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This Wicca Resources list includes all the books, audio, and video resources listed elsewhere on the Wicca Spirituality website.

Plus I've included other excellent sources that aren't yet mentioned on the site, but will be at some point because they are worth the attention.

For ease of reference, these sources are listed first by category, then by author, then by title. Books, audio recordings, and video/DVD are grouped along with the books.

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The Spiral Dance:
A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Goddess
20th Anniversary Edition

A Classic.

The first book every Wiccan beginner should own.

An outstanding introduction to Wicca from a perspective of equality, respect, and love for Mother Earth.

Starhawk's perspective on the Sabbats, rituals, etc, is a foundation for Wicca as a mature spiritual practice.

See my book review of The Spiral Dance, by Starhawk .

Dreaming the Dark:
Magic, Sex, and Politics

Sharing her stories of ecological social action with rituals and chants for remaking the world, Starhawk's Dreaming the Dark is the dream for this century. She offers a vision for more than the Earth's survival. . . but for growth and well-being of us all.

Truth or Dare:
Encounters with Power, Authority, and Mystery

A book for a more experienced Wiccan, Truth or Dare leads you through the thorny path of spiritual leadership.

Starhawk & Valentine

The Twelve Wild Swans:
A Journey to the Realm of Magic, Healing, and Action

If you are serious about practicing Wicca, this is indispensable. It's a workbook, not just a reference book.

Based on the fairy tale of the 12 Wild Swans, it leads you through three different levels of Wiccan experience: understanding the basics, healing your inner self, and priestessing the world.

Wonderful as a basis for ritual. You or your Circle can go through one chapter, one level a month. Teaches important Wiccan skills, as well.

Mary Daly & Jane Caputi

Webster's First New Intergalactic Wickedary Of The English Language

A fun reworking of the language that has been used to oppress pagans, the Feminine, minorities, and the Earth.

Entertaining and educational.

If you ever wondered about what the words you're using, are saying behind your back, you'll definitely want this one on your shelf.

Zsuzsanna Budapest

The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries

Written by one of the foremothers of the Women's Spirituality Movement, The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries is a classic Wiccan text.

Every Wiccan home should have this on its shelf. Especially for Dianic Witches.

The Grandmother of Time:
A Woman's Book of Celebrations, Spells, and Sacred Objects
for Every Month of the Year

A handy month-by-month resource of (mostly Pagan) celebrations.

One thing I particularly enjoyed about this book is the story of a different Goddess for each month, and her descriptions of rituals.

Zee can be a little heavy-handed in the feminism department, but this is still a great book for beginners in Wicca.

Grandmother Moon:
Lunar Magic in Our Lives — Spells, Rituals, Goddesses, Legends,
and Emotions Under the Moon

Zee again offers how-to rituals and more, with her special style. I wouldn't necessarily take all of Zee's advice and historical opinions as fact, but her poetic soul really does speak to the Goddess in me.

Generally I disagree with giving out "spell-recipes" that you would follow word-for-word, but for beginner Wiccans this can be a good starting point.

The spells are effective, at any rate, and when "The Goddess Speaks," Zee catches Her intent beautifully.

The Goddess in the Office:
A Personal Energy Guide for the Spiritual Warrior at Work

A wonderful book for the Working Witch.

There's not much out there on bringing Wicca into the workplace, and Zee does it with her customary insight, fun, and charm.

This is a great contribution to the process of living Wicca in your daily life.

Nan Hawthorne

Loving the Goddess Within:
Sex Magick for Women

Loving the Goddess Within: Sex Magick For Women reveals the sensual aspect of spiritual worship.

To quote Hawthorne, "Love and sex are essential parts of magick...re-enactments of the Goddess's initiating and sustaining energy."

The premise of Hawthorne's book is that sexuality and the passionate interplay of energies is integral to Wicca . . .

See my book review on Loving the Goddess Within: Sex Magick For Women, by Nan Hawthorne

Scott Cunningham

Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner

This book has been the classic introduction to Wicca for a whole generation of solitary Witches.

Cunningham's unadorned style and clear instructions on the very basics of the Witchcraft are as useful today as when the book was written.

Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner offers simple rituals that a novice will have no difficulty following. It also includes an Author's Book of Shadows, to get you started....  

Read my book review on Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner, by Scott Cunningham

Living Wicca:
A Further Guide for the Solitary Practitioner

More on Wiccan practice for beginners.

