrow button to go to the next article in this series.

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