What Is The Meaning Of Colors?

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Here is a quick reference guide to the meaning of several colors . . .

Red - Stimulates, warms, cheers. Excitement, passion, vigour, strength.

Pink - Love, beauty, kindness. Friendship, caring, acceptance, self-love.

Orange - Warms, invigorates. Stimulates emotions and courage. Flamboyance, enthusiasm, vibrant.

Yellow - Stimulates nervous system and intellect. Joy, optimism, cheer, creativity.

Green - Steadying, quieting, harmonizing. Stability, vitality, prosperity, generosity.

Blue - Love, devotion, harmony. Tranquility, sincerity, patience.

Indigo - Wisdom, self-mastery, insight, spirituality.

Purple - Cools the nerves. Self-esteem, spirituality, transformation, nobility, enlightenment.

Grey - Neutral, conservative, balanced. Security, modesty, dignity.

Brown - Grounding, orderly, conventional, homey. Comfort, stability, material life.

Black - Dramatic, committed, serious. Mysterious, containing potentials, restful or fearful.

White - Cooling, restful. Purity, divinity, simplicity.

wicca-spirituality-witchy_smile WITCH TIP:
For the meaning of the colors silver and gold, see The Meaning of Gem Stones and Metals.

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Crystal-cure.com has more on the meaning of colors, and ideas for when and how to use them.

See Wikipedia's entry on Color to learn more about how humans perceive color, the frequency and wavelength of colors, and the meaning of many colors.

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