How to Dialogue with the Divine
and Interpret Divine Guidance

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Want to have a personal dialogue with the Divine? This is a way to access the guidance of the Divine and the Teacher Within.

The good news is, you are always receiving messages and guidance from the Divine!

The best news is, you can develop this communication so that you are always in contact with the Divine, and guided to the best possible path.

All you need to do is . . .

  1. Notice it, and

  2. Learn to understand it.

That's what this article is here to help you with.

How to Dialogue with the Divine

You can use this method to . . .

  • Interpret dream symbols, mandalas, etc.
  • Understand the meaning of events in your life
  • Get guidance on a decision
  • Clarify the results of divination, like an ambiguous tarot reading
  • Develop your personal relationship with the Divine
You see, the Divine is always communicating with you. Every dream is a letter from the Divine.

Not only that!

Every single event that occurs in your life is a message from the Divine!

For instance, say . . .

  • A butterfly lands on your shoulder.

  • A cougar crosses the road in front of your car, and makes electric eye contact with you.

  • A skunk sets up housekeeping in your basement.

  • You drop your grandmother's vase and it smashes. Or it bounces.

  • You get fired from a job.

  • You win a lottery.

  • You run into a friend you haven't seen for years.

  • You need something, and someone shows up with exactly what you need.

  • You dream of an airplane, or a person, or dog....

  • You contract an illness or injure yourself in an accident.

In every case — in every imaginable case — the Divine has just sent you a message.

Nothing happens that is not a communication from the Divine, or your Deepest Self.

Every single thing that happens is a symbol ... that is, a message written in the mother tongue of the Divine.

(This is the basis of Karma Yoga.)

So, now that you know what to look for, you need to be able to pierce through the symbolism to discover the meaning of this communication.

Here's how it works.

Write It Down

Dialoguing with the Divine is best done through writing. You may be tempted to take the easy way, and just visualize the communication. Indeed, if you are following a guided visualization, you will go through the entire process within the screen of your mind.

But for other purposes, you'll get better results if you write it down. Apply some discipline, and you'll find out what you really need to know.

This is especially welcome if you have any difficulty visualizing. You don't need to, with this method!

So bring your journal or Book of Shadows along.

Witch Tip

If you think you might want to burn the dialogue after, either as an offering or spell, or for privacy reasons — then write on a loose sheet of paper. You can always paste it into your book later, if you choose.

Begin In Proper State of Consciousness

To start your dialogue, it's best to enter a meditative state of consciousness. This enables you to more clearly perceive the Divine's intention.

Do whatever you need to shift your consciousness. Even a couple of minutes chanting OM will put you into the right mindset.

A Meeting

Bring to mind the being or object or event that you wish to communicate with. Imagine them or it right in front of you, on the screen of your mind.

It doesn't matter how clearly you can picture this. There's more than one way to visualize! You may simply have a sense of it standing before you, and that's just fine.

Request an Audience

It is vitally important to remember that whatever it is you are dialoguing with, whether an animal or an inanimate object or your Deepest Self, you are being granted a favour.

You must approach with an attitude of respect and gratitude.

So always begin by greeting them politely, and asking if they are willing to talk with you.

(If you ever get "no" as an answer, I'd dialogue with that incident! It would be very informative!)

Use Both Hands

As you dialogue, write your questions and comments with your dominant hand. That's usually the right hand.

Write the answers you receive with your non-dominant hand.

If you find it too awkward, you can skip this. The reason I suggest it is because using your non-dominant hand bypasses your conscious mind somewhat, allowing the messages to come through with less filtering.

Begin the Dialogue

Now just go through a conversation as you would with any respected friend or mentor.

I often "invite the Goddess to tea," for example. Sometimes I have questions, or I want to understand something that's happened. But sometimes it's just a friendly get-together, and an opportunity to learn what I need to know.

(This is called

learning through joy

, rather than learning through pain. It's accomplished by actively pursuing your spiritual growth rather than waiting for the "spiritual two-by-four" to whack you upside the head.)

This is an example of the kind of dialogue I often have with the Goddess.

Me: Hello, Divine Mother! I'm so happy to see you!

DiMa: It's always a pleasure to chat with you, too.

Me: I don't really have anything I need to talk about, today. I'm just wondering if you might have something that you'd like to tell me.

DiMa: As a matter of fact, I'm glad you invited me here today, because there is something I've been trying to get across to you. Do you remember last week, when it seemed like you were coming down with a cold? . . .

That's all there is to it!

Dialoguing with the Divine is such a satisfying practice, it's wonderful to do on a regular basis. I'm always particularly fond of spiritual practices that feel so great!

And now I've shared one of my favourite ones with you.

I wish you a lifetime of enlightening conversations!

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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