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There are spiritual practices, and then there are Wicca practices.

What's the difference? Not that much. There are two reasons I categorize these as distinctly Wiccan spiritual practices ...
  1. They are done more within Wicca than within other traditions, and/or
  2. They are particularly important skills for Wiccans.

So what skills do Wiccans need and use?

Well, magick leaps to mind!

In fact, magick is so important in Wicca that it has its own section on this website, appropriately titled Wicca Magick.

Working with altars and ritual tools are also especially important, and have their own section.

In this section here, we'll look at specific mental and spiritual power tools that Wiccans use. First, ones that develop skills necessary to the practice of Wicca. Second, practices that are specifically used by Wiccans.

Practices That Develop Important Wiccan Skills

Dream work, for instance. Dream analysis and interpretation is something many Wiccans gravitate towards naturally.

And with good reason! Dream work helps you develop skills needed for communicating with the Divine, and working between the worlds.

Another important Wiccan magickal practice is Creative Visualization.

This is the technique by which you can re-shape reality to match your intention. Without visualization, you can't hardly practice Wicca at all.

And lest you fear that this is a skill impossible for you to do, be sure to check out the article, So You Think You Can't Visualize?

There's plenty in the pages that follow that can teach anyone how to visualize.

And while we're at it, what about meditation? Do Wiccans meditate? Why and how?

Meditation is certainly a critical Wiccan skill. See this article on Wicca Meditation to learn more.

Practices Specific To Wicca

Drawing Down The Moon is common to much of Wicca practice. Yet every Witch seems to have her own way of doing it!

This is to be expected, really. Drawing Down The Moon is invoking the actual Essence of the Goddess within yourself. What could be more personal?

Originally the phrase "Drawing Down The Moon" was used in Gardnerian Wicca to mean a rite in which the High Priestess would invoke the Goddess within herself. For the duration of the Wiccan ritual, she would be the Goddess.

In Wicca Spirituality, invoking the Goddess Within is the prerogative -- and duty -- of every Witch. And it can be practiced at any time. In order to do ritual, or within ritual, or whenever you greet the Moon. . . .

Since the ultimate goal is complete embodiment of the Goddess Within each human being, Drawing Down The Moon can't be done too often.

The practice of meeting the Goddess Within is not solely found in Wicca, although there are very few other traditions that practice it. But Wicca is the only one that invokes the Goddess Within draws down the Moon (at least, that I know of).

As a counterpart, some Wiccans also practice Drawing Down The Sun, invoking the God Within. In fact, I think most people practice this one, though without conscious realisation.

Any time you soak up the joyful warmth of the Sun, you are taking His blessings within yourself.

Divination, while not exclusive to Witches, is certainly a very common Wiccan spiritual practice. And a critical one. Ongoing divination keeps an open channel of communication with the Divine. Without that, Wicca becomes simply a religion, devoid of spiritual vitality.

Most Witches these days mainly use Tarot, Runes, Astrology, Pendulums, and/or Palmistry divination techniques.

Some Witches scry, that is, peer into the potential future. There are many possible scrying tools, the most famous of which is the crystal ball. You can also scry into a cup of wine or bowl of water, or clouds, or virtually anything you choose.

But scrying is not for everyone. It's a practice that is suited to those with strong psychic skills, while Tarot etc are easily used by those without psychic skills at all. (And they help develop those skills, with practice.)

And of course Grounding Technique is basic to almost all Wiccan practice. It's the foundation of all magick and ritual.

We could almost say that Grounding is Wicca. It's the means by which you stay connected with the Temple of your body and the sacred Earth. It's another method of connecting with the Goddess Within.

In my favourite grounding meditation, you ground not only through the Earth but through the Sky, filling yourself with the Energy of both, so that you become a conduit for Divine Power.

It's only once that connection is strong and clear that any witchy work can happen!

So check out these articles linked below, which explain and give detailed instructions on these Wicca practices.

And remember, the single most important thing about any spiritual practice is that . . . It must be practiced!

Otherwise, it doesn't do you a speck of good!

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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