Energy Protection for
Highly Sensitive People

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Okay, you've determined that you are one of the highly sensitive people, or Energy Healers — the people on the planet who can . . .

  • Sense energies,

  • Perceive things others can't,

  • Pick up information from unknown sources (psi talents),

  • Take on Energy Fields,

  • Feel the emotions of others around you, or

  • Heal through nonphysical means.

If you've read the article on The Dangers of Being an Energy Healer, you know that this also puts you at some risk.

Highly sensitive people and Energy Healers are particularly susceptible to illness of body, mind, and emotions.

It's because you are bombarded daily with energies that affect you.

And because you don't know how to keep yourself from energetic harm.

So you must take action to protect yourself!

These are not skills that our culture teaches, because our society is ignorant of energies and the needs of highly sensitive people.

It is crucial for you as a highly sensitive person to take care of yourself in the onslaught of these Energy Fields.

And it is vital for you as an Energy Healer to learn command of your mind.

This article will show you how.

Your First Line of Energy Defense

 Learn to Sense & Work with Energies!  A Year & A Day: 53 Weeks to Becoming a Wiccan — Find out more: Click Here   ©  © The most important thing is to realise that you're not crazy and you're not making this up.

A common experience for highly sensitive people is not being believed. Your emotions may be all over the place; you may have symptoms no doctor can figure out; you may see things no one else can see.

But thinking it's unreal only compounds the problem.

The second most important thing is that you do these things to help yourself.

Thinking about them isn't enough. It's a start... it can lead to doing them. Until you actually start living this way, though, you are flirting with danger.

Try it. Follow this program for a week, or better still a month.

Watch the difference in how you feel, and how well your life works.

Commit Yourself To Optimism

Anyone who is intelligent and aware in these "interesting times" knows that there is plenty of bad news and doomsday hints.

Add to that being extremely sensitive, and it is all too easy to fall into despair and hopelessness.

Don't do it!!

No matter how tempting, how "realistic," or how inevitable it seems, you must avoid despair as much as possible.

Despair and hopelessness are the "dark side of the Force." They will feed the forces of destruction just as fast as a coal-burning powerplant.

Especially when you are one of the highly sensitive people, someone who is closely intertwined with the earth Energy Field, you must be aware of what energy you are feeding into the world. Because every emotion you have, is a vibration that goes out to create more of itself in the world!

The Earth Energy Field cannot afford any negativity!

Stay in hope. There are lots of signs that the world is changing in a positive way, that humanity is spiritually evolving.

This is possibly the most important thing you can do for your own well-being, as well as Mother Earth's.

Become Aware Of What Is And Isn't Yours

Highly sensitive people often take on other people's energy and emotions. This is the focus of the article on Energy Fields.

The first thing is to realize a crucial truth: IT'S OFTEN NOT YOURS.

You will be feeling things, and you won't realize that it's not really your emotion, but one you've "caught" like a virus!

Set up some safeguards for yourself.

  • Put notes around the house where you are likely to be, saying: "Check it out: is this mine?"
  • You can get a buddy system with friends who tends to be in sync with the energies. Check in every morning to see if you are having similar experiences.
  • Read the Energy Barometer articles in the Silver Chalice Wiccan E-Zine and notices in the Blog.
It is such a relief to realize it's not you! It's not that you are messed up or crazy. It's just that you've picked up an Energy Field, like a virus.

That is so easy to forget, especially while it's happening!

What a weight off!

Feeling this relief alone is worth the little trouble of a few daily practices.

Once you realize it's not yours, you can take appropriate action to help yourself, like these below. You will feel a lot better.

Do Your Emotional Work

Sometimes those feelings are yours. Awareness is necessary. You can't avoid your own issues by blaming everything on Energy Fields.

Unpleasant, "negative" emotions are flags that something is wrong.

However, most people think it means that something is wrong in their life...

  • I'm angry because I didn't get that job.
  • I'm sad because he's not treating me nice.
  • I'm worried because I don't know what will happen.

This is a delusion.

Negative emotions signal that something is going awry inside your mind. It is your thoughts that are messed up, not anything outside you.

When you have negative emotions, it's a signal that you are telling yourself faulty ideas. You're thinking in the wrong direction. You're thinking you are separate from the Divine, an isolated individual, a human who is alive now and can die.

Take command of your thoughts.

Transform thoughts and beliefs that make you feel less happy for ones that make you feel more happy.

(Abraham-Hicks is the best guidebook on how to do that. Check out the book review: Ask and It Is Given.)

