What Is Pagan Jewelry?

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Pagan jewelry is usually considered jewelry that displays Pagan symbols. For instance, anything with a pentacle on it.
Of course, it's not so cut-and-dried!

Jewelry can be much more than decoration. It can hold magickal energies. And it can be spiritual placeholders.

The material it's made of can have a certain energy. The metal, the gemstones, the colours.... Each brings its own power to the jewelry.

And beyond the object itself, there is the issue of how the jewelry is worn. Each part of the body has a unique spiritual energy. So an item worn on the toes would have a different meaning and power than one worn in the ears.

The Intention Behind The Jewels

But it isn't the type of jewelry that determines when it's worn or what it's for.

One person may wear a pentacle ring every day, and another may wear the exact same ring only for ritual. One person may wear opal as a token of the Moon, and another simply because she likes how it looks.

As with any Wicca magick, it is the intention behind the action that creates the Power.

And Power is what separates pagan jewelry from the ordinary kind.

This article will explore the kinds of Wiccan and Pagan jewelry, the Power Centres they are worn at, and the purpose of wearing them.

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Since Wicca is a subset of Paganism, this article deals with pagan jewelry in general. For specific information on Wiccan jewelry, see also the next article: Wiccan Jewelry.

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The 4 Kinds of Pagan Jewelry

When we speak of Pagan jewelry, there are four different things it can mean -
  • Whatever jewelry a Pagan person wears

  • Jewelry that aids in magick work

  • Spells in wearable forms

  • Jewelry that is spiritual in intent.

The first kind is self-explanatory. If a Pagan is wearing it, it will be Pagan jewelry.

The second kind is where it starts to get interesting . . .

Magickal Jewelry

Many Pagans have jewelry for specifically sacred or magickal purposes. For example, special pendants, rings, circlets, and so on.

These items are charged with magickal power, and not worn anywhere but in sacred space - ritual, spell-casting, meditation, etc.

The purpose of magickal jewelry in Wicca is to help hold and channel Energy in order to work magick.

This is why Pagan jewelry is not worn out in the mundane world . . . That would diffuse and perhaps even contaminate its Power.

Of course, with something as diverse as Paganism and Wicca, there are always exceptions. Some may wear magickal jewelry out in the world. But for it to maintain its clarity and Power, it is likely to need frequent cleansings and renewals of energy.

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It is advisable that any ritual or sacred jewelry be purified and sanctified before use, like all ritual objects. Please see Preparing Your Wiccan Ritual Tools for more . . .

Spells & Charms

Pagans may create magick spells in the form of jewelry. Usually this would be an amulet or talisman.

One common version of spells as jewelry is a small bottle on a necklace. These can be filled with water or oil spells, or simply herbs or sacred scents. Then you carry it with you wherever you go.

These may be visible to others, in which case they are generally inconspicuous. For example, a magick spell bound to an ordinary brooch or other item that wouldn't raise any eyebrows.

This is done because it is draining on Power to be subjected to derision and judgement.

Charms that would attract unwelcome attention, then, are secreted away where prying eyes will not see them. This helps to maintain their Power.

Sacred Jewelry

Other sacred jewelry can be worn at all times - ritual and ordinary life.

These serve to remind you of things you tend to forget as you go about your daily routine . . . like your ideals, or the Divine.

And it doesn't need to be anything overtly Pagan. If it has personal, spiritual meaning to you, it is Pagan jewelry. A conventional diamond necklace can carry symbolic meaning, and so be Pagan jewelry.

Sacred jewelry serves as a reminder. As many saints have proclaimed, human beings aren't bad, we are just forgetful. We forget what's important to us, we forget the Divine, we even forget Who we really Are.

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The Purpose Of Sacred Jewelry

So wearing Pagan jewelry - or any jewelry - can fill several spiritual purposes . . .

  • Reminders of the Divine. A special ring can help you become aware of the Divine in every moment.

  • Invoking the Divine. You might wear a token of the Divine that is particularly special to Her. For example, moonstone and pearl are favoured by the Moon. Wearing one draws Her happy attention, and Her blessings.

  • Awareness of our own Divinity and the power we hold. A well-chosen piece of jewelry can be worn like a piece of string tied around a finger: remember, remember, remember Who you really Are!

  • Awareness of the body as Temple. Your physical container in this world is the Goddess' holy Temple. Adorning this Shrine with beauty is a wonderful way of celebrating that.

  • Reminder that the body is a sacred instrument. Decorating a part of your body can help remind you of its sacred purpose.

  • Invoking certain energies or powers. Amulets, talismans, and charms hold powers of protection or other spells. And wearing gemstones, colours, or symbols will draw those energies to you.

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This article continues, with information on . . .

  • Jewelry for the Power Centres of the body,

  • Traditional Wiccan jewelry (and modern too),

  • Where to find Wiccan and Pagan jewelry.

  • How to purify and sanctify Wiccan jewelry.

With Bright Blessings,

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