The Power of Colors

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The power of colors is recognized by every culture. Where do colors get their qualities?

The meaning of colors comes from two separate sources.

  • One is the trick of human vision in combination with cultural perceptions.

  • The other is the actual physical form of light.

Either way, colors have Powers that can be harnessed by the aware witch.

The power of colors to affect human psychology is significant. Different colors have specific meanings and psychological qualities.

When you are mindful of these meanings, the power of colors can enhance your life and your magickal objectives.

Where Colors Get Their Power

The spiritual power of colors is not due to their appearance. Or . . . only partly.

Colors have meaning to us partly because humans are sensitive to their environments. We notice what's around us, and then we interpret it — according to our cultural perspectives and personal experiences.

So white, like a blanket of fresh snow or unsullied piece of paper, seems pure and bright and open to everything. Qualities we in the West associate with spirit.

And black, like a dark night or a shadowed face, seems hidden, mysterious, and perhaps threatening. Qualities we associate with potential, and with danger and death.

Seeing Red

The meaning of colors is largely symbolic, and these associations are not conscious. They are part of the "cultural mind."

So even if you've never thought about why red means danger, you still respond to a flash of red light as a warning. Even if you hate the color pink, being in a room painted a quiet pink will calm your physical body.

Do Colors Really Have Powers?

Every color affects human beings in a particular way, and that's how we derive the meaning of colors.

But the Power of color comes from its physical properties — and the underlying essence of those properties.

Color doesn't really exist. It is merely how our eyes and brains interpret certain frequencies of light.

These light frequencies, though, do exist — as much as anything can in this illusory world.

The Color Vibrations

Every color has a vibration and frequency, which has its own energy . . . independent of human perception.

For example, the frequency of red is much slower than that of violet, and its wavelength is much longer. Relatively speaking, of course.

So the metaphysical meaning of the color red is a denser level of material existence, and the metaphysical meaning of the color violet is of more refined existence.

This may seem like cultural perceptions, but it goes beyond that. The smaller the wavelength, the higher the order of information that can be held within it.

Therefore red holds an energy that is on a denser, or "lower" order, corresponding with the root chakra. And violet holds an energy that is more refined or "elevated," corresponding with the crown chakra.

How Does The Power Of Colors Apply To Wicca?

The power of the colors is crucial to Wiccan practice because of those symbolic and physical properties.

Witches use color consciously, for both its symbolic and physical qualities. Color serves to draw certain energies to you and to your altar and spells.

For instance, each of the directions is associated with a color, and ritual space often puts appropriately colored items in that quadrant, to "hold the direction."

And in spell-casting and altar-decorating, colors are chosen for their properties so that the power of all the colors only enhance the spell.

For example, a money spell done in pink lacks a focused energy. Pink has no relationship with finances.

But gold, silver, and green bring additional oomph to any spell for abundance.

So the meaning of each of the colors is useful information in witch craft. If you are interested in accessing your full magickal potential, it will serve you well to learn the characteristic and power of each of the basic colors.

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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