Energy Working:
Activate the
Power In Your Hands !

Become An Energy Worker Now
For Fun & (Physical) Profit! 😊

Everyone has the ability to do energy work for self and loved ones --
you may already be using it without knowing!

There are ways to hone this innate ability and get better results, though.
(This is the difference between letting a 16-year old drive your car by instinct alone  😱
or giving them the necessary information and training first!)

Also, you need to know when faced with something that you shouldn't work with, and
it's vitally important to keep yourself safe when helping others.

These 3 skills are precisely what this workshop is here to teach you.

You will practice these techniques in the class AND experience them for yourself!

You can use the magick of energy work through your hands
and get results that make a world of difference!


This powerful tool helps with...

  • emotional issues like anxiety, grief, and depression
  • physical issues including pain, constipation / diarrhea, and infirmity
  • psychological issues such as trauma, self-sabotage, and stuck patterns
  • even spiritual issues like despair, isolation, and low self-worth!

 Now you can learn directly from erin Dragonsong,
leading Pagan teacher, thought leader, & founder of Wicca Spirituality,

live on Zoom...

Sunday February 27

10 am Pacific Time
( 1 pm EST, 6 pm GMT )

Simple, Do-Able Energy Work
for Body, Mind, Heart, & Soul

Discover and PRACTICE how YOU can use the power of your hands...

  • 1 tiny tweak that boosts your power 3x or more!
  • The secret to hand positioning -- Do's and Don'ts
  • How you can use this for self and others
  • Knowing when using this powerful technique is karmically allowed or prohibited
  • Conditions that you must avoid sending energy to, or you could inadvertently make them worse
  • What professionals do when they "can't feel it"
  • What science proves about the power and reality of this technique
  • How hands-on technique is different from energy work (and why this is vital)
  • How to know if you can or can't do this kind of energy work
  • 5 signs that it's working
  • 1 sign that means you must stop immediately
  • The biggest benefit to engaging your own spiritual powers to help your body and others
  • How to get started with your first session today!
  • The critical check-list to use
  • The top 3 mistakes to avoid when starting out
  • What NEVER to do when starting a session
  • What this startling reaction to the process really means
  • How to generate and know the energy is flowing
  • What you can use to guide the energy (and how you may be sending it the wrong way without this awareness)
  • The essential source of power for greater results
  • How to feel the energy (or to know if you're just imagining it)
  • Keeping yourself safe and well (imperative if you're sensitive or an empath!)
  • Practicing this technique on yourself and others
  • Tips & tricks for getting the best results
  • Feedback specific to you and your experience
  • and more! 

Register now...

I hope to see you there!

NOTE: This is a live interactive event where you will be practicing the technique -- there will not be a replay, so please mark your calendar and set an alarm, so you can attend in person.

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With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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