This obviously means that repressing your emotions, stuffing them down inside you is not going to help. All that does is bury the problem. It's like disguising an infected finger by wearing gloves.

Not only does the problem escalate, when it's shoved into the subconscious, but you also deny yourself one of the best tools the Divine has ever given you!

You must learn to understand what you are feeling, why you are feeling it, and what thoughts are creating those emotions.

And then you must learn how to transform those emotions into what Swami Radha calls "refined feelings." That is, feelings more aligned with Truth, with the Divine.

Because dwelling on those negative emotions is possibly even more harmful than repressing them!

As Wayne Dyer says, in How to Get What You Really Want, "To the extent that you dwell on negative emotions you will attract that in your life."

An excellent resource for learning how to recognise and transform your emotions is Non-Violent Communication, started by Marshall Rosenberg.

Take Care of Your Physical Self

Much of the danger to highly sensitive people and Energy Healers can be averted by simple good health.

Highly sensitive people and Energy Healers are more porous, more susceptible to negative energy when tired, weak, or ill. So anything you can do to promote your best health will protect you on an energy level.

Those basics are:

  • Regular healthy meals: organic, well-rounded, less-processed,
  • Regular aerobic exercise and gentle stretching,
  • Plenty of sleep,
  • Mid-day relaxation,
  • Meditation and plenty of quiet time to yourself,
  • Water! Lots and lots of pure water (Water also absorbs and flushes negativity).

Minimize Negative Inputs

Everything has an energy. As Dr. David Hawkins writes, in Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, everything you come in contact with is giving off vibrations — music, books, tv shows, everything. Those vibrations reflect the energy of the person who made them, at the time of its creation.

And we pick up these emotions, when we are exposed to those things.

Highly sensitive people in particular are vulnerable to taking on these energies in our own bodies.

For that reason, IT IS VITAL to be conscious of what you are exposed to.


  • News in any form,
  • TV shows (excluding Public Television),
  • Music that is less than inspiring,
  • Movies that produce anything other than feelings of joy, hope, peace, and love,
  • Books and magazines aimed at stimulating fear, anger, greed, competition, self-rejection, etc.,

  • Gossip (talking about other people, even if what you're saying is complimentary),
  • Negative people.

In short, stay away from anything that makes you feel less than harmonious.

The hardest one to avoid is often negative people, especially in the beginning. You've probably got some in your life, and you may not want to exclude them. (This can include friends, co-workers, family, even pets.)

Just be aware that the more of these things you let into your life, the more you will be saturated with negative energy, and the more work you will need to do simply to maintain equilibrium. (See Discharging Negative Energy, below.)

As Wayne Dyer says, "Some people exude negative energy because of their lifestyle, friends, and thinking habits. They could be sending it out all the time or just part of the time. To the degree that you are sensitive and porous, being around these people will actually make you sick." (How to Get What You Really, Really Want)

Other people can get away with exposing themselves to all kinds of toxic energy. (Or, actually, they just don't notice the effects as much.)

But highly sensitive people ingest toxic energies at their own risk!

Once you start reducing the amount of negative energy you take in, you will notice immediately when something has a bad energy. And you will feel much better when you limit your exposure!

Maximize Positive Inputs

Reducing toxic energy is only half the process. It's like giving up eating high-fat, highly-processed fast-foods. You still need to eat food that is good for you.

Immerse yourself in positive thoughts, and allow yourself to really FEEL good. This is one of the best things highly sensitive people can do for themselves.

Give yourself inspiring, uplifting entertainment...

  • Read inspirational books,
  • Listen to uplifting CDs,
  • Watch motivating DVDs,
  • Spend a lot of time with nature and animals,
  • Take meditation retreats,
  • Sing spiritual songs and mantras all day long,
  • Do fun, nurturing things like drawing mandalas, writing poetry, baking pastries... whatever inspires you and makes you feel glad to be alive,
  • Be in silence for at least 20 minutes every single day.

The most important moments are when you are tired and near sleep, or just waking up.

No matter what else you do, use these moments at the threshold of consciousness to think of positive things, and generate positive energy in yourself.

This may be the most important thing highly sensitive people can do for themselves.

Feng Shui First Aid

A little feng shui can do highly sensitive people a lot of good!

The basics of feng shui to be aware of in this situation are...

  • Keep things both clean and tidy.
  • Avoid clutter!
  • Keep things working properly — fix things that are broken or not working well.
  • Avoid clutter!
  • Keep plenty of real plants and water around.
  • Avoid clutter!

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Part 2 of Energy Protection for Highly Sensitive People

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