Beyond Gods and Goddesses . . .
One Ocean, Many Streams

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There is only one Source.

All Gods and Goddesses are themselves smaller pieces of the ultimate Divine Creative Source Of All.

The Gods and Goddesses - and you yourself - are all sparks from the Fire of All That Is.

Why do we break them up into a rainbow of deities? They're easier to handle in bite-size bits!

It's easier to worship a Deity you can relate to.

The Evolution of Divinity

This is why the world starts out with Mother Goddesses and Father Gods. In the childhood of our species, it is to these that we can most easily relate.

Then as we mature, various other aspects of Divinity take forms. Peer-type Gods and Goddesses that reflect the ideal adult self.

And some day, in our full spiritual maturity, we will go beyond the need to break down the Divine at all.

We can begin to worship the One, the Creative Essence, the Light which is ALL.

One Source, Many Aspects

And then in the final stage, for which even Light is a metaphor, we experience the Divine directly, beyond anything our senses can identify. Certainly far beyond what words can express!

Worship of the Light is the practice that prepares us for this ultimate knowing of the Divine.

This is the value of meditating upon a candle flame, or visualising yourself IN and AS Light.

The Light is also Love. It is Ecstasy. It is harmonious Peace. You can visualize yourself in and AS any of these qualities, with exactly the same results.

These are some of the primary qualities of the Divine Source.

In the same way that sound is vibration, and vibration is not only sound but sight and speech and thought and form . . . . Everything in existence is vibration.

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The Divine Light

Because Light is the most subtle form we can visualise, Light is often the best image of God for humans to work with.

Light is the most rarefied reflection of the Divine that we can imagine.

(This is why the Divine Light Invocation is a magickal act. When we send our visions and intentions into the Light, we program that intention into the Energy Field that is the very essence of God.

If it is compatible with the Dream of God, it will - it MUST - materialise.

If it is not, you create disharmony between yourself and the Divine, pushing Her away, decreasing your joy and love and power.)

But Light is often too subtle a form to engage our limited imagination.

So we - as humans - take one aspect, one quality of the Divine at a time. We give it a name, a gender, a mythology.

And we call it a Goddess or a God.

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The Qualities Of The Divine

These are the qualities of the Indivisible Divinity. Focusing on any one of them will take you to a level of worship that is beyond any that you can achieve by focusing on a God or Goddess.

  • Light

  • Love

  • Bliss

  • Harmony

  • Peace

  • Eternity

  • Infinity

  • All-knowing

  • Creative

  • Self-containing

  • Powerful

With Bright Blessings,

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