The Magical Household:
Spells & Rituals for the Home

Although hesitant to suggest that anyone create a spell "by the numbers," it can be a useful place to start for beginners to Wicca.

Cunningham always has rituals that are effective and easy to follow.

Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic

A useful reference book.

Spell Crafts:
Creating Magical Objects

Another interesting book for Wiccan beginners.

Amber Wolfe

In the Shadow of the Shaman:
Connecting with Self, Nature & Spirit

In the Shadow of the Shaman has so many important tools, and goes into such depth on each, that it is one of my most used Wiccan resources.

In fact, I personally found this book to be so incredibly useful, my copy is literally stuffed with page markers, written notes, and a very thorough homemade index.

It's based in Shamanism, so it can have minor variations from traditional Wiccan practice, but since Wicca is a Shamanistic religion itself, that doesn't cause any real difficulties.

This book is especially valuable to me because it covers a lot of things that other Wiccan books don't.

Part of what is so helpful about In the Shadow of the Shaman are the almost 2-dozen charts Wolfe offers, cross-referencing the elements with animals and plants, and much more.

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Magick & Manifestation

Esther and Jerry Hicks (Abraham-Hicks)

Ask And It Is Given

This is one of the most powerful resources I've ever found on manifesting what you want in your life, and keeping away what you don't want.

It gives you 22 amazing tools that can turn your life around. And it explains a little-understand aspect to manifesting magick that other books miss.

Pardon me for gushing, but I have had this experience for myself, several times, through the lessons in this book. And it can happen immediately! It feels so wonderful and so empowering to be able to take control of your life experiences.

A must-read for every Wiccan, if not every human.

Seriously, read this book. Even carry it around with you, if reading it is too much. Read a little every morning before you get up and every night before you go to bed, even if only one sentence. Read it every time you start to feel negative emotions start to build. Do the exercises — they will change your life!

Deepak Chopra

Creating Affluence: The A-to-Z Steps to a Richer Life

A wonderful tool to help shift the subconscious blocks to wealth and success in your life.

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Symbols & Symbolism

Phoenix McFarland

The Complete Book of Magical Names

If you're interested in choosing a Wiccan name for yourself, your child, your pet, your business, or whatever else, The Complete Book of Magical Names is a fabulous resource.

The Complete Book of Magical Names leaves other baby name books in the dust. Not only does it specialize in names of interest to pagans, but the explanations are richer, more detailed. McFarland also offers suggestions for the type of personality that the names will suit.

Count Goblet D'Alviella

The Migration Of Symbols
And The Contemporary Evolution Of Religious Thought

Barbara Walker

The Woman's Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects

One of my most treasured reference books. I use it regularly. I can't recommend Walker's books highly enough!

Very helpful for creating magick spells and Wiccan rituals.

The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets

Another of my most treasured reference books. Very helpful for creating spells and rituals.

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See also: Fiction for Pagans

Merlin Stone

When God Was a Woman

A ground-breaking book on the Goddess throughout history. Puts to rest at last all those patriarchal myths that there never really was a female deity.

Monica Sjöö & Barbara Mor

The Great Cosmic Mother:
Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth

Another classic Wiccan text. A must-have.

Elinor Gadon

The Once and Future Goddess:
A Sweeping Visual Chronicle of the Sacred Female
and Her Reemergence in the Cult

This is a wonderful book, exploring the Divine as Feminine.

Maureen Murdock

The Heroine's Journey:
Woman's Quest For Wholeness

At last a book that explains the heroic journey that women undertake!

The hero's journey is an archetypal process that every male goes through on the path to maturity. Until fairly recently, it's been assumed that women, if we go through such a process at all, would have the same basic experience.

It's probably of little surprise that this is not the case.

Murdock's book is a wonderful guide through the feminine journey of self-discovery.

Marija Gimbutas

The Language of the Goddess

A brilliant book. Probably the best resource on historical evidence of the Goddess, and what it means.

Jean Shinoda Bolen

Goddesses in Everywoman:
Powerful Archetypes in Women's Lives

Describing several feminine archetypes, in the form of Greek Goddesses, Bolen helps us identify the strength and wisdom each woman carries within her.

A wonderful introduction to some of the Goddesses from a very personal viewpoint . . . perfect for Wiccans both female and male.

