The Full Moon's Effects

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The Full Moon's effects on the biology of living organisms, including people, are very odd indeed. And the range of its effects is very great.

When you consider the astonishing power of the Moon on the 5 tides, this influence is understandable.

Even so, it's amazing to realize the power of the Moon on humans and other living beings, that goes almost completely unnoticed!

To remedy this cultural blindness, I have compiled a list of effects of the power of the Full Moon.

(If you know of anything I've missed, please email me the details, with the research or corroborating evidence if possible.)

Full Moon & Biology

These are documented influences of the Full Moon on living beings . . .

  • Triggers many natural rhythms and breeding cycles.

  • Herbivores and humans ovulate around the Full Moon.

  • The height of the deer rutting season occurs around two full moons.

  • Coral mates at the full moon.

  • Migratory Birds appear to follow the patterns of the moon for timing and finding their path of migration.

  • Game birds tend to return to certain locations at the time of the Hunter's Moon.

  • Bears, caribou, and salmon move at the Full Moon.

  • Vets & dog trainers note that animals are more restless and unruly during a Full Moon.

  • Oysters are sensitive to the cycle of the Moon and not simply the movement of the tide.

  • Auto accidents rise 14 %.

  • Women who have already had children are likely to give birth on the day of the Full Moon.

  • Menstruation peaks most often on the evening before New Moon, even with the interference of modern lighting.

  • The full moon amplifies the electrical charge in living cells.

Full Moon's Effects on Emotions & Health

There is an ancient awareness of the Full Moon's effects on mental and emotional balance.

This awareness gives us the words lunatic, lunacy, and loony . . . all derived from the Latin word Luna, the Goddess of the Moon.

In Britain, the problem was apparently so widespread that they created the 1824 Lunacy Act, which stated that people were liable to go mad when the Moon was full.

This "lunacy" strikes in different ways.

Here is a list of some of the Full Moon's effects on humans that have been documented. . .

  • Hospital accident and emergency units see about 10% more patients

  • Significant increase in visits to medical practices for consultations after the full moon

  • Increase in epileptic seizures, bleeding ulcers, and hemorrhaging

  • Dramatic rise in admissions to psychiatric hospitals

  • Higher number of mental patients become highly disturbed

  • The Full Moon adversely affects patient behavior.

  • Airline passengers create more incidents

  • Crimes of violence increase at the full moon

  • Murders — many apparently motiveless - triple

  • Arson attacks increase by 100%

  • Suicide rates increase

  • Alcohol consumption rises at the start and end of the lunar cycle.

  • More drunk drivers, more crashes and more hangovers.

  • Ovulation — and sexual desire — peak with the Full Moon.

  • Emotional bio-rhythms cycle ties in with the 28 day lunar cycle.

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erin Dragonsong

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