Reflection: Journalling Your Life As
Spiritual Practice

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There are few spiritual exercises as simple and profound as written Reflection: the spiritual practice of journalling.

With nothing more than a piece of paper and a pen, you can turn your everyday life into a powerful spiritual practice. What a time-saver!

Reflection accomplishes seven vital things:

  • Discovering the meaning of events in your life
  • Revealing insights about yourself
  • Resolving issues and unpleasant emotions
  • Increasing personal empowerment
  • Peaking beyond the Veil that hides the Divine from human sight
  • Charting the course of your spiritual development

Yet it's easy enough that even beginners can do it, and get great results.

Read on, to find out how to get started.

How Is Reflection Distinct From A Diary?

A diary can be many things:

  • An emotionless recounting of events or facts.
  • A place to dump whatever thoughts arise.
  • A way to relieve emotional pressure by venting all kinds of emotions.

All of these are helpful, and valuable.

Reflection offers all this, plus something more.

The Definition Of Reflection

The definition of reflection in an academic setting is a personal response to something — like a book, a question, or an experience. In other words, you write about your understanding of it, and you connect it to your own previous experiences, your observations, and things you are learning.

Sounds simple, right?

It is. Yet the benefits are vast.

Reflection creates a new, habitual perspective, which transforms mundane experiences and transcends the ego.

Thus it develops your ability to perceive Divinity: your divinity, others' divinity, and the divinity of life on the Earth.

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