Gods In Everyman

As Bolen has done for women with Goddesses in Everywoman, she offers the same gift to men in this companion volume.

Since you have aspects of both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, both these books are wonderful at helping you uncover the positive aspects of the gender duality with yourself.

Because they help you personalize these deities within yourself, they're particularly good introductions to the deities for Wiccans.

Joseph Campbell

Joseph Campbell is one of my favourite authors in spiritual matters. I recommend all his books. I've never met one I didn't happily devour!

The Masks of God
Vol. 4: Creative Mythology

The Power of Myth

The Hero with a Thousand Faces

Pathways to Bliss:
Mythology and Personal Transformation

Thou Art That:
Transforming Religious Metaphor

The Inner Reaches of Outer Space:
Metaphor as Myth and as Religion

Transformations of Myth Through Time

Myths of Light:
Eastern Metaphors of the Eternal
(Collected Work of Joseph Campbell Series)

Robert Graves

The White Goddess:
A Historical Grammar of Poetic Myth

A classic introduction to much of the Goddess mythology in current neo-Pagan philosophy, such as the Triple Goddess and the Sacrificial King.

It's not an easy read, though, and is probably best understood once you already have some background in the Goddesses.

Still a worthwhile endeavour.

The Greek Myths: Complete Edition

A good introduction to Greek Mythology, although it's best not to take Graves' ideas as entirely factual.

Best read along with other resources, for serious students of mythology.

Sir James George Frazer

The Golden Bough:
A Study in Magic and Religion

A New Abridgement from the Second and Third Editions (Oxford World's Classics)

This is a classic reference book for mythology and religion, as well as Wicca.

At the time (1922), it was a groundbreaking expose on ancient religion, paganism, and the rise of Christianity. Consequently it was heavily censored in its early editions.

This edition thankfully presents all the original material, including in-depth examination of the myths of Sacrificial Kings.

Much easier to read, and more confined to factual reality than Graves, The Golden Bough is a vital addition to any Wiccan library.

Karl Kereny

Dionysos: Archetypal Image of Indestructible Life

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Other Spiritual Traditions

Eckhart Tolle

A New Earth:
Awakening to Your Life's Purpose
(Oprah's Book Club Selection)

"A New Earth" — how could this not be an excellent book for Wiccans?

Aren't we all dreaming of and working for the day when the Earth is reborn? When humanity sees the Earth — and each other — with new eyes, with love and respect?

While Tolle doesn't elaborate on this New Earth, he effectively illustrates how to get there.

This book is one of my "bibles." It stays beside my bed, and I read from it (or one of my other bibles) every night and morning.

I can't recommend it highly enough. It will change your life, and free you from the suffering that surrounds you.

Read my book review on A New Earth, by Eckhart Tolle

Stillness Speaks

The Power of Now:
A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

Practicing the Power of Now:
Essential Teachings, Meditations, and Exercises from The Power of Now

Arthur Avalon

Shakti and Shakta:
Essays and Addresses on the Shakta Tantra Shastra

Gopi Krishna

The Evolutionary Energy in Man

An intriguing read, telling the story of when Gopi Krishna's Kundalini energy rose spontaneously. He details the effects of this widely-misunderstood phenomenon.

An excellent warning book for those tempted to shortcut spiritual growth and raise Kundalini energy improperly prepared!

The Awakening of Kundalini

The Wonder of the Brain

Swami Sivananda Radha

Every book Swami Radha has written is a helpful guidebook to spiritual awareness and power. Pick whichever ones appeal to you. You can't go wrong.

Radha: Diary of a Woman's Search

A novel of Swami Radha's journey to spiritual awakening.

Intriguing and inspiring, and an easy read.

Time to Be Holy:
Reflecting on Daily Life

The Divine Light Invocation

Gives instructions and information on this most powerful of spiritual practices.

I've often said that the Divine Light Invocation is THE most powerful magickal practice I've ever experienced.

This book will tell you all about how to do use it to best effect for yourself.

Kundalini: Yoga For The West

Not an easy read, this, but an intensely powerful workbook on spirituality.

Realities of the Dreaming Mind:
The Practice of Dream Yoga

If you'd love to learn what your dreams are trying to tell you, this is the book for u.`

Words of Power

Light & Vibration:
Consciousness, Mysticism & the Culmination of Yoga

Hatha Yoga:
The Hidden Language, Symbols, Secrets & Metaphors

I call this the most important book on Hatha Yoga to date, at least in the West.

