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Where are the Wicca places of worship? Everywhere! Since the Earth is sacred, any place is a place of worship for Wiccans. We make our temples, wherever we go . . .

Creating Places Of Worship

The place of worship isn't as rigid in Wicca as in some religions. Wherever we worship is a sacred place.

That's the function of casting a circle, calling the directions, inviting the gods and goddesses. We are creating sacred space. We make ourselves and the place holy, and form containers for the Divine Essence wherever we are.

It may not be the same place of worship all the time, either. A place of worship can vary from one Wiccan individual or group to another, and from one ritual to the next.

Many factors can determine where a particular ritual is held. Among other things,
  • The focus of the ritual,

  • The desires of the group,

  • The physical needs and limitations of the participants,

  • The weather.

Customary Places Of Worship

Still, there are Wicca places of worship we tend to regularly enjoy. . .
  • Open fields under the full moon.

  • In a quiet grove.

  • Beside oceans, lakes, and streams.

  • Around a great tree.

  • In community halls.

  • And people's living rooms are always popular, if only for the convenience of a warm (or cool), dry environment.
The one thing we don't tend to have is a physical and consistent temple. There are few actual churches in Wicca, although some do exist.

Why Don't Witches Have Temples?

For one thing, we don't feel the need for a place that is set aside from daily life. To many Wiccans, that wouldn't seem right, since Wicca is firmly rooted in the Earth.

We worship as we live. Our lives are our worship. So our kitchens and living rooms and bedrooms and gardens are our temples. Our bodies and our minds and the Earth Herself are our temples.

For another thing, most Wiccans are closely attuned to Nature, naturally. We find it easier - and pleasing - to connect with the Goddesses of Earth and Moon and Ocean, the Gods of Sun and Hoof and Leaf out in their own element. These are natural Wicca places of worship.

We like to see and smell and hear and feel and even taste the Divine all around us.

Where Are The Wicca Places of Worship?

So the real answer to the question of where are the Wicca places of worship is:

Any Place. Every Place.

Everywhere we gather, or where even one witch opens to the Divine, is a Wicca place of worship.

In Wicca, it is the worship that matters, not the location.

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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