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You love the information on the site, and now want more?  Awesome!  :-)

This is the page that shows you all the products you can get from Wicca-Spirituality.  

These are ebooks & ecourses written by renowned teacher of Nature-based Spirituality erin Dragonsong, founder and creator of Wicca Spirituality.

And you can feel good about supporting this website, knowing that it offers so much to help the world!

Here's the advanced teaching Wicca-Spirituality has to offer...

Animal Spirit Guides e-book set

Discover the Animal Spirit Guides, Totem Animals, and Animal Messengers that walk through this life with you... what they're trying to tell you & how they can help you.

Develop your psychic and intuition skills so that you can communicate and interact with animals and nature, as well as Spirit Guides.

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Pagan Carols & Yule Songs e-book

Nature-loving, Pagan songs written to your favourite Christmas tunes. 

Sing along with holiday cheer, and celebrate your Wiccan beliefs and values.

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Mandala Starter Kit e-book set

Everything needed to learn and draw beautiful mandalas -- no artistic skill necessary!  

Mandalas are great for meditation, self-discovery, creative self-expression, and just plain fun.  If you love colouring, now you'll be able to make your own exciting mandalas to colour.

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A Year & A Day: 53 Weeks to Becoming a Wiccan
online e-course

You want to learn Wicca. But the big question is... Where do you start? 

As an experienced instructor and mentor as well as spiritual leader/seeker, I've developed this course specifically...

to walk hand-and-hand with you 
through your first year in becoming a Wiccan.

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Psychic Soul Readings & Energy Healing

Reveals underlying causes for situations in your life, but better than that...

erin Dragonsong can help you clear destructive patterns and create healthy, supportive, joyful patterns in their place! 

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