Swami Radha guides you to accessing your body's inherent wisdom — a practice that is vital for Witches. If you want to develop intuition or psychic ability, this skill is key.

It's a workbook, but it's accessible and makes the process highly enjoyable.


The Yoga of Healing

This little book contains most of what helped me heal from chronic fatigue and chemical hypersensitivity.

So I'd certainly recommend it!

The Devi of Speech:
The Goddess in Kundalini Yoga

From the Mating Dance to the Cosmic Dance:
Sex, Love, and Marriage from a Yogic Viewpoint

Some of this will seem alien to Wiccans... the part on celibacy springs to mind.

Still, sex is so complicated by our society, and so important in Wicca, that it's beneficial to explore the underlying issues.

This book is very useful for that.

Swami Radha Recordings

Guided Meditation

Fabulous! Transformative!

I used this meditation daily as an energy boost when I had chronic fatigue, and it really helped.

Body Garden & Reflections on Water
(Guided Relaxation)

This is a beautiful meditation to help you relax your body and mind.

Even more, though, it helps you access the hidden springs of power in the body.

Need I say more?

Power of Mantras
(Instructions on Mantra)

Hari Om (Mantra)

Om Namah Sivaya (Mantra)

Mantras Songs of Yoga (Mantras)

Lewis Richmond

Work as a Spiritual Practice:
A Practical Buddhist Approach to Inner Growth and Satisfaction on the Job

As spiritual practice becomes a household concern, awakening in daily life rather than on mountaintops, Work as a Spiritual Practice is a critical component.

I found this book helped me with my spiritual-work.

L. Vaughan-Lee

Love Is a Fire:
The Sufi's Mystical Journey Home

The Sufi practices are based in mysticism and devotion. Perfect complements to Wiccan practice.

Irina Tweedie

The Chasm of Fire:
A Woman's Experience With the Teachings of a Sufi Master

An all-too rare account of one woman's journey to Bliss through devotion.

Pram Prakash

The Yoga of Spiritual Devotion:
A Modern Translation of the Narada Bhakti Sutras

Eugen Herrigel

Zen in the Art of Archery

A classic. What needs to be said?

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Sciences, Reality, Existence

Dr. David Hawkins

Power vs. Force:
The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior

Power vs. Force explores the nature of true power, which is always of the spirit.

As Hawkins demonstrates, force is only on the material level, and so is constantly needing to be justified and backed up with rhetoric. Power, on the other hand, never needs justification

So much of Wicca is based on Power. That's why this is a highly recommended book.

In fact, not just for Wiccans, but for everyone for hopes for a day when the world lives in peace.

This has been one of the most uplifting books I've ever read. Hawkins quantifies the power inherent in various energy fields, or emotions. And then goes on to show how much more powerful a single individual operating from Love is, compared to a thousand people operating from Fear.

It gave me hope for the future. And put into perspective what each person's work in the world is, at this point in time.

Read more in my book review on Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, by David R. Hawkins

Rupert Sheldrake

A New Science of Life

This is the book that introduced the concept of morphogenetic field theory to the public.

An captivating concept, well-explained.

The Rebirth of Nature:
The Greening of Science and God

Chaos, Creativity, and Cosmic Consciousness

Jeremy Narby

The Cosmic Serpent

The Cosmic Serpent is a enthralling exploration of a radical concept...

What If All The Shamans Around the World Were Telling The Truth?

And how might shamanic mysteries relate to the new scientific discoveries of today?

I read this book straight through without putting it down. Then I read most of it again. In other words, this is a great book.

Joachim-Ernst Berendt

The World Is Sound:
Nada Brahma: Music and the Landscape of Consciousness

Vibration is the underlying fabric of the universe. It's what everything is created by.

The potential of this simple bit of knowledge is staggering!

As the proverb goes, "Singing is praying twice." The intention is one prayer. The actual sound is another. Because sound creates reality.

I can find no end to the repercussions of this idea, which is why this book fascinates me endlessly.

If you're interested in sound, music, or vibration, this is the book for you!

Gary Zukav

Dancing Wu Li Masters:
An Overview of the New Physics

Zukav succeeds in explaining mind-blowing concepts without involving any mathematics. I deeply appreciate this ability!

