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Finding the Light Within:
A Ritual Renewal of Peace


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Want to do something special for the magickal Yule Sabbat?

As Yule 2020 approaches, you may feel a mix of celebration, hope, and "thank all the gods that 2020 is almost over!!!" 

I think most of us are feeling this!  The one thing you may not be feeling is PEACE.

The peace and stillness of this season in Nature's cycle are perhaps the greatest of its blessings. 

This year, more than ever, it's vital to reconnect with That Which Enfolds Us In Peace's Embrace.

Here's your chance to gather with other Wiccans online, to celebrate our shared holy day.  And to experience a brand-new Wiccan ritual with one of the leading Wiccan teachers in the world.

This is a Yule ritual created especially for Yule 2020 and led by me (erin Dragonsong, founder and Chief Esoteric Scientist of Wicca Spirituality).  

The celebration will be held live on Zoom, on Sunday December 20th at 10am (Pacific Time). 

You'll also have the opportunity to connect with other Wiccans, chat, and share the wonders of this beautiful Sabbat.

Please join us!

Yule Celebration Programme

   10 am - 10:30  Check in, Connect, Introduction, & Solstice Carol Singing

   10:30 - 11:00  Yule Ritual -- Finding the Light Within: a Ritual Renewal of Peace

   11:00 - 11:30  Sharing (or Socializing) in smaller groups

   11:30 - 12:00  Wrap-Up *

I hope to see you there!

These times may vary depending on the flow of the group.
All times in Pacific timezone -
check your timezone here

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