What Is The Essence Of Magick?

The Essence of Magick, especially in Wicca Spirituality, is aligning yourself with the Creative Power of the Universe.

When you can access this Power at will, magickal miracles become everyday experiences. When you are aligned with this Power, you can do literally anything you choose to do.

But don't take my word for it. Look at what sages and saints have been showing us for millennia! The power to move literal mountains is within you.


The Essence of Magick In Wicca Spirituality

To understand the essence of magick fully, we must be clear about what magick really is. And what it is not.

Magick is NOT. . .

  • Not something way out there in woo-woo land,

  • Not a talent only a few abnormal people possess,

  • Not something you inherit from someone else,

  • Not a rare and exceptional occurrence,

  • Not dependent on devils, demons, or evil forces,

  • Not unfathomable, unknowable, or uncontrollable.

Magick IS . . .

  • A natural process,

  • Inherent in every living being, and especially human beings,

  • A skill that can be taught and developed,

  • In action all the time, in every situation, whether we're aware of it or not,

  • A reflection of our Divine Essence and a channeling of Divine Creative Power,

  • An art and a science, with clearly definable processes.

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What Is The Process Of Working Magick?

The essence of the magick process is to align yourself with the Divine Power of Infinite Creativity, and then channel that energy to create what you envision.

There are three basic phases in working magick . . .

  • Entering the realm of magick,

  • Aligning yourself with Infinite Creativity,

  • Planting the seed, and letting it go.

Entering The Realm Of Magick

Magick works on the level of the soul. That is, the essence of magick is a function of the spiritual reality that underlies the material world.

To make magick, you must enter its domain.

You can't make magick from the mundane world. Just like you can't plant your garden while sitting in your living room, or make a cake without handling the ingredients.

You need to go where the magick is, in order to shape it to your choosing. This is the essence of magick in the first stage.

This is the purpose of magickal ritual, shifting consciousness, and spell casting. These actions are techniques to bring you out of mundane reality and into the magickal realm.

. . . That is, into a deeper level of consciousness.

Aligning Yourself With Infinite Creativity

At deeper levels of consciousness, you can access the Divine Energy that empowers all creation.

This is necessary, because mortal humans can't make magick. They can eat, sleep, procreate, play, fight, pray, and so forth. But they can't shift material reality.

People on the mortal level are completely integrated with the world. They have no ability to recreate themselves. It would be like a cake mixing itself.

But the Divine can create anything She desires.

And you can access this Divine Creativity, and guide it to create your desires.

Therefore, the Essence of Magick in the second stage is aligning yourself with the Infinite Creative Power of the Divine Source.

Planting The Seed, And Letting It Grow

Remember we saw how mortal humans can't make magick on their own?

The essence of magick in the third stage is this . . .

While you set magick in motion
-- setting the intention and charging up the energy --
only the Divine makes it work.

That's why you have to let it go.

This is where much magick dies. If you hold onto the spell, or try to make it happen, you are thwarting the natural process whereby it can happen.

If you held a seed tight in your fist, it couldn't grow no matter how much it tried. It's the same with magick.

Give it room, let the Divine work Her magick, and it must manifest.

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Aligning With The Divine In All 3 Stages

When you look at it, every one of these stages is actually aligning yourself with the Divine.
  • When you enter the magickal realm, you make contact with the Divine.

  • When you access the infinite Creative Power of the Universe, you step into the aura of the Divine.

  • When you let go, you are allowing Divine Will to guide you.
This alignment with the Divine is the very essence of magick working, in Wicca Spirituality.

(It is, in fact, the essence of Wicca Spirituality.)

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Can An Ordinary Human Do Magick?

It's just like breathing.

You breathe automatically, day in and day out, right? You're not usually conscious of it, and it happens anyway.

And . . . if you become aware of your breathing, and consciously guide your breath, you discover that it is a force much more powerful than you had ever considered.

You Were Made To Work Magick

Magick is natural to human beings. We truly are created in the image of the Divine.

And that extends to having power to create what we envision.

When we're not paying attention to this natural power, it runs amok. We envision - and so create - mainly suffering.

A quick look at the state of the world shows you what human minds are envisioning. The best dreams and the worst nightmares, all laid out before us in Technicolor.

At any time, though, you can choose to become aware of how you are using your Goddess-given power of creation.

Then you can begin to manifest what you really want, instead of what you're afraid you'll get.

Accessing Your Magickal Essence

Magick is the realm of the Divine. And as your deepest Essence is Divine, your true Essence is magick .

So in order to make magick, all that is actually necessary is for you to . . .

Come home to your truest Self, the Divine Within you.

To the degree you can do this, you will be able to manifest what you want in the material world.

(AND, the less you will want to manifest anything that could harm another.)

You Are Magick

When you are One with the Infinite Creative Source of All, you are magick. You are One with the Essence of Magick.

YOU are the Essence of Magick!

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What Is The Difference Between Magick
And Spell Casting?

A fine line, to be sure.

The difference is that spell casting is only one aspect of making magick. Magick encompasses much more than spell casting.

The essence of magick is the conscious management of your mental and emotional energies.

When you can direct your thoughts and desires, magick can happen spontaneously.

Magick Happens Anytime You . . .

  • Shift consciousness

  • Set intention

  • Pay attention

  • Align with Divine energy

  • Use affirmation, visualisation, prayer, or meditation

  • Consciously invoke certain energies

  • Consciously call something to manifest in your life.
Spell casting is simply one way of doing these things. There are many others, some more elaborate - like high ritual, and some very simple - like saying grace.

Spells Cast For A Certain Fish

Also, to detail the line even more, there is a more directive purpose in spell casting than making magick in general.

When you cast a spell, you are strongly calling a specific result to happen. If your spell were a fishing line and lure, it would be designed for salmon or for flounder, but not for both.

Making Magick Is A Wide Open Net

Making magick is not necessarily aiming at a specific goal. It can be much more open to Divine guidance.

For example, when you meditate, you (ideally) do not have a particular goal you are trying to create. You simply open and align yourself with the Divine.

This is a magickal act, but one without an attached outcome. You catch whatever the Divine sends to you.

This is an act of willful surrender. And when you surrender to the Divine plan, you open yourself to being one with the Divine.

So the essence of magick is not necessarily the manifestation of something you want . . .

The essence of magick is fundamentally coming home to your true Divine Essence.

With Bright Blessings,

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