Why Wicca?

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Why Wicca?

Why not Wicca! What could be better than a religion that makes Hallowe'en its biggest holiday!

Okay, just kidding.

The real question is this . . .

What Makes Wicca An Ideal Religion
For The 21st Century?

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And the short answer is . . .

The Craft is an exercise of personal empowerment. And what plagues us, our society, and our planet is the absence of true personal power.

Poised At The Dangerous Crossroads . . .

Our world is now at a crossroads, where Hecate waits to guide the wise . . . or take out the unwary.

Usually this Crossroads is a personal event. But right now, we are at a cultural crossroads of epic proportions.

This is the point where choices must be made that will determine our future. The future of all life on Earth.

And the choices are: respect and life, or selfishness and death.

Okay, heavy topic. I don't want to go into that, here, but you can read more about the Great Spiritual Rebirth in this article.

For now, let's assume that you personally choose to live.

How Can Wicca Help the World?

Why is Wicca is a perfect spiritual practice during the social and spiritual transition currently underway? There are many reasons, most of which are related to the benefits of magick.

Why Wicca is ideal is essentially because Witchcraft excels at . . .

  • conducting energy from Earth to "Heaven," and then,

  • grounding the Sky energy back into the Earth.

This is, in fact, integral to the practice of Wicca. This is how and why Wicca magick can create fantastic changes in the material world.

A conscious completion of the energy circuit between the worlds is the power and the gift of Witchcraft. It creates a balance between Earth and Heaven.

This balance was destroyed when the domination mindset took over, cutting us off from the Divine. This mindset manifests as a rejection of all things compassionate, intuitive, and spiritual. Meanwhile it glorifies force, control, and material possession.

We've gone about as far as we can go along this road. Which is how we ended up at the Crossroads. Do we save Earth by elevating humanity, or do we destroy ourselves in our pursuit of false power?

A nature- and Goddess-based religion like Wicca can reconnect humans with the Earth. This creates the possibility of saving Her. The technology sciences and ascendance religions certainly hold little hope of that.

Honouring The Goddess

The Goddess is primary in Wicca. The God is definitely honoured, and celebrated in the majority of Wiccan rituals. But the Goddess is the Mother of All, even the Gods.

The Goddess is a personification of the Feminine aspect of duality. Primarily, She represents . . .

  • Form / Matter,

  • Life,

  • Earth,

  • Relationship,

  • Unity,

  • Mystery,

  • Flow,

  • Change,

  • Chaos / Primal Void.

As such, She is both that which gives life, and that to which we return at death. And Her body is the Earth.

So it is a foundation of Wicca to honour the Earth as Mother and Goddess.

Earth-Based Religions Require The Earth

Paganism and other Nature religions naturally support the continuing health of the Earth.

Many other traditions aim for leaving the body — and the Earth — in one form or another. (I think of these as "escapist religions.")

One clue that a religion is escapist is by a unbridgeable gap between their beliefs, and their actions. Not that there isn't hypocrisy in all religions, but it's particularly glaring in those.

That won't wash in a religion like Wicca.

As a Nature religion, it is intimately tied to life on this planet. Wiccans don't mortgage today for promises of future heavenly bliss.

As a mystical tradition, Wicca illuminates the Divine in all things. We understand the basic principle that . . .

The body and the Earth are sacred in their own right.

And as a magickal practice, we can never escape the fundamental responsibility inherent in the very fabric of this spiritual practice. As the Wiccan Law states. . .

"Harm none."

Cutting Out The Religious Middle Man

All Pagans are personally responsible to the Divine for their choices and actions.

No one has the authority or the right to intervene between you and your gods and goddesses, so no one can be blamed for your actions. "I was just following orders" is not a meaningful statement in Wicca.

That's also one of the greatest benefits of this religion . . .

Pagans think for themselves.

As a Pagan, it is your duty to sort out what feels most right, according to the guidance of your heart. (Read more about the Philosophy Of Wicca.)

This is a priceless gift — the ability to communicate directly with the Divine. (This greatly reduces confusion and disinformation, such as plague those who adhere to the Bible.)

Thus Pagans are often on the front lines of personal empowerment.

The Karmic Fast-Track

Still, it's becoming increasingly impossible for anyone to put off the repercussions of their actions. We're living in an age of karmic fast-track. The Three-Fold Law kicked into high gear.

Our only choices now are

Living La Vida Wicca

Unless Wicca is lived, unless it is integrated into your everyday life, it's not a spiritual path. It's not even much of a religion. It's just a game that you play to divert yourself from your real work . . .

Coming Home to your Divine Source.

And when you live the principles of Wicca, you are one additional force for healing in the world, and one less force of destruction. You are one more example of a better way to live.

Who knows? YOU may be the hundredth monkey!

This is why Wicca spirituality must be more than just ideas and words. It must be lived.

When it does, it changes us, and everything around us, for the better.

(Read more about Essential Wicca Spirituality.

The Principles Of Wicca

The principles of Wicca are exactly those that can save this poor, abused world from annihilation:

  • Ecological Awareness (What affects one affects all; All our actions return to us.)

  • Responsibility (Harm none; Make your choices consciously.)

  • Honouring diversity (It is the full circle that balances the Wheel.)

  • Respect for self and all beings (The Divine resides in all beings, and all matter.)

Can you imagine what the world would be like, if everyone lived by these principles?

In a nutshell, that is why Wicca can help save the world.

That's All Fine, But How Can Wicca Help You?

You mean, besides the fact that saving the world is ultimately going to benefit you?

In my experience, Wicca is a gift to everyone who practices it.

To find out why Wicca can be beneficial to you personally, read Why I Love Wicca.

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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