What Goes On A Wiccan Altar?

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The only limit to what you can put on your Wiccan altar is your imagination! You can put whatever you like. It's your altar!

That being said, there are some ritual tools that are commonly found on a Wicca altar. We'll go through those in a moment. But first, it is most important to remember that your altar is partly a magickal spell for your life, as Your Magickal Wiccan Altar explains.

So first, I want to share with you one excellent guideline for anything you would put on your altar.

This guideline is . . .

Put only those things that give you positive feelings when you look at them, feelings like . . .

  • Inspired,

  • Loving,

  • Peaceful,

  • Encouraged,

  • Reverent,

  • Grateful, etc.

Altar Tools & More

One of the most meaningful offerings for your altar can be as simple as a gift from nature. A leaf, a pine cone, some flowers, a bouquet of beautiful grasses . . . anything that moves you.

As long as you bring it with devotion, anything can be a worthy offering.

And the decoration of your altar is always subjective. The most important thing is that it is beautiful and meaningful to you.

If you'd like to do a little more, there are certain things that are common on Wicca altars. Like altar tools. . .

Wiccan Altar Tools

While your magickal items may be various and personal, on a typical Wiccan altar, there are certain Wiccan symbols and altar tools that are arranged in a specific order.

The most basic Wiccan tools are representations of the 4 directions and elements, and the 4 Powers of the Witch . . .

  • Pentacle for North (Earth)

  • Athame for East (Air)

  • Wand for South (Fire)

  • Chalice or Cauldron for West (Water)

You can get by with these — in fact you can get by with nothing but a representation of the Divine. But in time you'll probably want more.

See the article on Altar Tools for explanations of these and more objects found on most Wiccan altars, and how they are used.

Also, this article on Getting Started With Wiccan Tools has tips on where to find, how to make, and how to choose the right ritual items for you.

Other Ritual Objects

You can put anything you like on your Wiccan altar. Besides the altar tools and symbols, stones are very common altar items.

Gem stones have different properties, and can be selected to bring healing or draw energies to your altar. This article on the meaning of gem stones and precious metals is a good place to start exploring this area.

You may wish to consciously use color on your Wiccan altar, to create a specific atmosphere or energy. Every color has its own meaning and Power, and using the right one can enhance your magickal experience.

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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