What Is The Meaning Of Colors?

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Here is a quick reference guide to the meaning of several colors . . .

Red — Stimulates, warms, cheers. Excitement, passion, sexuality, potency, vigour, strength, anger, danger, courage.

Pink — Love, beauty, emotional bonds. Friendship, caring, kindness, compassion, gentleness, acceptance, self-love.

Orange — Warms, invigorates. Stimulates emotions and courage. Flamboyance, adapatability, enthusiasm, anticipation, vibrancy, vitality, energy, confidence.

Yellow — Stimulates nervous system and intellect. Joy, optimism, cheer, emotional well-being, expansiveness, creativity, intelligence, mental sharpness, learning, self-knowledge, self-trust, integrity.

Green — Steadying, quieting, harmonizing. Stability, vitality, prosperity, generosity, fertility, harmony, healing, well-being, heart-centred.

Blue — Love, devotion, harmony. Tranquility, sincerity, trustworthiness, patience, healing, emotion, communication, interpersonal understanding, upliftment.

Indigo — Wisdom, self-awareness, self-mastery, personal discipline, equanimity, insight, intuition, Life Mission.

Purple — Cools the nerves. Self-esteem, spirituality, transformation, nobility, deep wisdom, divine guidance, enlightenment, Life Purpose.

Grey — Neutral, conservative, reserved, discreet, balanced. Security, modesty, dignity, neutrality, undoing/cancelling, invisibility, borderlands & liminal zones.

Brown — Grounding, orderly, conventional, homey. Comfort, materialism, physical life, sensuality, earth, home, honesty, authenticity, stability, grounded, supported.

Black — Dramatic, mysterious, committed, serious. Close, enfolding, containing all potentials, restful or fearful, secretive, hidden, protective, warding, banishing, between the worlds, deep reality, Mystery.

White — Cooling, restful. Purity, divinity, truth, simplicity, peacefulness, receptivity, openness, spirit, life beyond death, eternity, infinity.

Witch Tip For the meaning of the metallic colors — silver, copper, gold, etc. — see The Meaning of Gem Stones and Metals.

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See Wikipedia's entry on Color to learn more about how humans perceive color, the frequency and wavelength of colors, and the meaning of many colors.

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