Make Miracle Magick
In Your Life!

Who hasn't wished for a magick wand, a fairy godmother, or the three wishes of a genie?

We all have places in our lives where we want something different, something better! 

If you're here on this site, you've probably tried (or wanted to try) MAGICK... or manifestation, Law of Attraction, affirmations, intentions, prayers....  That's one of the great things about Wicca -- it helps you learn to manifest more of what you want in life... and banish what you don't want.

However, you've probably found that, unfortunately, it's not as easy as it looks in Disney movies!

It can be incredibly frustrating to try and try to achieve your desires, with real-world actions AND with magick, prayer, affirmations, intentions, and every other tool out there... only to get sporadic results... no results... or backfiring results.

It seems almost like the Universe just doesn't care, doesn't hear you, doesn't love you, and doesn't support you.  Or that maybe you're just not meant to have a good life.

Honestly, it can be kinda heartbreaking!

Thank goodness, it's not true! 

You CAN have wonderful things in your life.  The Universe DOES love, care, and support you. 

The difficulty is simply in getting it to hear and understand what you really want. 

That's where most people miss the target. 

You Need the Secret Code!

You see, there's a secret formula the Universe works by.  It's like a computer code — get it right, and you can do just about anything... get it wrong, and nothing works.

When you can communicate clearly with the Universe, it will give you everything you desire. 

It MUST!  That's the way it's built!

The trick is to learn the Universe's code for creating reality, and tap into that power to manifest what you desire.

I want you to feel the Universe's infinite love and support! 

And to have literally everything you wish for! 

That's why i'm so happy to share with you my unique secrets to making miracles and magick that are incredibly effective!

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How Do Wishes Come True?

I realized early in life that miracles are all around us.  They happen all the time! 

When you think about it, it's a kind of miracle that your heart is beating right now, your breath is breathing you... without you doing anything to make it happen.  The grass grows.  The birds know how to sing their special songs.  Plants bud and flower and, dying, create seeds that know how to replicate themselves.  Babies are born and a new person comes into this world from nowhere! 

Miracles / magick is the foundation of the world.

I always believed that we could somehow direct those miracles, if only we understood the process of how they happen.

And here was my first clue...

When i was a child, i noticed that when my dad prayed for something, it usually came true! 

He didn't do it often, but when he did, the results were amazing... miracles would happen, almost spontaneously.

This was impressive, and i wanted to know how he got such great results.  So i once asked him straight out: How do you do that??  And he told me his secret... the first key to the magick lock.

I started to use it in my own magick work, but still... sometimes the magick was effective, and sometimes it wasn't. 

As pivotal as my dad's trick was, i still thought to myself, and asked the Goddess who guides me...

Isn't here a way
to create miracles
on demand,
every time ??

Thus was launched my lifelong investigation into the necessary requirements and best practices to create miracles on demand.

More than 40 years later, I have cracked the Miracle Code... mapping out the repeatable inner TECHNOLOGY — a proven system that's truly effective.

And that system is now ready to be shared with you...

Making Miracle Magick

The power is in a specific three-fold process —

  1. Activate the necessary energy
  2. Use the right communication method
  3. Magnify the potential by engaging the power of the collective

This technique, developed by one of the world's leading Wiccan teachers (yep, that's me), puts the power of magick and miracles right where they belong... in the palm of your hand!

If you want the power
to make real miracles in your life,
for your loved ones,
and even for Mother Earth,
Please join us
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Listen to What Others Experienced...

"Erin's was the most powerful guided meditation I've ever done... Yes, I'm telling you! It was the most powerful guided meditation I've ever sat through, I've ever listened to. 

It was the energy! I mean, my body was, at one point, like I was having this whole-body orgasm or something because of the energy!  It was like a stream of lightning, I was channeling so much energy!  It was so intense. It was so much energy, it was more than I've ever felt before.

It was amazing.  You connected us so much to everything, to the world and all that energy — I've just never channeled so much energy at one time in my life. 