The Dancing Wu Li Masters was my real introduction to the world of quantum physics. And every single page blew my mind.

A great introduction to quantum physics. I actually have extra copies, so I can lend it out to people.

Michael Talbot

The Holographic Universe

Another excellent resource on the new sciences. Highly readable.

Matthew Fox

The Physics of Angels:
Exploring the Realm Where Science and Spirit Meet

Okay, I'll admit I haven't read this book yet. But the title is brilliant! It's only a matter of time . . . .

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Telepathy, Parapsychology, Etc

Amelia Kinkade

Straight from the Horse's Mouth:
How to Talk to Animals and Get Answers

A marvelous how-to book with lots of stories about telepathically communicating with animals — your own, your friends', and wild animals too.

The exercises are realistic and easy to do, and really help develop this skill.

I highly recommend this book as a practical way to develop a very important skill for Wiccans, and a fun and useful tool for anyone who has animals in their lives.

J. Allen Boone

Kinship with All Life:
Simple, Challenging, Real-Life Experiences Showing How Animals Communicate with Each Other and with the People Who Understand Them

One of the best books ever. Absolutely changed my perspective on human-animal relations.

Everyone on the Earth should read this book... it would transform the planet.

The chapter on Freddy the Fly alone is worth getting the book!

Robert Anton Wilson

Cosmic Trigger I:
Final Secret of the Illuminati

Wilson can be a little out there, even for me. Still, a captivating book.

Rupert Sheldrake

The Sense of Being Stared At:
And Other Unexplained Powers of the Human Mind

Absolutely fascinating! I got this book for my birthday last year and sat out on my lawn for 4 days reading it. I couldn't put it down!

What I love most about Sheldrake is his insistence that to categorically deny the "paranormal" only because it doesn't fit with our current scientific dogma . . . is completely unscientific.

He doesn't get carried away with unsubstantiated claims, though. He puts forward, with disarming simplicity, the results he has found. Then he asks for further research.

The Sense of Being Stared At includes some material from his earlier book, Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home, but it was so exciting that I had to read both books anyway!

Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home:
And Other Unexplained Powers of Animals

More anecdotal and experimental studies of psychic phenomenon by Rupert Sheldrake.

Not all of it is rigorous science, but Sheldrake doesn't attempt to pass it off as such. This is a starting point, he insists.

But he proves there's certainly enough evidence to justify more research.

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Mind & Consciousness

J. W. Dunne

An Experiment With Time
(Studies in Consciousness)

This is one of the best books, ever.

I know that I love a lot of books, and I tend to enthuse more than I probably should.

Nevertheless, this is truly one of the books that reshaped my mind.

Dunne examines the nature of consciousness, dreams, and time with intriguing results.

For instance, he discovered — and studied — the phenomenon of dreaming forward in time. In other words, dreaming of events that haven't yet happened, but will.

One of the questions he asks is... Is this something everyone naturally does?

J K Krishnamurti & Dr. David Bohm

The Ending of Time

A heavy read, as you might expect when one of the foremost yogis and one of the foremost quantum physicists get together to talk spirituality, science, consciousness, and time.

I read it in small bites. But they were delicious bites.

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Women's Mysteries: Menstruation

These are both excellent resources on that most potent and misunderstood of all the Sacred Mysteries: woman's ability to give birth.

I couldn't suggest one over the other. They don't overlap as much as you might think. Both books are a great read.

Highly empowering. Every girl should get these books at her Menarche.

Celu Amberston

Blessings of the Blood:
A Book of Menstrual Rituals for Women

Shuttle and Redgrove

The Wise Wound:
Myths, Realities, and Meanings of Menstruation

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Scott Cunningham

Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs

An excellent resource for Witches.

Susan Gregg

Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of Magical Plants

This book is pretty new to me, but it looks really valuable. I love the photos... I find them much more helpful than illustrations.


The Master Book of Herbalism

Another excellent resource for Witches.


The Healing Power of Herbs

This herbal is focused more on the medicinal properties of herbs than the magickal properties. But if you're looking for that sort of thing, it's a strong reference book.

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Jamie Sams and David Carson Illustrated by Angela C. Werneke

Medicine Cards:
The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals

I love the Medicine Cards. They are a form of divination, not based on the traditional Tarot (with suits and Major Arcana), but based on the Native American wisdom of animal spirits.

I've always found them insightful and thought-provoking.

