Why Magick Ritual Works

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As said in Wiccan Ritual, all ritual is magick ritual! Ritual works magick... that is to say,

Ritual creates changes in your consciousness ... that create changes in you and in the world.

You know a magick ritual was ideal when you FEEL different coming out of them, than you went going in...

  • More positive and encouraged

  • Energised

  • Uplifted

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  • Enthusiastic

  • Having faith that you have all you need

These are signs that the ritual has really worked. It has changed you. That will change your world.

There are 3 ways that Wiccan Ritual works magick. Here's how...

Ritual Takes You Between The Worlds

The first thing is that Wiccan ritual begins the primary act of magick itself: the shifting of consciousness.

As you do ritual, you step "between the worlds" ... from ordinary consciousness to spiritual consciousness, from physical reality to metaphysical reality, from Earth to Spirit.

That's really what ritual is all about. It's all about working magick!

This first step is covered in other Wicca-Spirituality.com articles, like the Essence of Magick, so let's move on...

Magick Ritual Grounds Intention Into The Physical World

Ritual engages the body. You don't just "think" a ritual, you participate in it. You move, you dance, you use your voice and hands and eyes and ears and every part of you.

This makes you a physical conduit for our intentions (ie, magick spells) to be grounded in the world. Otherwise, intentions can stay a little cerebral, ethereal, and distant.

Remember the old saw about God helping those who help themselves? It's a bit like that. When we set an intention, we set energy in motion to create a specific result. The energy is a LOT STRONGER, though, when we engage our physical bodies to help it manifest, as well.

In the world, we do that by picking up a shovel, or the phone, or whatever it is that gets the job done.

In ritual, we do that by symbolic action, in essence dramatising the intention. Our bodies and voices create the action, and set that energy physically into the world. This gives our intentions more power, and more material reality.

Which brings us to the next point...

Magick Ritual's Drama Sparks The Soul

Magick works on the level of the soul. And drama engages the soul's full attention!

The soul's language is symbolism, and drama is symbolism in action.

Ritual is inherently dramatic, to some degree. It may be very low-key, or it may be high ceremonial magick, and anything in between. But whenever you light a candle, invoke a deity, cast a circle, or create a magick spell you are acting out an expression of your imagination.

That's drama.

High Ceremonial Magick ritual takes this to its limits. If you can let go of judgements and self-consciousness, and play with it, it can be incredibly effective.

Have you ever seen magick incantations being done in a mystical language? Or experienced the Catholic Mass performed in Latin? Using a mystical language increases the drama. It also sidesteps the ego-brain and speaks directly from (and to) the heart-mind. This increases its magickal power.

It helps you shift consciousness from ordinary understanding to metaphysical awareness.

Arcane language, half-understood, captures the soul's imagination, taking you from left-brain understanding of the word to right-brain mysteries — the full potential of meaning that is hinted at.

An opening is created for magick to happen, for a new Power to be contained in the Word.

Thus the words you speak become a container not only for your stated intention but the possibility of its fulfillment.

This is why High Magick ritual is so potent.

Most Wiccan ritual and Wiccan magick is done in a much more relaxed style. But some elements of drama always enhance the power of magick ritual.

With Bright Blessings,

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