Divine Mother Prayer Dance

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The Divine Mother Prayer Dance is a ritual dance that was created especially for Swami Radha, of Yasodhara Ashram.

In her secular life, Swami Radha was a renowned professional dancer. This is a skill she turned to devotion as sacred dance to the Divine.

The dance is performed with Mudras - that is, sacred and meaningful gestures of the body. Unfortunately, these are very difficult to explain in written form. If you'd like to learn the Divine Mother Prayer Dance mudras, it is taught through Radha Centres and Yasodhara Ashram. (Links open in new windows.)

But even when recited without the dance, the Divine Mother Prayer has incredible potential to reconnect you with the Goddess Within.

I recommend saying or dancing it several times in a row, before beginning your day.

This is the short form of the Divine Mother Prayer. There is a longer version, below, that invokes the Goddess in four of Her many forms, and expands the devotional part.

Divine Mother Prayer

O Divine Mother

May all my speech and idle talk be mantra

All actions of my hands be mudra

All eating and drinking be the offerings

of oblations unto Thee

All lying down prostrations before Thee

May all pleasures be as dedicating my entire self unto Thee

May everything I do be taken as Thy worship

O Divine Mother

Divine Mother Prayer Dance (The Whole Thing)

O Divine Mother In the form of Annapurna, the giver of food, we worship Thee.

May we ever be grateful for the nourishment of the teachings...

In the form of Lakshmi, you hold the Lotus of Higher Consciousness, which is rooted in the mud of earthy existence.

Bless me...

As Durga, seated on the Lion's throne, you courageously slew the buffalo-headed demon of egoism and pride.

Though you are fierce, yet we need not fear you. You seek only to liberate us from selfish ignorance...

As the Goddess Saraswati, you play the Veena, and inspire us with the heavenly lure of Divine Inspiration.

Goddess of Wisdom, come to me.

O Divine Mother

May all my speech and idle talk be mantra

All actions of my hands be mudra

I place down the Siva Linga, and pick up rose petals for my worship.

I scatter the petals in gratitude for thy Divine Abundance.

Placing down the flower basket, I lift up the sacred lamp.

I shine it in all directions, ever seeking a vision of Thee.

Placing down the lamp I pick up the sacred bell.

May it ring clear and dispel all gloom and negativity.

May I ever hear your call.

Please accept my offerings.

May all eating and drinking be the offering of oblations unto Thee.

All lying down prostrations before Thee.

May all pleasures be as offering my entire self unto Thee,

May everything I do be taken as Thy worship.

O Divine Mother.

How to Pray with the Divine Mother Prayer Dance

When praying to Divine Mother, this prayer dance is a powerful expression of devotion. You are using your body, your mind, your breath, your heart . . . all in a harmony of celebration.

Every aspect of that is a gift from Divine Mother, and when you show Her this prayer dance, She receives not only the gift of your prayer, but the understanding that you value these wonderful gifts.

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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