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Merry Meet, Wiccan-To-Be! Welcome to the Magick and Mystery Wicca School Online!

You want to learn how to become a Wiccan?

Or maybe you'd like to...

  • Deepen your connection to Spirit,
  • Pursue advanced levels of Wicca, or
  • Enhance your Wiccan skills?
  • Discover and live your Life’s Purpose

Well, thank goodness you've found us, because that's exactly what was created for.

Even with as much information as is given on this website, though, some people want more hands-on guidance in becoming a Wiccan, step-by-step directions, practical exercises, and a deeper understanding of Wicca.

And that's how this Wicca School got started.

There's Only One Of Me To Go Around! wicca-spirituality-winking_witch

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As the creator of, one of the top Wiccan sites on the web, I've had thousands of requests to teach and mentor Wiccans and people who want to become Wiccan.

Obviously I could never teach so many people individually!

But I want to help, so I've put together a great program to lead you through a First Degree Initiate's training... and well beyond!

It's called A Year and A Day, because this is the traditional amount of time a Wiccan is required to train before becoming initiated into Wicca.

As I was creating this course, it became clear that there was far too much to fit into one course. Some of it needed a whole course of its own, like working magick and spells, and divination, and other special Witch-school skills. And some of it was too advanced for a beginner course.

Obviously, we needed more than one course. So — the Magick & Mystery Wicca School was born!

Training Programs Available So Far...

wicca-spirituality Star Button   A Year and A Day:
53 Weeks to Becoming a Wiccan
wicca-spirituality Star Button   Discover Your Life Mission Through Your Soul GPS
wicca-spirituality Star Button   MiracleMagick™ for Mother Earth
wicca-spirituality Star Button   Mercury Retrograde Initiation Journey
wicca-spirituality Star Button   Animal Spirit Guides
wicca-spirituality Star Button   Mandala Meditation
wicca-spirituality Star Button   Other Courses To Come

53 Weeks to Becoming A Wiccan

A Year And A Day: Becoming a Wiccan  ©
When you're just starting to learn Wicca, you want a step-by-step, hands-on kind of program to show you what you need to know.

A Year and A Day:
53 Weeks to Becoming a Wiccan
is designed to give you deep insight into the hidden meanings and real power of Wicca.

This course leads you through season by season, Sabbat by Sabbat.

A sampling of the lessons include...

  • What a Book of Shadows is for, how to choose or make one, and what to do with it — SEE THIS FREE SAMPLE LESSON HERE
  • Information on every Sabbat and ritual ideas
  • Matron Goddesses and Patron Gods and how to find them
  • How to draw a pentacle, Cast a Circle, etc... and why
  • How to do your own Dedication and Initiation
  • How to do magick & ritual that really works
  • How to read Tarot and Runes, and why all Wiccans should do this
  • Create your own magickal protection
  • And lots more (for a more complete list, please see Learn Wicca For Beginners: Homestudy Course.)

The best thing about this Wicca School is that it takes Wicca out of the realm of a head-game and makes it experiential and real.

More than that, though, this is actually a transformative spiritual training. It will change your life, and your world!

It's also designed specifically to teach you how to find your own answers. This is a core part of Wicca: discovering that you can find all your answers within yourself. And gaining the skills to do so.

And of course it is loaded with the unique kind of insights and practical exercises that you've come to expect from

Find out more or sign up here: A Year and A Day: 53 Weeks to Becoming a Wiccan.

Discover Your Life Purpose
Through Your Soul GPS

Discover Your Life Purpose / Life Mission By Activating Your Intuition & Psychic Abilities to Communicate With Your Soul, Guides, Allies, and Higher Sources  ©

If you've been looking for your Life Purpose for years, getting nowhere, feeling like you're wasting your precious time on Earth, there’s a very simple reason...

Most people are looking in the absolute wrong place for their Purpose!

Quizzes, journaling, memory and history... all of these are asking your brain — your ego — what your soul’s purpose is. Of course, the ego knows nothing of that!

If you want the answer, the fastest, most efficient, and most foolproof way is to go to your soul and ask it directly! In this new masterclass, i teach you how to turn up your intuition and turn on your psychic awareness so that you can communicate with your soul — clearly, unmistakably, so you can get answers not only to this all-important vital question but to anything you need to know.

The Time is NOW!

Mother Earth is Calling

Are you going to answer? HOW?

Discover Your Life Mission Through Your Soul GPS

Meet Your Animal Spirit Guides

Totem Animals - Spirit Guides BuyButton
A Natural Connection: Discover Your Animal Spirit Guides and How They Can Help You shows you how to meet your animal spirit guides... and what to do then.

Totem Animals are teachers, mentors, guides, and friends... who come in the form of animals.

A Natural Connection was created specifically to answer the questions you most need to know about finding your true Animal Spirit Guides and accessing their powers and assistance.

This e-book gives the step-by-step process that will help you easily find your own personal Totem Animals. It works even if you have no idea how to talk to Animal Spirit Guides!

This book will teach you...

Wicca_Spirituality-blue paw print   How to communicate with trees.

Wicca_Spirituality-blue paw print   How to listen to your body to find out what it needs for optimum health, and teach it to be the way you want!

Wicca_Spirituality-blue paw print   Learn how the Divine sends you teachings and messages in all of Nature , and how to understand them

Wicca_Spirituality-blue paw print   Discover methods to engage in 2-way dialogues with the Divine, plant devas, angels, and more

Wicca_Spirituality-blue paw print   How to properly use your intuition so you can trust yourself

Wicca_Spirituality-blue paw print   Four things every beginner should know about meditation

Wicca_Spirituality-blue paw print   Information on altered states of consciousness and how to achieve them easily

Wicca_Spirituality-blue paw print   Tips on doing successful visualizations

Wicca_Spirituality-blue paw print   Discerning between needs and wants — to help you get the best results with your Animal Spirit Guide

Wicca_Spirituality-blue paw print   You will also receive, in this book, some of the best spiritual and psychic exercises for beginners from spiritual teacher Erin Dragonsong

Find out more here.

Mandala Meditation

Mandalas are a wonderful and creative way to meditate.

And the Personal Mandala Starter Kit makes it fun and easy... even if you aren't an artist!

The Personal Mandala Starter Kit e-book set is an innovative set of tools and instructions that gives you all you need to draw beautiful mandalas even if you've never drawn anything before.

You don't need to know how to draw. You don't need to know what to draw. You don't need to struggle with a collection of instruments like protractors, compasses, straight-edges, stencils, and curve rulers.

Plus the drawing and design tips give you the secrets to making it look great.

Drawing mandalas with the Personal Mandala Starter Kit is what you need if you want to...

wicca-spirituality Star Button   Be creative and make beautiful things, even if you're not an artist
wicca-spirituality Star Button   Relax and feel peaceful
wicca-spirituality Star Button   Focus and concentrate your mind
wicca-spirituality Star Button   Feed your soul with meaning and fulfillment
wicca-spirituality Star Button   Have an easy meditation and spiritual practice

And if you like colouring, it's a lot more fun colouring your own designs! Wicca-School Smilie Witch ©

Other Courses

Other courses will be added as they become available. At this time, a couple more are in progress:

  • Psychic Development
  • Magickal Manifestation & Making Miracles

If you'd like to be kept up-to-date on what's available, as well as to receive special previews and discount sales, please subscribe to eLOVEation Newsletter.

(Besides sending you lots of great information, support, tips, and tools for free, subscribers get first notice and best prices on anything has to offer!)

I hope I can help you learn everything about Wicca you wish to know!

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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