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Gem stones have meanings? Absolutely! There are certain stones and metals used in Wiccan rituals and Wiccan jewelry for their spiritual energy or symbolic attributes (which are pretty much the same thing).

Gem stones are valued by Witches for their healing properties, and their ability to hold and channel energies.

Metals also have inherent powers and associations.

Witches use these materials consciously. Knowing their properties, we know that when we wear gold we are calling something different than when we wear silver. When we place a crystal on the altar, we know it is doing something other than a pearl would do.

This awareness is fundamental to the living practice of Wicca.

Offered here is a quick reference guide to the power and meaning of the gem stones and metals most often used in Wicca.

Gem Stones | Meaning of Popular Stones | Precious Metals | How to Choose & Cleanse Stones

Gem Stones

According to Edgar Cayce, the value of gem stones arises from the fact that they are essentially the same material as the soul.

This is a beautiful thought. And he's right. The beauty of gems lift our spirits to soar.

The Power of gem stones, though, arises from their connection with the Earth. This gives them their healing power. Gem stones are manifestations of the Earth's innate compassion.

Working With Gems And Other Stones

Virtually all gem and other stones are healing in some way. Most are specific — working on one part of the body or mind.

You will have much greater success with gem stones - and with all ritual items — when you understand that they are not inanimate objects to be wielded as you wish. Stones have consciousness. And they are incredibly generous — willing to work with us for years.

When you work with them, as equal partners, the Power is amplified . . . not to mention more easily guided.

It is the purpose of dedication to create this working partnership.

Containers Of Energy

Gem stones hold onto energies. It is this which makes them so helpful in magickal tasks and healing.

They act as containers for magickal energy. This makes gem stones ideal as altar tools and charms for spells.

For healing, stones are willing to have dis-ease transferred into them. They then hold onto it until it can be safely flushed away. Healing stones don't need to be gem stones — river and lake stones work wonderfully.

This ability to hold onto energy also means that new gem stones aren't "fresh." They are holding energies from past owners, people who mined them, people who polished and set and sold them, and people who held them in the shop before you picked them up . . .

So take care to cleanse all new stones thoroughly before using them.

Popular Gem Stones’ Meaning

These are some of the most popular gem stones and their meaning used in Wicca jewelry and spells.

Amethyst  Healing on all levels - body, mind, and spirit. Raises vibrational frequency and protects against negative energies.
Amber Transmutes negative energy into positive. Bridges conscious self to the Divine.
Diamond Purifies. Amplifies thoughts and feelings - both positive and negative.
Hematite Grounding. Clarifies thought, improves memory, and calms anxiety.
Lapis Lazuli Deep wisdom and intuition. Opens the third eye and leads to enlightenment.
Moonstone Balances yin and yang. Enhances the inner feminine, and acceptance for yin attributes.
Opal Amplifies emotion, insight, and spontaneity. Very potent, and can cause difficulties with the wrong person. Each colour of opal has its own properties.
Pearl Pure mind and heart. Balances emotions and reduces stress.
Quartz Crystal Attracts, amplifies, and sends energy. Easy and safe. Useful for all kinds of healing.
Rose Quartz Balances yin and yang, restoring harmony after emotional wounding.
Turquoise Highly spiritual yet grounding. Uplifting to unconditional Love. Aligns chakras and opens heart.

Witch Tip Only a few of the more important gem stones' meanings are listed. See for detailed meanings of many more gem stones. (Note: This link will open a new window.)

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Precious Metals

  Gold Symbol of the Sun and the God, as well as purity of spirit and eternity.
Silver Symbol of the Moon and the Goddess, the soul, and the beauty of the Wheel of Life.


White Gold Symbol of the pure and eternal Light of the Divine, the union of Goddess and God in One, the Spirit manifest in physical form.


Copper Symbol of.


Bronze Symbol of .


Titanium Symbol of.


Platinum Symbol of.

How to Choose & Cleanse Stones

Choosing and cleansing gem stones and metals for your Wiccan ritual tools or jewelry is like choosing any sacred objects.

When you're using stones for healing, it is imperative to dedicate them beforehand and cleanse them deeply after every use.

For how to, please see Preparing Your Wiccan Ritual Tools. This article details ways to purify and consecrate ritual tools.

What is specific to gem stones and metals, though, is that they are usually cut from the Earth, and with only profit in mind. So they can contain a lot of harmful energy.

Try to find gem stones that are taken with respect and care. And always cleanse them thoroughly before keeping them on your altar or your person, or using them in any way.

With Brightest Blessings,

erin Dragonsong

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