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What is the Wheel of the Year, or Wiccan holidays, for those in the Southern Hemisphere?

It gets a little tricky, since Wicca was created in the Northern Hemisphere. Since it's a nature religion, an Earth religion, this makes a big difference.

After all, a Midsummer ritual in the North happens in June.

In the South, though, this is midwinter!

So what does a Southern Witch do?

The Controversy

There are two schools of thought.

  1. One viewpoint is that the Sabbats should be celebrated as they were originally created to be... in other words, Samhain is Oct 31, regardless of where you live.

    In the Southern Hemisphere, even though you are just gearing up to summer on Oct 31, this perspective says that you celebrate the cleansing and releasing, the honouring of the dead just as you would if you lived in the Northern Hemisphere.

  2. The other viewpoint is that Wicca is a nature religion which must, if it is to be alive and not merely dogmatic procedure, fit your own circumstances.

    So this perspective says that when the Southern Hemisphere is gearing up for spring, you would celebrate Wiccan rituals of Spring. Regardless of what Northern Witches are doing.

Be True To Yourself

Since the only Law of Wicca (the Wiccan Rede) is to "do as ye will, an it harm none," it's really up to you to decide how you want to celebrate the Sabbats.

My personal opinion is that it can't be real or meaningful if the Wiccan Wheel of the Year violates your own experience.

Not to mention... every season has its own energy. When you work in harmony with that energy, you increase the power of your ritual. Working in contrast to it, naturally, decreases the flow.

And this is the way most Southern Wiccans have rituals: in accord with their own natural seasons.

So if you'd like a Southern version of the Wiccan Wheel of the Year, here it is...

Major Wiccan Holidays for the Southern Hemisphere

Witch Tip Please note that this is for the Southern Hemisphere. See also Wiccan Holidays for the Northern Hemisphere.



Samhain   Hallowe'en 15° Taurus    May 1 Pagan New Year, Honouring the Dead, Cleansing and releasing
Yule   Christmas Winter Solstice ~ Jun 21 Rebirth, Life triumphs over death
Bridgid Imbolc Candlemas 15° Leo    Aug 1 Purification, Initiation, Dedication
Eostara Lady Day Easter Spring Equinox ~ Sep 21 Conception, Regeneration, New Beginnings
Beltane May Day May Day 15° Scorpio    Oct 31 Passion that fuels Life, Joy, Fertility
Litha Midsummer   Summer Solstice ~ Dec 21 Transition, Planning
Lammas Lughnasadh First Harvest 15° Aquarius    Feb 2 Gratitude, Abundance, Fruition
Mabon   Thanksgiving (Second Harvest) Autumn Equinox ~ Mar 21 Giving thanks, Reflection

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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