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The modern shaman. Healer of the Earth and the human community. Not necessarily through physically healing anyone, but simply by being a conduit for Divine Energy to enter the world.

There are a lot of these healers around these days.

Not all are Wiccans. (Although many Wiccans are modern shamans.)

All are highly sensitive people.

And all come with a Mission to fulfill.

Highly Sensitive People

 Modern Shamans: Highly Sensitive People  © Some people are born into this world different. They are highly sensitive people.

These highly sensitive people live more in contact with the spirit world than the physical one. They often have magickal or psychic abilities, can perceive things others can't, and are finely tuned to the Energy Fields around them.

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Many of these people — perhaps like you — turn to Wicca.

These are the modern shamans. Regardless of what spiritual tradition they follow, if any, they are bound in a community of Handmaidens to the Divine.

There is an up-side to being a highly sensitive person. This sensitivity confers many gifts.

Being a highly sensitive person means that you have an unusual ability to ...

  • access the Divine,

  • tap into and direct energy,

  • be a channel for peace and well-being,

  • manifest the world you want.

That's what the modern shaman does!

But there's an down-side as well... risks to your health and happiness that you would do well to avoid!

One of the biggest problems faced by these highly sensitive people is isolation — the feeling of being alone in a hostile world.

Lost In The Modern World

Subtle grades of depression kill more people than all the other diseases of mankind combined. There is no antidepressant that will cure a depression that's spiritually based, for the malaise doesn't originate from brain dysfunction, but from an accurate response to the desecration of life.

~ David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD, Power vs Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior

In the past, we were called shamans, medicine women, wise women, healers, priestesses and priests.

In other times and cultures, we would have been ...

  • recognized in childhood for who we are and what we were to become,

  • supported in that process,

  • taught what we most needed to know,

  • and honoured for the gifts we bring to our society.

These days, we are far more likely to lose ourselves.

Misunderstanding our gift, or unable to cope with it, we turn it off or bury it beneath drugs (including tobacco and alcohol), food, whatever can dull our awareness.

Sometimes we just shut it off, like a light switch, and later wonder how we can get it back.

We may carry a lot of extra weight. Excess body fat often serves highly sensitive people as a buffer from the energies around them, as well as a storage battery for the power they are not yet consciously directing out to the world.

We are shamed for not fitting into a materialistic world.

We are called crazy because we are outside society's self-serving (and completely deluded) definition of sanity.

We're not given the training we need to understand and control our abilities. But the Earth Mother needs us!

The Vital Mission

There are more "shamans" alive today than have ever lived on the Earth before. We are called here, because we are needed!

And what is the gift we bring to the world?

  • A highly tangible awareness of the Unity.
  • An ability to channel Source energy into the world, in the form of healing, insight, and raised consciousness.

Both critical ingredients in the transformation awaiting us.

The Down-side of Being A Sensitive

There are five big challenges that highly sensitive people face, incarnated in this world at this time...

  1. Highly sensitive people don't fit into the ordinary world very well.
  2. They are misunderstood, feared, and sometimes persecuted.
  3. They are left to their own devices, untrained or wrongly-trained.
  4. They can't make sense of the craziness of the world, and it makes them worry that they're crazy.
  5. They are often sick with diseases medical science is at a loss to understand, let alone remedy.
  6. And, perhaps worst, they often feel completely alone.

There's Only One Shaman Per Village

They are few, the modern shamans. And scattered around the globe. So, quite naturally, many feel all alone.

This lack of spiritual community is just as painful as the lack of a support network. The spiritual work can be draining, as well as confusing. Adrift in an ocean of negative energies, one can feel desperate for like-minded others to connect with.

In the early days, before you really discover Who you are and why you're here, this can mean you feel crazy, weird, an outsider, hopeless, and like you've come to the wrong planet/family/century.

This is sad and unfortunate, but hopefully that's changing... as the Web helps us connect with our peers.

Many a time a friend and I, who live in different cities, have bemoaned the isolation of being how we are. Why aren't there more of us? Where are all the others?

One day a wise friend told her, "Every village has only a single shaman."

There's only so many of us to go around. And there's a lot of healing to be done. So we have to be spread out.

I don't know if that's really why we tend to be alone.

But it is true that there seems to be only one of us among hundreds — if not thousands — of people content to live in ordinary consciousness.

That points out the vital importance of the work you are here to do.

Few can do this!

So every single one of us who can, must step up to the plate.

Help for the Modern Shaman

The world needs you. We need your particular abilities. No matter how scary it may feel, or overwhelming, or confusing, or out of control... you have these gifts for a reason.

And the reason is that the Earth needs you to use them!

So you have some tasks to attend to . . .

  • You must become aware of your true nature.
  • You must honour yourself for your unique gifts.
  • You must find support and community where you can (like on this website, for example).
  • You must dedicate yourself to your education, learning through books, websites, workshops, and wherever you can.
  • You must take command of your mind.
  • And, perhaps most important, you must take steps to protect yourself every day from the dangers inherent in being one of the highly sensitive people, the healers of the Earth.

This section of the website covers what you most need to know, as one of these highly sensitive people, who are the shamans and energy healers of our vast tribe, at this crux of humanity's transformation.

This is a gift not only for the world, but for yourself.

As Wayne Dyer says, "...if you are recharging every day through meditation, then sharing your love and light with the world is what brings the greatest fulfillment and strength."   ( ~ How to Get What You Really, Really Want)

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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