It was like a wild ride. It was crazy. It was beautiful! 

It's awesome!"

~ R. W.

"WOW! I have never held so much energy before, ever!  I went deeper than I've ever gone before.

You've given me an opportunity to do my work that I didn't have before. Couldn't broadcast quite as much. I was sending out the love and the light and all that stuff, but it just didn't feel big enough.

This is a more powerful way to help the world.  It feels fulfilling, deeply satisfying.

I can feel me upgrading.  It's helping my power, if that's the right word.

I definitely connect a whole lot faster than I than I used to.

And I'm not a visual person. I don't see stuff. Well, I saw an outline of a face...."

~ Lisa K.

"I enjoyed it so much and tears were just flowing down my face. I was just in awe. I have never done this before and it was just so meaningful. Thank you!"

~ Beth R.

"it was just so juicy,  really strong.  It feels really exceptional to participate and contribute in this way.

And I feel a lot more hopeful, which is awesome during these times because of feeling all the anxiety of all the people all around. I try not to resonate with it, but it still impacts you.

This is the most hopeful I felt in a long while.  Boy, it just feels so good to be in that place of hope again and seeing that hope for the planet and for all of humanity.


~ Kimberly Carroll

"A really amazing beautiful, heartfelt loving meditation and magick work."

~ Laura M.

"Incredible — so healing and uplifting!  It's spiritual, energetic, unconditional love transmissions.

For me, it brings the feeling that we are in the universe and universe is in us. We are all in one, in the sense of oneness of the universe with our planet and we as extension of our planet.  We are melting together in this beautiful space, a universe of very high frequencies, very vibrant emotions.

The meditations  pulsate with the incredible power of high frequency, unconditional love... melting away the debris of darkness and leading us in this beautiful pristine state of crystalline being, in a very clean spiritual sense. 

I just long for these beautiful experiences!  It's like taking a shower first thing in the morning: you're refreshed for the day, you regenerate your body and your spirit, and it gives you strength. A beautiful way to start the day!

It gives this blissful feeling of "Yes, I'm here on purpose and yes, life makes sense!" 

It's really a wonderful experience. Very peaceful. very wonderful.

We are leaving feeling clean, happy, peaceful, in this tranquil state of abundance, of high frequencies around us.  And everything else that's carries on from that, which is forgiveness, goodness, kindness, beautiful visions, belief in the abundance and unconditional love of the universe. 

And knowing that we can actually make the world better!  Which gives incredible exhilaration of the Spirit."

~ Ania G.

Multiply and Magnify Your
Magick Powers!

Miracles live in you!

Life is based in miracles, and you were designed to create miracles yourself.

Whatever you want to improve in your life...

  • Financial Abundance
  • Work
  • Home
  • Love & Relationships
  • Emotions
  • Physical state

... you have this power! 

Whether for yourself, your loved ones, or the whole world, YOU can make a greater impact than you've ever believed!

All you need is the tools I had to learn the hard way...

Why This Matters

First of all, you were designed to live a life you love!  You are here, at least partly, to do all the things you dream of. 

Why, then, is life usually the opposite?

I believe that when you have the power to create a wonderful life for yourself, it's a gift for the whole world!  Think about it...

  • You feel happier, and that happiness uplifts every person you interact with -- the whole planet is uplifted by your joy
  • You smile more, you're kinder, you want others to be happy when you're happy!
  • You have more freedom to help others, to contribute your gifts to the world, and generally make the world a better place

The Greatest Gifts!

Even more than the benefits in your material life that truly effective magick can give you, there are a few essential gifts that come from magick...

1.     Connection with your higher self, with the Divine, with Nature -- Feeling part of something bigger!

2.     The ability to help the world -- Nature, animals, those who are most vulnerable or in need

3.     Feeling better, more whole, more at peace, and more hopeful

Join us for this fantastic, magickal experience and learn how to create miracles in your own life!

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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