This was the first "Tarot" deck that I used, and I still use it decades later.

(See the box below for more of my favourite Tarot decks.)

David Carson

Making Medicine:
A Guided Journal for Medicine Cards

I haven't actually tried this out, but it looks stimulating and I'd like to. Meanwhile, I thought I'd share it with you.

Alfred Douglas

Tarot: The Origins, Meaning and Uses of the Cards

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Marilyn Ferguson

Marilyn Ferguson's Book of PragMagic:
PragMagic Magic for Everyday Living
-Ten Years of Scientific Breakthroughts, Exciting Ideas and Personal Experiments That Can Profoundly Change Your Life

An stimulating collection of information!

David Icke

And the Truth Shall Set You Free
The 21st Century Edition

Jacob Needleman

Money and the Meaning of Life

Richard Bach

Richard Bach rules!!

I love everything he's ever written... even his airplane books (and I'm not really into flying).

His books routinely reshape my mind. I recommend them all. If possible, in order.

Jonathon Livingston Seagull

The classic allegory of one being's spiritual journey.

The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah

A mind-opening tale of how the world really works.

The Bridge Across Forever:
A True Love Story

It's hard to tell where, or IF, autobiography leaks over into fiction. But it makes for stimulating reading!

Running from Safety:
An Adventure of the Spirit


Messiah's Handbook:
Reminders for the Advanced Soul

Remember in Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah how Shimoda kept quoting from his Messiah's Handbook?

Weren't you just dying to get your hands on that book?

Well thankfully Richard Bach has finally released it!

I love this book. I open it at random, and it tells me the deepest spiritual insights that relate to my situation right this minute.

I read an enlightened tidbit, and my consciousness immediately expands.

I don't think they're kidding when they call this a Messiah's Handbook.

How could you resist?

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World Transformation

Gregg Braden

Awakening to Zero Point:
The Collective Initiation

The Gregg Braden Audio Collection:
Awakening the Power of Spiritual Technology

The Mystery of 2012:
Predictions, Prophecies, and Possibilities

The Divine Matrix:
Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief

The God Code

Videos by Gregg Braden

Awakening to Zero Point — the Video

This was a thrilling video!

Greg Braden's strength is his ability to pull together bits of information from all over the place, and create a fascinating bigger picture.

This video is Braden at his best.

Beyond Zero Point:
Journey to Compassion

Riane Eisler

The Chalice and the Blade:
Our History, Our Future

James Lovelock

Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth

In the Gaia Hypothesis, Lovelock proposes that the Earth and everything on Her is actually one organism that lives.

This is a fascinating book, relatively easy to read, and convincing.

Lovelock has captured something that most of us feel intuitively . . . which is why I think he's enjoyed such popularity.

Since this is something that Wiccans believe if not sense, this is a great book to read.

Ages of Gaia: A Biography of Our Living Earth (The Commonwealth Fund Book Program)

This book goes into more scientific depth on the Gaia Hypothesis.

Malcolm Gladwell

The Tipping Point:
How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

This is the book that, more than any other but Power vs. Force, has given me a certainty of hope for the future.

One of the most important concepts, in my opinion, is "emotional contagion." A fascinating study, which fits completely with my own experience of energy fields.

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Social Issues

Riane Eisler

The Chalice and the Blade:
Our History, Our Future

Mary Daly

The Metaethics of Radical Feminism

Amazon Grace:
Re-Calling the Courage to Sin Big

The Church and the Second Sex

Beyond God the Father Toward a Philosophy of Women's Liberation

Pure Lust:
Elemental Feminist Philosophy

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Dr. John Diamond

Your Body Doesn't Lie

The groundbreaking book on Behavioural Kinesiology (Muscle testing).

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Karla McLaren

Energetic Boundaries:
Practical Protection and Renewal Skills for Healers, Therapists, and Sensitive People

This is one of the best resources available for Pagans... and anyone else who is a healer or a sensitive soul.

(Not sure if you're one of the "sensitive" ones? Well, if you're a Pagan, chances are! Check this page to find out...)

This sensitivity is an asset, but only once you've learned to protect yourself. Most of us are unaware of how much we take on other people's emotional and physical issues. And those of us who are aware are seldom skilled in keeping their energy boundaries clear and strong.

This disc and book provide invaluable tools. It will make an amazing difference in your life.

Your Aura & Your Chakras:
The Owner's Manual

Leonard Laskow

Healing with Love:
A Breakthrough Mind/Body Medical Program for Healing Yourself and Others

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Creativity & Imagination

Julia Cameron

The Artist's Way:
A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity [10th Anniversary Edition]

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Fiction for Pagans

See also Kid's Pagan Story Books


The Fifth Sacred Thing

A fabulous Wiccan "Utopian" novel that becomes more relevant with each year. Explores the ultimate question for our times . . .

How do we overcome a system of violence, without becoming violent ourselves?

There are some painful scenes, but unlike most entertainment these days, it is not gratuitous nor overly disturbing. I'm highly sensitive to such things — as my spouse will attest! — and still find this one of the most inspiring novels I've ever read. And re-read. And re-re-read....

Walking to Mercury

The prequil to The Fifth Sacred Thing, Walking to Mercury tells the story that led to that inspired community.

You are likely to find it a story you can relate closely to. I saw myself reflected in its pages, even though many of the events and details differed. This makes the book a jewel that I keep re-reading . . . Being a priestess in this world, I am fairly starved for reflections of my reality.
If you ever feel alone in the world, you'll probably enjoy this book as much as I do.

Carolyn McVicker Edwards

The Storyteller's Goddess:
Tales of the Goddess and Her Wisdom from Around the World

A fabulous re-telling of ancient Goddess tales from around the world. Shows a rich appreciation of the Divine as Feminine, and tells the stories from Her perspective for a change.

Beautifully-told. Inspired. A delight for all ages.

Forms a wonderful basis for community rituals. We have used many of these stories as the context and content of ritual and sacred drama.

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Raising Pagan Children


Circle Round: Raising Children in Goddess Traditions

The classic guide to raising children in the Wiccan tradition, by the best Wiccan teacher I've read.

Velvet Rieth

My First Little Workbook of Wicca

Introduces basic Pagan concepts and symbols, a wonderful introduction to Wicca for young children. Suits ages 4 - 8.

Ashleen O'Gaea

Raising Witches: Teaching the Wiccan Faith to Children

Offers a Wiccan curriculum for different age groups... includes charms, spells, songs, and guided meditations in addition to practical ideas. There's also info about celebrating the Sabbats, and Wiccan-themed projects you can do with kids.

Family Wicca: Revised and Expanded Edition

Good answers to children's and non-Wiccans' questions about Wicca from children.

Cait Johnson

Celebrating the Great Mother: A Handbook of Earth-Honoring Activities for Parents and Children

The ideas, suggestions, and activities collected here bring children into rituals that celebrate seasonal cycles and help reclaim the spiritual roots of today's modern holidays. — Feminist Bookstore News

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Kid's Pagan-Friendly Story Books

Carolyn McVicker Edwards

The Storyteller's Goddess:
Tales of the Goddess and Her Wisdom from Around the World

This is the BEST Pagan storybook! Wonderful tales that heal the lies told about the Divine Feminine over millennia.

Beautifully-crafted tales to delight adults and children both. Deeply satisfying, inspiring, energizing tales.

Edwards shows a rich appreciation of the Divine as Feminine, and tells the stories from Her perspective for a change.

A delight for all ages.

Chara M. Curtis

All I See Is Part of Me

A lovely and inspiring story of the Divine Within your child.

W. Lyon Martin

An Ordinary Girl - A Magical Child

Explains from a child's perspective who Pagans are, what they do, and how and why they do it. Paganism is presented as honouring nature and celebrate the four seasons: no Hollywood version of Pagan or witchcraft weirdness is found in this book. Successfully designed for a child's attention span.

Richard Bach

Curious Lives:
Adventures from "The Ferret Chronicles"

I love everything Richard Bach writes. And when he turns his hand to children's stories, the results are just as magical and inspiring.

This is a wonderful book. Read it cozied up with your kids or your loved ones.

There's No Such Place as Far Away

This is, even for Bach, an exceptionally short book.

But what it lacks in filler, it makes up for in an exquisite sensitivity and depth of insight.

A beautiful book to share with your children.

Janet Little

Hecate the Bandicoot

Not your ordinary sappy children's story! Hecate the Bandicoot is a kid's book with a bit of a bite.

This is what happens when fluffy Fanny Thimble captures a gnarly bandicoot for tea-party torture.

Surprisingly gratifying!

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